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  1. Hi Bo, The 'Share' button is indeed now nicely available in the 'Planned Route' view regardless if the 'Live Car Connection' is activated or not 😊 – Thanks! However, my intention was not to make you restrict the ‘Tesla Nav’ button only to the car browser! I quite often send the upcoming route to the car from my PC or iPad immediately after having planned it. This way I’m all set to drive off when I get in the car, and don’t have to go through the downloading with the (unfortunately) very slow Tesla browser. Sorry If my initial request was unclear on this ☹️. PS. I think ABRP is a fantastic tool for us e-drivers! Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  2. Reference: My Support Request "Copying ABRP and Google Maps links of a planned route?" Description: Make the 'Share' button available in the Planned Route view also when connected via 'Live Car Connection'. Use Case: I am often pasting both ABRP and Google Maps links to planned routes in for example calendar events and other documents for easy and fast access later. Likewise, it is very handy to be able to send your planned route to friends or family with links in e-mails, WhatsApp chats, etc. Now one needs to log out of 'Live Car Connection' just to be able to copy the links, which feels a bit unnecessary. Assume this fix would be a very easy one!
  3. Found it out myself! Turns out that if I'm not logged in to 'Live Car Connection' via my Tesla account, there is a 'Share' button at the top right corner of the planned route. However, this button is exchanged to a 'Tesla Nav' button if I am logged in! Would be handy to have the 'Share' button available regardless of being logged in to 'Live Car Connection' or not 🙏.
  4. I have previously been able to copy both ABRP and Google Maps links of a planner ABRP-route. This has been very handy for example to paste into a calendar event or to send by mail to a friend. Now I can't find the way I did it in the past! Is it a feature that has been removed, or am I just not finding it?

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