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  1. Happy to help and read that it's fixed 🙂 thanks for your your work and passion for abrp!
  2. Ok, I have to correct my description: This works fine in my firefox (disconnect and connect). My Android Chrome does not connect to MyTesla at all (I can see my VIN, but the light never goes green) havent tried in the car yet.
  3. Description (corrected): I can only login to MyTesla if I connect and disconnect from ABRP before. Only after the disconnect, the car data is accessible. Reconnecting to ABRP does not kill the connection to Mytesla. Connecting only to mytesla does not work as well. Checked in multiple browsers & plattforms. The car is a Model 2 with HW 2.5 and 2019.20.1 This problem happens for more users than me it seems in the forums.
  4. Thanks for that tipp 😄 Looks a bit buggy to me or does it actualöly make some sense?
  5. Nothing I guess. It's neither working for me. (Model3, hw2.5, v2019.20.1). I made it to green once, but most of the time it's not working
  6. Maybe it shows NAN, whenever it cannot connect to the car to get current data. I have a real hard time to get any connection going, but when I either deactivate the Teslalogin or the button is green, the NAN is gone.
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