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  1. Well, ultimately it would be great to have ALL networks connected. *dream* Do you have contact information of some networks? What comes to mind right now is: - Electrify America - EVGo - Chargepoint - EV-Connect I'd be happy to write emails to every one of these companies as well. Is there a place we could refer to to show them we're not just bull****?
  2. Well, that's good to hear and definitely the route to go. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the back is the way to go. The official easy is the way to go. It almost sounded like you guys have given up on the idea and that's what I didn't like. And of course for us users it just never goes quickly enough ???
  3. I found the reason why the error message is displayed. Apparently if the order of the uploaded data to ABRP includes a parameter that is not needed, it will display that error but still work just fine. In my case I had added internal_temp before external_temp. As you can see in the above screenshot, all the data got accepted, but the error was still displayed.
  4. I believe the live data sent to your servers should be encrypted with https. There is sensitive data transmitted like GPS position etc. and it looks like the data is transmitted completely unencrypted.
  5. No, this is not a way to get ABRP on Android Auto. This Software is a plugin for TorquePro to display specific dials on Android Auto and your car dashboard. The reason I am posting this is to show that apparently they found a way to display data on a car dash without approval of Google. So apparently it can be done. Is it the right way to do it? I am not sure, but I would think that just giving up because somebody said so is not correct either. ABRP is an app, that should be displayed on the cars dashboard. That's exactly its purpose. In fact it not being displayed on the dashboard makes driving more dangerous because I will be more distracted trying to fiddle around with my tiny phone screen.
  6. I have the same problem with the App. Somehow after a while I can use it again. Not sure what "fixes" it. But it then breaks pretty easily. For me it doesn't seem to be the car info. It just crashes after displaying the map for 1-2 seconds.
  7. So, I figured out why I didn't have the data. Embarrassingly I forgot to add the fields to the upload. However, I did that and as you can see in the screenshot, all the data is now uploaded, but I still get an error message!? Any reason for that? Or a way to fix it?
  8. That is interesting. There seems to be a way to do it. This little App, did it: https://forum.xda-developers.com/general/paid-software/app-obd2-plugin-android-auto-torque-t3657805
  9. I am having the same problem with my Kona64. But can't seem to find a solution. TorquePro has all the data, and is uploading data as well. I can see the speed in ABRP, but that's it and it shows me the same error as above "Missing telemetry: soc, is_charging". Any advice? I restarted TorquePro and reloaded ABRP a few times without any success.
  10. Looks like the charger information comes from the Website Uppladdning.nu where you can probably change that information as well.
  11. I just tried that and it works just fine with me. If I make it stop longer than it "want's" me to it'll charge more into the car. If I make it stop shorter, it reduces the driving speed for the legs and it added another charging stop in order to actually make it to my destination.
  12. You following him on your computer will not use any more power from the car. That info comes from the servers of ABRP and doesn't influence the car.
  13. When I try to use ABRP on Firefox 70 (64bit) Windows 10 on my desktop computer it slows down my Browser so much that I can't use it any more. I deleted all ABRP cookies and cached data and it still happens. As soon as I close the tab (which takes about 30 seconds, the browser is at full speed again. I just tried Chrome and there it works normally. (I don't use Chrome, though) CPU usage is not that high during the slowdown, only around 15%. Any idea why that might happen? Thank you
  14. Hello, I have a Hyundai Kona electric and found this page a while ago. I am kind of thinking about using an OBD2 reader and and ABRP. I am trying to understand the process of using it, since it seems like there is no app for ABRP. I am using the browser on my phone to set a starting point (phone location) and a destination and plan the route in the browser, then I can send the next destination to Android Auto (Google Maps) for the actual navigation. But I always have to use the phone? My challenge with that is that I like to only use the car screen. My phone is actually in the little phone drawer in the middle console hooked up with a short cable so there is no temptation to use it while driving. But then I'm thinking what's the point of having real time updates through OBD2 if I have to check the phone all the time? Is there maybe plans to have an AA compatible version at some point?
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