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  1. Hi guys. Couple of chargers that I’ve spotted as missing. They’re in open charge map and showing as operational, so not sure why you wouldn’t pick them up First one is in Campbeltown and the second one is in Tyndrum
  2. By the way, those are my Shortcuts. I'm Goshdarnit on the ipace forums. 🙂
  3. Hi there. I have an i-Pace First Edition and live in Scotland. I have used and been thoroughly impressed by ABRO to plan a few longer trips. I don't do many, but for the couple I have done, ABRP was excellent. It even precisely predicted I would arrive at a charger with 34% SOC after setting off with 90%, so I'm very impressed for an alpha model. I have some experience with the I-Pace's API, having used it to create a series of Siri shortcuts on iPhone to allow the use of voice commands to control certain aspects of the car (such as locking, unlocking, checking tyre pressures, starting a charge and starting the cabin preconditioning). I wouldn't say I'm an expert coder by any means, and I am also not a high milage driver with frequent public charging stops. But I do have a test vehicle and some experience working with the API. Happy to offer whatever help you need to get the API working with ABRP, which would be awesome. I have no knowledge though of the inner workings of the SatNav and how to pass a route from an app to it. However, I am happy to do what I can, even if it's just offering a test vehicle!

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