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  1. DOH!!! I had planned a ABRP route for the I-Pace, and it had me stopping 45 miles from home on a 146 mile segment that I had driven a few times before, so I looked at the settings to figure out why. Obviously, I cannot retrofit the data into the software. But my car did save the most recent trip of that segment which involves a ~4000' climb/descent and 146 miles. It recorded 2.60 miles per kWh at an average speed of 81 mph and 75-91°F. A trip with less than 2000' of climbing of 151 miles was 70 mph average (ACC set at 77) at 32-44°F was 2.65 mi/kWh.
  2. On the Jaguar I-Pace, it defaults to 100% SOC instead of 90% like Tesla. There is no option for partial charging, nor is it needed. Use 2.5 mi/kWh as an average consumption. I'm 2.65 mi/kWh driving aggressively for 7,600 miles at speeds of up to 127 mph (limiter) and some track use and dragstrip use. Typical cruising speed 77 mph.
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