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  1. If someone created a nice day trip or maybe chooses beautiful coast ride with his EV and recommend charging stations it would be nice to share this with other ABRP users. And in as an additionally feature to this having a best of route voting from users so it can be seen and recommend under the ABRP users. Regards Niko
  2. Hi yes, also I wrote an suggestion to get all weather data based on the GPS location Should be enough to calculate the data based on the route you choose. And it could be updated by the time you start your route Regards Niko
  3. Awsome is the sen to tesla posibility to have the next stop from ABRP send to tesla. Unfortunately tesla uses google maps and ABRP uses openstreeets so it happens that tesla is using different route´s than ABRP. So we got more often the message if I left the route from ABRP. Would like to have an option to suppress this message if I send to tesla navi. Regards Niko
  4. We can select wind, temperature or if it´s raining. But could you use live weather data from an open-source channel would be great especialy if weather is changing over the trip duration. Simple would be at starting point. More complex but awesome if weather data is calculated live into the route while driving and per section like every 100km Regards Niko
  5. Hi, so the Icons for standard chargers are this flash symbole and for SC are the tesla T. Could You please ad option that the T is for a tesla driver is always in top layer a little big bigger and used as preferred option for chraging even ccs and chademo option is activated. Love the ABRP Greeting Niko

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