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  1. So, I'm trying to have a go at this. First thing is trying to work out what to get to connect to the car. I too have been doing various bits of research, and found some schematics for the wiring inside the i3. So, the OBD connector has two protocols on it. There's the DCAN bus, , and Ethernet. The K+DCAN cable allows access to DCAN and K-Line buses (K-Line isn't connected on the i3 I think). The ENET cables allow you to talk TCP-IP. Most things I see about coding the car talk about using the ENET cable, but Bimmercode just seems to use DCAN I think. Second thing is that the OBD connector connects to the BDC (Body Domain Controller). It then connects over the PT-CAN bus to the EDME (Electrical Digital Motor Electronics), and that connects over the PT-CAN2 bus over to the SME (Supply Machine Electronics - The box that sits in the battery tray). OBDII Port <---DCAN---> BDC <---PT-CAN---> EDME <---PT-CAN2---> SME That matches the diagram you've posted. There's no guarantee that the CAN messages from the SME that we want are forwarded from the PT-CAN2 bus, through the EDME, to the BDC, and then onto the DCAN bus on the OBD port. We are a few levels deep here. One thing that's working for us is that the instrument cluster is on the PT-CAN bus, so the charge level updates should be on that bus, and that's just one step away. I'm waiting for my cables to turn up, and then I'll start doing some experiments.
  2. PaulS


    It might consider them, but if there's a faster alternative it will use that. It's not going to select a 50kW charger if there's a 150kW one available.
  3. That might be taking it a bit far.
  4. Yep, that's exactly what I ended up doing. Trouble is that doesn't give me the fastest method of getting back. It'll stop there for a full charge, rather than just the charge necessary to get to the next rapid charger. Really what I'm wanting to calculate is how long I need to be there at the slow charger. Thanks for the clarification on the "Car Charger" box. Could this not be part of the car database?
  5. I'm trying to plan a route where I'm going to be picking up a car, and I have no idea how much charge will be in it. So I've entered 10% as my starting charge, and ticked the "Level 2" box with 3.5kW in the associated box (Is this minimum charge point capacity, or the size of the charger installed on the car?). What I was expecting was that the router would find somewhere local to get enough charge to get to a rapid charger, but it appears to be ignoring low power chargers and failing. Am I setting it up wrong? Some local chargers exist within a few miles, so I don't know why it isn't using them. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=6b1b6714-686a-46d3-9a33-a5acb3b38721
  6. Seems to work great for my use case. I'm getting better solutions now that I'm filter out what I don't want, vs. preferring a few that I do. It's giving the tool more options.
  7. I'd say that when I have a network I don't want to use... I'm absolute about it. It's either not available to me, or I don't trust it to be working so I'm not going to make a plan with it. For a network that I want to use, it's more of a preference. I'm a member so get good prices, or something like that. It's not critical I use it, I'd just prefer to. So for me, having preferred network is fine as it is, but excluding networks should be a hard rule. I guess where we ending up is the "Prefer this network" button. becoming a "Set network preference" button, behind which you can select from a few positive and negative options. Use only this Network Prefer this Network I don't care Avoid this Network Never use this Network
  8. Isn;t that just a display filter? Some areas have so many low power AC charging points that it makes the map unreadable.
  9. Looks like it's back
  10. Description: I've noticed that when you put a charge rate into the waypoint settings (gear icon next to a waypoint), the charging rate is limited by your cars AC charge rate (In my case 11kW). It would be good to be able to say when it's a DC charger that's available at the location, so DC limits are applied instead. Use Case: When a DC charger is not on the map (e.g. it's too new, it's a private company's or it's public and hasn't been commissioned yet) it can be useful to add a DC charger via a waypoint. Currently only AC charging is possible.
  11. Description: It looks like all charger belonging to Polar (BP Chargemaster) are now missing from ABRP. Replication Steps: Go to Milton Keynes, UK in OpenChargeMap and be amazed how many rapid chargers they have Go to Milton Keynes, UK in ABRP and be amazed because all the chargers are missing. These used to exist. I'm sure, and they're missing from all around the UK, including one half a mile from my house which I KNOW used to be in ABRP. Attached are screenshots, just in case this is a temporary blip. I commented in another thread about this before I realise how big an issue this is. Polar are the biggest network in the UK by far.
  12. I've noticed something similar in the UK. Milton Keynes Coachway has disappeared off the M1. It think it normally linked to OpenChargeMap, which still has it as OCM-113525 <Edit Link>. It's an 8-stall rapid charger site on a major motorway, so it's rather useful.
  13. Just like to add my voice. I'd really like feature turned on it's head in the UK too. i.e. Exclude Network, rather than Prefer Network. Many networks only give access once you've registered, and honestly there are just too many networks. You can't be a member of all of them, plus a lot of the newer ones you don't have to be a member (Ionity, Instavolt, Shell, etc). I'm finding this particularly true when a local council has struck a deal with a company for chargers, but it's a company you've never heard of anywhere else in the country and are really expensive or unavailable to visitors (e.g. Source London. Tons of chargers I don't want to touch. You might as well buy petrol at those prices.). You travel to an area and just get plagued with them. I just want to filter these networks out as they come up, rather than having to prefer everything else. ...And then you've got ecotricity, who have the worst reputation for non-working chargers. I just don't want to bother. Any plan with them in gets redone. They need a "NO" button.
  14. Looks like I've just made a similar request, but for me it's London in the UK.
  15. So I live on the west side of London in the UK, and I've been playing with ABRP in anticipation of getting a BMW i3. A number of the routes I try, especially if they go east, want to use chargers in London because there's so many of them. Not surprising, but anyone who knows London knows that you do not want to drive in London unless you have to. Here's an example https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=964151df-4f27-4cff-8d57-4652133f95aa This wasn't the original route, but it went by a charger which I know has frequent issues (A BMW Dealer who uses the charging positions as normal parking). Once I re-plan, the route I now have uses the "North Circular" (A406) which (from experience) add an extra 60-90 minutes on the journey just from traffic alone. I'm sure it looks good to a routing engine without knowledge of traffic levels (Nice major road), but there's no way I would do this at any time of day or night. I find I end up in a battle of excluding chargers and waypoints, as London just draws routes in like a magnet with so many chargers there. It would be nice to be able to exclude a region, or prioritise motorway(highway) based chargers in some way. Any suggestions?
  16. Hoping to take delivery of an i3 94Ah soon. (Next month or so...) In the absence of data logging, is there any data that owners can provide to make the model better? I'll be happy to stick a OBD dongle in once I get it and see what I can find, but that's in the future somewhere. I'm amazed how little info there seems to be out there on this aspect of the i3.

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