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  1. Steps to reproduce: 1. Set Model to Tesla, Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Aero 2. Set Live Car Connection to MyTesla Login, Select Vehicle, Orekart Option codes: AD15,MDL3,PBSB,RENA,BT37,ID3W,RF3G,S3PB,DRLH,DV2W,W39B,APF0,COUS,BC3B,CH07,PC30,FC3P,FG31,GLFR,HL31,HM31,IL31,LTPB,MR31,FM3B,RS3H,SA3P,STCP,SC04,SU3C,T3CA,TW00,TM00,UT3P,WR00,AU3P,APH3,AF00,ZCST,MI00,CDM0 3. Model has been updated to Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD Aero Orekart is a dual motor Model 3. It might not be any different Wh/mi calc but the UX is confusing of Model reverting the user's selection to something they did not choose and it is not the correct information. Otherwise I would (unrelated) ask for an option to note if our vehicle has modifications that significantly alter the aerodynamic profile. Orekart has a 1.75in lift kit installed and I don't want to muddy the data pool. Might be considered similar to roof rack with equipment. Is that significant?

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