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  1. Hello MickeN What is the brand and model of OBD adapter that you use? Doug
  2. Hello Jason i totally forgot to do this. If you’re still interested here it is. Sally’s Big Trip.xlsx
  3. Hello MickeN How are you logging from your Soul ev? I bought an OBDLink MX+ and tried getting it to work for about a week before giving up and sending it back. All I ever got out it was 12 volt battery voltage. I’m interested in getting logging to work but don’t know what to try next. Regards Doug (Soulful Sally)
  4. Hello Jason My wife and I just completed a 3000 kilometer trip in our new 2020 Kia Soul ev. Each part of the trip was planned on ABRP and I kept records of all the charging, SOCs, and mileages. I'd be interested in sharing the info with ABRP. I have screen shots of the ABRP routes and an Excel spreadsheet of my information. I haven't had a chance to purchase and OBD2 module yet, but have plans to do so soon, as soon as I can figure out which one to use with my IOS phone. If you're interested in the route info let me know and I'll send it. Regards Doug
  5. Hello All We bought our 2020 Soul ev on May 13 and are loving it even more as time goes on. Recently (June 27 to July 7) we did our first big road trip. Starting in Port Moody, BC we did a 3000 kilometer trip that took us to Kamloops, Kelowna, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Nelson, and back to Port Moody. Starting with a 100% charge, we charged at 14 places along the way and one more charge to 100% upon arriving home. That works out to an average of 200 kilometers per charge, although some stretches were actually longer and some shorter depending on charger locations and landscape. Our average usage for the trip was 16.1 kWh/100km. The Soul - we call her Sally - was a joy to drive. I absolutely love the adaptive cruise control. Going up and down mountains was a smooth, calm experience. No reving of the engine or downshifting of the transmission just to keep speed up hill. Down hill was just as easy and coming down from the Salmo - Creston summit we got the longest continuous regenerative charge of the trip at just over 21 kilometers. I am amazed at how fast I've become both an ambassador for electric vehicles (more than two thirds of the time we stopped to charge people came over to ask questions) and a bit of a snob toward ICE vehicles.
  6. Throughout the blogs I see references to “update your actual battery percentage in the browser”. How do you do that. When I stop at a charger and the program suggests a particular charge level and I charge a bit more or less, how can I change the suggested value to the actual value?

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