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  1. Ah... good to know.. I'll log more.
  2. If anyone has Torque Pro (I don't) and wants to give things a try, here's an initialisation sequence I've extracted from Deep OBD. "AT D\nAT E0\nAT PP 2C OFF\nAT SH 6F1\nAT CF 600\nAT CM 700\nAT PB C0 01\nAT SPB\nAT AT0\nAT ST FF\nAT AL\nAT H1\nAT S0\nAT L0\n" I can't be sure it'll work for Torque, but I now have Deep OBD working and can log data to SD card. @Jason (ABRP) is there any way to use off-line data logs?
  3. It's not there (yet, hopefully).
  4. Go to an IONITY charger and click on it. You'll get the same menu again.
  5. Description: In the same way that we currently have preferences about which networks to use, I would like to see a preference to use sites that have more than one appropriate (CCS, Chademo, Tesla) charger. Use Case: In the process of planning a cross-Europe trip in a CCS car, I found that a lot of the stop were at sites with only one CCS connector. As it's an area I'm not familiar with I'd feel a lot more comfortable if it was preferring larger sites so that a failure is less likely to be catastrophic. Maybe this is something you can switch on in the settings, or maybe just have a static weighting based on the number of chargers at a site.
  6. I think it's a problem with how the data is being imported for them. It effects a couple of networks where OpenChargeMap is importing their data from the Department for Transport database. I theory, going on to Open Charge Map and marking them as "Status: Operational" should make them start to appear. That said, I've done it with one near me and it's not changed yet (on OCM).
  7. Looks like everything on the Geniepoint network is marked as "Status: Unknown" in Opencharge map. This is because they've been imported from the Department for Transport database rather than being from the network provider. I think this is true for Engenie as well. There's a large number of rapid chargers in this state in the UK. I can understand these being filtered out, but it does leave some holes in certain areas like Cornwall. Screenshot of OCM with CCS chargers with uknown status highlighted.
  8. Ok, so any chance you'll share the initialisation sequence. Then we could look at using Torque to send live data.
  9. Click on one of their chargers and select "Prefer or avoid Smatrics chargers". Choose "Never use" and re-route.
  10. PaulS

    Save calculated route

    As a work around, you can hit the share button and open the route in google maps. As long as you've got less than about 10 stops it sends everything over as calculated.
  11. Tesla CCS is only usable by Teslas. Don't worry too much about pre-selecting which chargers to use. The whole point is that ABRP chooses the chargers that get you there quickest. If a quick stop at a lower speed charger saves you a big diversion for a high speed charger it can work out quicker.
  12. Oooh. I quite like the look of the vector maps.
  13. Where? Did you mean to have a link?
  14. I was trying to get ABRP to plan a trip around Scotland following the route of the North Coast 500. Now obviously it's a scenic route, so it's needed quite a few waypoints to get it to follow it, but it's doing some very strange things. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=f987e61f-8ffd-406b-b467-a765ee12f160 Specifically On the section between Durness and Drumbeg, it drives past the turning for Drumbeg (at about 80% SoC, as it just charged), on to Ullapool and charges at Latheron Lane, then doubles back on itself to go to Drumbeg reaching the turning at around 60% SoC. It's done an extra 60 miles to lose 20%. It does something similar between Applecross (Where I've manually charged at a campsite) and Loch Dughaill, making a diversion to a charger only to get back to where it was 10% lower. It seems to be something to do with it not thinking it'll be able to make the next charger, as planning the section by itself will give the route I'm after, but take it back to the last charger and the weirdness appears. What's going on?
  15. PaulS

    ABRP 3.8 Release Notes

    I think I've found something odd on 3.8. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=2e3571dd-bbc5-4327-90f6-aaeaa98d0caa The first alternative route has a 70-80 segment coming up as 1 mile long. I was wondering how it managed to do the journey 90minutes quicker that the other alternatives.

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