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  1. Description: Route overview, table, and charging stops not displaying. Type: webpage (which link?) Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=4a8629c8-2a67-45a4-8b89-c4483ce4fa2a Replication Steps: Any route I plan it will plan the route, but doesn't display the stops. When clicking on the navigate button you can see the overview show up. This happens on multiple browsers which I've confirmed are updated. The OS is Windows 10 most up to date version and ABRP version 4.0.42.(408) You can see in the attached screen captures the route is p
  2. Does torque work with iOS? Last time I looked into it it was Android only. I don't have an android phone to play with. Guess i'm not much help here. I'll stick to updating the opencharge maps.
  3. Thanks for the info on how to help get locations added. What about this location? Link: https://openchargemap.org/site/poi/details/110776 - It shows up in Openchargemap, has lots of recent check-ins on plugshare with a 10.0 rating, but doesn't appear on ABRP. This would be a key location for me driving to Rhode Island from Detroit, Mi. Thanks for the work, I really like the features of ABRP, I hope soon it is usable for me in the states. Right now it's missing too many chargers that would be vital in places like the New York State Thruway.
  4. Well, I don't know where you are located, but I'd offer my i3 to the cause.
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