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  1. Thanks, unfortunately it is not listed on any of those resources, and there is no "Edit location" option as I have seen with some other locations when assessing the record.
  2. How do I report inaccuracies in DCFC locations? There is a listing at 3990 Hwy 3, Rock Creek, British Columbia Canada, which does not yet exist, but is planned for an autumn 2020 initialization.
  3. On Bolt EV planning: I just noticed when planning a trip, even though the maximum charge level is set to 80% or higher, the planner now sets charging locations to stop at an SOC nearer to the first charge rate drop-off at 67% if possible. Thanks for making this change, as now the trip planned works better with the 'Sip & Go' or 'Splash & Dash' method of charging no more than can be accomplished within the fastest charge rate acceptance. Although this sometimes means a few more stops, it results in a faster trip than when the application was recommending higher SOC before continuing on the trip. Thanks again!
  4. I’m curious to learn why DCFC which were previously shown on the map have suddenly disappeared? There were 2 present in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada and 1 I Jaffray, BC, last week, and now they are absent. This makes planning very difficult. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  5. You can add known charging points to the map, by clicking on the location, and following the prompts. You can also add them directly by going to openchargemap.org. Remember, a lot of info in ABRP is crowd sourced, so every bit of added info helps.
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