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  1. BrianW

    EvNotify integration

    I have live data on the phone communicating with the dongle, it’s my other devices that aren’t seeing the live data, only my Windows PC works sees the data remotely. Perhaps time to invest in some Apple tech so that you can directly develop, you don’t want to leave millions of Apple users out of the equation if you plan to commercialise your product... Still happy to try stuff for you.
  2. BrianW

    EvNotify integration

    Sadly the version of Safari that works with Windows doesn’t run betterroute, shame as it has the built in debugging tools!
  3. BrianW

    EvNotify integration

    Not having much luck with the development tools as my laptop runs on Windows not IOS. I’ll see if there is and old version of Safari for Windows that will give the debugging functionality.
  4. BrianW

    EvNotify integration

    Tried again this morning after clearing the cache, same non live connection 😞
  5. BrianW

    EvNotify integration

    I also just tried it with my wife’s iphone6 (the device we would most likely be using the car), same story with both safari and chrome. Let me know if you want me to try something else...
  6. BrianW

    EvNotify integration

    Hi. I just had some time to try a few things... both chrome and safari didn’t give live data on my iPad, I tried our Windows 10 laptop and I got live data with Chrome, but not with Explorer, I hope that helps, thanks for an excellent program, I’m constantly telling other forum members about it, I’m impressed!
  7. BrianW

    EvNotify integration

    The car play or android auto integration would be great, basically to get the real-time feedback of knowing that ones progress compares with betterroute’s estimation (on that subject, I’ve found that provided consumption is no less than 7.5km/kwh betterroute’s estimation is bang on). On the Nokia1 I get the view live data lit green, but on my iPad (connected to the internet via wireless) it won’t light up despite using the same ABRP login, that’s all I’d need really, as we could then use CarPlay to display that output (using an iPhone instead). Basically I bought one of the cheap don
  8. Hi Folks. Ive managed to get EvNotify, my dongle and betterroute talking to each other (Hyundai Kona EV). The problem is that the Nokia 1 I’m using has a tiny screen and isn’t compatible with Android Auto (but in any case I doubt I could get it taking to the dongle and car at the same time). Is there any way that another device (Apple iPhone) can connect to betterroute so that I can display the live route on the Kona’s screen using carplay? I’ve tried logging into betterroute on another device, but I’m not able to tap into the live data stream. I would have thought that if EVNotify is tal
  9. Sorry, should have said, it’s a Hyundai Kona 64kwh.
  10. Hi. i have a new Kona 64kwh Creative (French model). I’d like to contribute and gain live data access, do you recommend a specific ODB dongle? regards - Brian
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