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  1. Thanks for getting back! Unfortunately I do not have the car myself so don't have the chance of providing this data first hand... 😞 Perhaps some of the owners here can do that?
  2. I'm trying to understand the charge times at regular 50 kW fast chargers, and am wondering whether I miss something. As they seem somewhat long (or rather the charging power seems low). Example: Charger: regular 50 kW DCFC Arrival: 38% Departure: 80% Charge time: 55 min (0,916 h) Battery usable capacity: Appr. 84 kWh Based on this I'm getting average 38,5 kW charge power (0,42x84/0,916). This seems quite low compared to info from e.g. Fastned which suggests that the average should be close to 50 kW. https://support.fastned.nl/hc/en-gb/articles/360000815988-Charging-with-an-Audi-e-tron For comparison, I tried routing with Tesla Model 3, and similar calculation gave appr. 44 kW charging power at regular 50 kW DCFC (I'm assuming 74 kWh usable). If anything, Model 3's charge curve should be (very) slightly worse than e-tron's at 50 kW DCFC: https://support.fastned.nl/hc/en-gb/articles/360012178313-Charging-with-a-Tesla-Model-3 Here is a link to Google sheet where I put in the numbers from same route that I know, with both cars using the same CCS-chargers. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C0z8Y33EOouUuHuEAPvbzFVL8dmvdiVFq_PsWm1zfDk/edit?usp=sharing Probably I'm missing something obvious here?
  3. Very significant part of DCFCs in Finland are missing from the Planner (Plugshare and local latauskartta.fi have all of them). Wondering if there is a way to get them imported from those sources or otherwise contribute information?

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