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  1. It all seems to be working again - thank you so much to all the background people for all that keying!
  2. I have had an account for a long time although I have not used it a lot but today I wanted to check a route and everything fails. I can't select my car on the web. So I decided I should maybe create a new account for the new app. Cannot register for an account either and the Premium membership information site is not working.
  3. Bert, your thinking about the Tesla 3 being a "little low" was what we thought too, hence the 2020 Soul EV. It is an amazing car and my range with AC has proved to be somewhere between 450 and 460 km. That range is based on the readings from the car which I have kept a record of since new. When I charge to 100% the "Estimeter" has shown always over 500km (high 537) but assumes no extra accessories of course. I need to do a longer trip to to use ABRP but hopefully it will happen before too long. Thanks for sharing your experiences. A question: does your insurance company accept the All Wea
  4. Description: When you are in the view that allows you to move waypoints, also have the ability to copy waypoints so that you can choose a particular route when returning. Use Case: The ability to adjust a route due to personal knowledge using the right mouse click is great but if I do a trip to a location and then want to select the return trip the software chooses the route it feels it best, not the one I adjusted. If I could copy then paste waypoints in the list I could make the exact same return without having to create new waypoints that would be exactly the same.
  5. I admire the people who took the plunge before the longer range model came out. I knew it could be a challenge for me so I waited for the 2020 model and range is unlikely to be an issue. Apparently it will be available in the US next year. I am actually amazed that I seem to be averaging 450km range even with AC on most of the time. I am keeping fairly good notes about charging etc and will do so throughout our Canadian winter. I am trying to use ABRP whenever it makes sense and it is certainly a very useful tool for planning. The beta version for my car is conservative and that is good for
  6. The very best of luck on your journey Sean. A great adventure and lots of fun learning as you travel. Even on my ultra mini trip it was fun to see numbers roll by and come true . . . or not! It appealed to my retiree mind and was great brain food. I feel electric cars have a major difference to ICE vehicles in that readouts are digital and pretty precise. E.g. we see the effect of turning on AC instantly and in a meaningful way - in an ICE car it still affects things but the movement of an analog needle is not perceived. Learning how to react to the digital changes or not is a new paradig
  7. That is amazing! My first "long" distant trip was from just north of Toronto to Niagara on the Lake - LOL. 🙂 Did you make the journey or are you on the way?
  8. Now THAT is a real "trip" - I understand your very different needs compared with mine. I am a long way from trying such an adventure but one day I hope! I admit it would be nice to do the Google maps feature and posted a separate message - Jason did acknowledge it but they need programming help and I can't provide it. I worked with computers but only using them. The ABRP is definitely still promising as I see it.
  9. I too thought this would be useful but now I zoom in to the area I want to change then use the right mouse click menu to pin a waypoint along a road I wanted to use. I did this for one area and was surprised to see how the software adjusted, not by a straight line but along the roads nearest. Just a thought.
  10. I had a trip of 309km (not really long but my longest to-date) - it was a round trip from north of Toronto to West Toronto then the Niagara area and back the same way in two days. I used the Alpha version and found that I seemed to do better on battery consumption. On the first day going slightly downhill it was 7.5km/kWh and the return going slightly uphill was 6.8km/kWh. The total journey based on the ABRP said it would be 5.77km/kWh and I ended up with roughly 7.15 average. This is not a simple average since I drove around a little more in Niagara on the Lake but maybe close enough. I
  11. Update: I found it easy to actually zoom in and add waypoints to change a route that I "disagreed" with - the software easily adapted to the actual roads even though one was very small and around the boundary of a major airport. So importing Google maps is not really necessary.
  12. gday

    OBD Live Data Setup

    2020 Kia Soul EV - is there a preferred OBD device? Anyone tried it?
  13. PS I just tried Share from ABRP sending my route to Google maps. The modifications were very easy to make so an import button would reverse the process? I realize that this "sounds simple" and there are complications that only the programmers know!
  14. Description: This is a sort of follow up to the idea of making routes in ABRP editable like Google but may be an easier way to achieve that end. Google maps is a very versatile model for creating a route, e.g. it allows you to change a route if you have preferences about missing an area and the ability to use satellite or streetview for checking details if necessary. Use Case: I would plan a route on Google, import into ABRP and get the data I need. I guess I could then export it back to Google maps and run in Android Auto.
  15. I hope all went well on your 400km trip. Did it work out? I too am proud to be driving a 2020 Soul EV now and it is great. A new new experience and I am enjoying the learning that comes with an EV.
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