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  1. Yes, the tool remembers settings from the last use. Great, thanks.
  2. Description: Route from LA to Las Vegas is very circuitous. I try to block charges to use a more direct route but the route gets worse. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=b4bf4cb4-a19a-44dc-a323-7a4ff317dfed Replication Steps: Enter route, click Plan Route, very circuitous route chosen. Block chargers and route gets worse See above The direct route would be use Rt 15 for most of the trip. This is a pretty simple to reproduce bug unless the problem is on my end.
  3. Just to give some feedback, I don't use ABRP for in trip routing... normally. At least I don't recall checking it in the car when I was stuck. I think I used Google maps. I typically use ABRP for planning ahead of trips since I can't do that in the car unless I am starting where the car is parked at the time. It's also a lot more comfortable to do this in the house instead of in the car, lol. So real time updates are not so important to me. It would be useful to have daily updates of road closures though. I think I mentioned that the next morning, long after the road was closed, ABRP would route me along I-40 where it would be closed for a week. In Google maps you can choose routes even if you can't exclude routes. Perhaps there could be a way for the user to block the use of a route? I think these sorts of improvements are important since ABRP is the only useful alternative to the in-car navigator since it considers charging. In EVs, trip planning makes charging consideration essential.
  4. Ok, thanks for the feedback. It is important to know these sorts of details.
  5. "Interesting"! That's an "interesting" response. I looked at Open Street Map and see that they literally have no way of dealing with temporary road closures. At least that is what the links I found say. There is an outstanding proposal from 2016 which it seems has not yet been acted on. Other pages seen to talk about applying this proposed conditional restriction, but I can't find enough info for me to understand how to do it. . I get that these projects are not commercial efforts. But I didn't realize there was such an important feature lacking. At least now I know not to trust any routes on ABRP until I verify them with other, more reliable sources.
  6. It has been five days and the route is still being provided on the closed road (I-40) and the map does not show any issues. The Tesla in car navigator does not route on the closed road although I'm not sure it shows it as closed. Google has been clearly showing all the road closures since the day after the rock fall, in less than 24 hours. Also, the news has been asking people to not use Rt 25, to use Rts 81 and 26 instead since that is all highway with facilities. I don't know how they expect this info to reach the various navigation aids, but it should be reflected in the routing.
  7. Description: Routing uses highways that are temporarily closed Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=9bacf67b-66d0-43e4-9c60-690f0069dd5e Replication Steps: The route indicated above between Asheville and Knoxville. Don't even need a route, the issue is with the map not showing the road as closed. The road should be shown as closed and not used for a route Here is the same roads in Google maps. https://goo.gl/maps/LYwd87G8qh22 I was in this backup for three hours and expected to be there all night. The next day I tried to plan a route and it still wanted to take me on I-40 through the pass which will be closed for a week. Now, three days later it is still not showing as closed. If it's any consolation the Tesla navigator also showed the road as open the next day while Google maps showed it as closed.
  8. gnuarm

    X Love

    I'm loving my model X. Got it back in August so I could drive from central VA to a wedding in Houston, TX and that was an education. lol Fortunately there were enough chargers along the route that reaching the destination was no problem even if I had to stop a lot more often than I would have liked. I didn't know about abrp then. Now it is much easier to plan routes like this.
  9. Your enthusiasm for your car and the trips reminds me of some of the early Tesla adopters. They talk about trips before Superchargers were widespread and far apart. One guy talked about having to drive below 40 mph to reach his destination. Congrats to you for being ahead of the pack!
  10. I have driven between my homes in both places a number of times and I can never seem to get quite good enough mileage to just hit one charger on the way. Planning the trip is a bit of a PITA with the Tesla tools since they show all the chargers but no mileages. They want to do all the thinking for you and just tell you where to stop. I prefer a single hour long charging session while I eat rather than two or three stops of 20-30 minutes each. So, in comes abetterrouteplanner and I find it much easier to plan my trips with the tool providing much more info. This is even better than the in-car trip planning tool. It still doesn't make it easier to only make a single stop, but now I can more easily plan where I make the two stops. 😉

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