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  1. Only Tesla at the moment but they are trying to get other charging companies to give them access.
  2. To give some info to you that I received from ABRP themselves when I was hoping they would use the Jaguar API to get live data, it wasn’t possible. Unfortunately, one of the things they need is a live report on power being consumed (or added when charging) and the API does not provide that data. I can’t be certain for the Audi, but I strongly suspect that it also doesn’t provide that figure via the API.
  3. Just a few observations from me. Point 1, I have seen the same behaviour. It’s intermittent but I have had that happen to me too (incorrect consumption on change of vehicle). On all the points about laggy scrolling, it’s silky smooth on an iPhone 11Pro, so I’d guess it’s possibly down to processor speed (or maybe other apps running in the background)? On point 9 (setting different speed limits): I fully understand why he feels this way, and I can see why someone might want it. But I find the current system simple and user friendly. It could get quite cumbersome otherwise. One possibility might be a toggle switch for “Advanced Speed Setting/Simple Speed Settings” much as you’ve done with the settings? Simple allows the current system to remain, advanced goes to a menu with road limits for each individual speed limit? But I think that would be tough to design and could end up being very confusing. I like the current version a lot.
  4. That was my thought process too. Anything that makes EVs more accessible. It will never be as comprehensive as your app but I wonder if what they want is for developers to use the Apple API with Apple mapping software driving it? However, I’d guess that means using Apple’s own EV modelling for consumption etc. Haven’t seen any of it in action yet as it’s not yet included in the developer beta. But again, not sure of it would be able to compete with your version as (for me anyway) you’ve got the iPace modelled pretty much perfectly.
  5. I think the iOS 14 launch has given you the answer of why you struggled to get CarPlay approval. They have built an EV Route planning function into Apple Maps. That may have something to do with it.
  6. Sorry to dig this up again, but just had a thought. Could this issue be to do with the phone losing its data signal before arriving at the charger? If it’s in a car park or just a weak signal area?
  7. This may be related to the waypoints bug I reported in my thread about freezing waypoints. This happens to me at every waypoint. No live data (Jaguar I-Pace).
  8. Hi Jason. I managed to test this tonight coming home from work. I navigated home and set a waypoint halfway. There’s quite a lot to report! First of all, o couldn’t get it to freeze as I’d reported before. It could be down to recent updates, but I have another theory. Could it possibly be related to the phone losing its data signal whilst stopped at the charger and getting it back after moving again? Second thing which happened tonight was, when I passed the waypoint, it didn’t move on to the next waypoint so it kept giving me directions to go back to the previous one. I actually tested it out last night and was getting the same result, but I wanted to try again in case I had placed the waypoint badly. But it just doesn’t seem to register that I now want to go to the next waypoint and keeps telling me to turn back. The third thing is that the road conditions menu is now working, but the “live weather” switch has disappeared have you disabled that at the moment or is it a bug? Just thought I’d point it out in case The final thing is I noticed a minor graphical glitch. The red arrow icon for my current location seems to permanently point towards north rather than in the direction of travel. I’ve attached a screenshot to show you what I mean.
  9. Hi Jason. It’s a difficult one to test right now for obvious reasons. I’ll try to find a way of testing it and let you know, but it probably won’t be really soon. I do drive daily as I’m a “key worker” as they say over here but my commute is short and I don’t stop at a waypoint obviously. Next time I’m at work I’ll try setting up a route with a waypoint in the middle but it’s only 7 miles and I won’t be stopping to charge so it may not prove anything.
  10. Brilliant! Just wanted to make sure you were aware. Live weather is an awesome addition.
  11. Hi guys. Just updated to 3.9.15. On both my iPad Pro and my iPhone 11 Pro I get nothing when I tap on “road conditions”. on 3.9.14 that gave me the option to use live weather (lovely addition by the way) our turn that off and put in manual numbers. Now, there is nothing at all. The text goes blue to show it has been selected but no options appear.
  12. If you edit this in open charge map it should remove it from ABRP.
  13. Just noticed this on a trip yesterday. iOS app on an iPhone 11 Pro. When I make trip with waypoints and then navigate that trip, after I have stopped at a charging waypoint the app locks up. Mayo stops moving, nothing updates and hitting replan does nothing. The only way to continue the trip is to force close the app and reload it.
  14. Brilliant. Just downloaded it and it’s working perfectly now. Great job Bo!
  15. Not showing on the App Store yet, but as soon as it is I’ll update it and let you know. Thanks!
  16. Ok. Thanks. Sorry to bring bad news! PS if it helps, if you have any way to give me access to it as a beta before you push it, I’m happy to test it out to save publishing it until you know for sure.
  17. Thanks Bo. I’ve just downloaded it but I’m still seeing the same behaviour. In addition it doesn’t seem to allow me to drag waypoints around and reorder them. It lets me drag them but when I let go it goes back to where it was. After a few attempts the whole app is very laggy again. And again, after only a few seconds of running the phone is already getting really hot. I can do a screen recording if you need to see it.
  18. Brilliant! Thanks for the quick work. As soon as it’s been pushed I’ll double check it and let you know.
  19. Oh and by the way, I think you can ignore the comment about the keyboard covering the text display. I think all that is happening is that the same slow and unresponsive behaviour is making the text display move to the top of the screen really slowly, so when I first start typing the keyboard hides the display but eventually it will move to the top of the screen. So I suspect that when the lag/unresponsive behaviour is fixed, that will work normally.
  20. Thanks Jason. If it helps, I closed the app down and let the phone cool down. I then restarted the app. It was a little more responsive at first but again the phone got very hot after about 5-10 minutes and it started slowing down and becoming unresponsive again. Battery charge level dropped quickly. After closing the app down the phone rapidly cooled back down to normal. Just trying to give you as much info as I can.
  21. Hi. Bit more feedback on this. The phone becomes incredibly hot as well whilst running the app. Seems like it’s become incredibly processor intensive in this version.
  22. Also, when I try to type a destination in the keyboard covers the text box so I can’t read what I’m typing or choose from the drop down options list. The map scrolls perfectly well and typing seems quick (but as I said I can’t read it to confirm that). Seems to be that slide up/down data tab that causes the problems.
  23. Hi guys. My app just updated to 3.9.11 and now when I start it up it is totally unresponsive. It loads up fine but every touch of the screen takes about 30 seconds to register. Sliding the info tab upwards cause the whole app to pause for about a minute and then it slides partway up, pauses again, then slides a bit further, pauses again etc. Pretty much unusable. Not sure if it’s just on mine?
  24. I’m in the U.K. and certainly on the ABRP app it maps to driving on the left for me.
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