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  1. This is not possible for Android Auto. Google is restricting the access and only allows some few apps.
  2. Shidar

    MyAudi Connection

    Have you tried to "share" a Google Maps Point to the Audi App? If that works and the Audi App sends it to E-Trons GPS, it could work.
  3. I just tested it but it does not work for me. ABRP just says: No units found, restart Torque Session to re-send Units packet. I tried with both torque and the tool for Ioniq.
  4. I hope this works by tommorow, because I have a 700km Trip to do. 😄 But I will test and report everything for sure. 🙂
  5. You can exclude any charger by clicking on it and select "Dont use this charger"
  6. Shidar


    They used Google Maps which included traffic if I remember correctly. But it was slow and with the latest price changes from google they changed to Openstreetmap. Currently there is no traffic.
  7. ABRP is basically a Routeplanner. But you can take your phone with you and always watch the SoC. 🙂
  8. Shidar

    ABRP 3.5.2 Release Notes

    This Update is so nice! Mapless mode is much more readable on small Devices. This is awesome. Thank you.
  9. It´s the same on the Ioniq but you can use an adapter cable and put the obd dongle somewhere else.
  10. Switching to Fahrenheit and then back looks like it does the job. At least its a workaround. I am using the standard keyboard from Android 6. I think it is just the number Input Field. If I change that, then I get the normal keyboard. 🙂
  11. I attached a screenshot. I think this could be solved with a little bit of CSS. 🙂
  12. It´s currently not possible to set the temperature to a negative value on a smartphone. If I click on the temperature field, I can only enter numbers. Smartphone is running on Android 6.
  13. It would be cool if the numbers, that show the expected and actual SoC could be a little bit bigger. Right now I have my smartphone on the dashboard and it´s hard to see because they are so small. And maybe change the color for the actual SoC graph. Blue is not a good color when driving at night, because it´s hard to read. 🙂
  14. Shidar

    Connecting Torque

    After importing the ABRP PID´s everything is working fine. I did my first 300km now and it looks good. 🙂
  15. Shidar

    Connecting Torque

    Ah I see you have added your own pull request in Github with another csv. I imported this one now and will try again. Thats a bit confusing. Maybe you should mention that until the pull request is merged.

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