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  1. I don't know what is going on with this program. I wanted to plan a trip today and the old web page is showing the ads, the new web page is not working. I did find the new app on my Android is working, but that is the least useful way of using this tool on a tiny screen and an awkward interface compared to a PC. I can't get the new web page to work at all. It won't let me log in. I can't open the settings or select a vehicle, so of course the tool won't plan a route. I don't like being a downer, but for me this tool has really gone to the dogs. One of the most important aspects of
  2. I don't mind the idea of ads. The problem is how intrusive they are. In this case blotting out a portion of the map is not acceptable to me. Also, I let AO know of my concern and they seemed to think this should not happen. I don't know what is going on and there seems to be no way to contact abrp about this to register my concerns. So I won't be using the software anymore. If they can't even care enough to provide an easy to find way of contacting them, they can't be too concerned with my opinion anyway.
  3. I also see this in the web version both on my phone and on my PC. Why would I be the only person to see this???
  4. I'm not sure I understand. How could it be an Android "thing"? Are you suggesting that Android it pushing ads over top of apps? This is weird. I realized I can look at the app info to see if it is supposed to be pushing ads. I look at my list of apps in the Play Store and it's NOT there! I have the icon I use to open it on my screen, but Google says I don't have it installed. I found the app in the store and it does say it pushes ads though. So while there is something wrong with the app on my phone, the ads are supposed to be there.
  5. I don't agree. While this is added when charging, this is mostly a matter of the time spent driving off the highway to reach the charger. In some locations the charger is right off the chosen route so I can see that you would think of this as charging time rather than driving time, but there are times when the charger is some miles off the route you wish to follow. Do you really think this driving time should be included in the driving time?
  6. They are if you log in using the same account.
  7. Here is a screen capture of what I am seeing.
  8. I've had this issue lately as well. I was trying to get it to use a charger along my route and figure out how much charge I could end up with on reaching home max. But when I tried to set the amount higher it would reroute me out of the way to a charger that was closer to home. On marking that charger "do not use" it didn't make any difference, it would still route to that charger even when there should have been 2 or 3% of slack in meeting all the requirements.
  9. It's been a week or two since I used ABRP and they seem to have ads on top of the maps now. That seems very counter productive. I also don't get the need. ABRP says they gets a lot for free from various sources and accept donations. But now they have ads??? Why would anyone contribute donations to a map with ads on top of it??? I use the app on my phone and this just takes up too much space on the already small screen. So it makes the app worthless and I won't be using it.
  10. gnuarm

    Bug: departure time

    I am using the "new" abrp. I have four points in my route. I added a start time to the first and realized the trip is quicker than I needed. So I thought if I added a time to a way point it would use that to calculate the time for leaving. But it doesn't. It still shows me as leaving at 7 AM, arriving at the first way point at 8:53 AM, then arriving at the second way point (only 39 mins away) at 10:23 AM. Seems it is using the 9:45 departure time on the second way point AND the 7 AM time for the start leaving lots of time at the way point. That's all fine actually as that may be what pe
  11. I can't get the tool to work. Maps load, but I suspect that doesn't depend on this site. I click Plan and the red circle just pulses continuously. Before I reached this point the tool would not let me enter a new address. It would just crap out and reload if I tried planning after typing. I'm pretty sure if you type something in and nothing shows up in the drop down list it means the tool isn't talking to the web site, no? I'm using Firefox on Windows. The planner just ended and it says, "ABRP is offline".
  12. Yes, the tool remembers settings from the last use. Great, thanks.
  13. Description: Route from LA to Las Vegas is very circuitous. I try to block charges to use a more direct route but the route gets worse. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=b4bf4cb4-a19a-44dc-a323-7a4ff317dfed Replication Steps: Enter route, click Plan Route, very circuitous route chosen. Block chargers and route gets worse See above The direct route would be use Rt 15 for most of the trip. This is a pretty simple to reproduce bug unless the problem is on my end.
  14. Just to give some feedback, I don't use ABRP for in trip routing... normally. At least I don't recall checking it in the car when I was stuck. I think I used Google maps. I typically use ABRP for planning ahead of trips since I can't do that in the car unless I am starting where the car is parked at the time. It's also a lot more comfortable to do this in the house instead of in the car, lol. So real time updates are not so important to me. It would be useful to have daily updates of road closures though. I think I mentioned that the next morning, long after the road was closed, AB
  15. Ok, thanks for the feedback. It is important to know these sorts of details.
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