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  1. @Jason, is there any way in which ABRP can record an alternative charging station for each charging waypoint selected when planning a route? I want to try and develop an app to address 'charger anxiety' by matching EV location to charger location (the assumption being that when they are the same and the EV is stationary the EV is occupying a charger parking slot). If this information is then made available to EV drivers whilst en route(possibly in a manner similar to traffic updates) it will give them time to switch to an alternative before being irrevocably committed to the original and finding that they have to wait an unexpectedly long time. I can already pick up the charging waypoints that you provide through the 'share' option but it would be really helpful to get alternatives as well.
  2. Hi, As above, thanks for your feedback. I can confirm that the Instavolt chargers at Bannatyne Health Club, Worksop now show in ABRP - Yippee!! Thanks Doug
  3. Ah, OK, I think I now see where the problem lies. I have just done as you suggest and see that under 'Basic Information' it is showing 'Operational' which I guess is where the map and listing status is drawn from, but under 'Operational Status' of each charger is was still showing as 'Planned for Future Use' which, presumably, is where you/API are getting your info from. I've submitted the change and hope that that chargepoint will now get fully updated. Thanks for the explanation. Doug
  4. Hi, Thanks for your answer. However, they are showing as operational on my OCM (on both laptop and phone) and have been for a while (see attached images). How do you get your data, from the OCM API? If so (or even if not), could it be something to do with old cache? Rgds Doug
  5. Hi, I'm bumping this because it has been about 3 weeks since I asked the question and there is still no chargepoint showing at this location and there has been no answer. When does ABRP update from Openchargrmap?
  6. Hi, There is at least one Instavolt DC charger that has been on OpenChargeMap for at least a week that is still missing from ABRP. It's location is 53.300089, -1.089795 at the Bannatyne Health Club, Worksop, UK. This has been in operation for many months, now and is a major stop of mine. How long will it be before it is added to ABRP?
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