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  1. Charging Takes Longer for 24kwh leaf when battery degradation is above 25 %. For example when it's 25C outside it took 30 minutes to charge from 13% to 97% even when the battery temperature was optimal. Example Route: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=2672ce3c-894c-4169-a916-35bfa72965d6
  2. Add an option to avoid specific countries, or even better, areas grouped by schengen or similar areas.
  3. For 24kwh Leaf the battery does charge slower if the degradation is more than 20%. So it is better to stop more frequently but drive faster. From my recent experience in 700km trip I realized that the fastest way to go is to charge for 10-20 minutes from 15 to 70% and stop to charge each 50-60 km while going at maximum speed. Note that this will only be possible when the weather is below 10c. Otherwise the battery will get hot within 300 km and will not accept QCs anymore.

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