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  1. same for me, only on (dutch) iphone X, working fine on my android phone.
  2. phsdv

    Hello all

    Now that I learned o use ABRP a bit better, I conclude that it is too optimistic. My settings: Car: Opel Ampera-e Reference Consumption: 181 Wh/km at 110 km/h Reference speed: 100% (What does this mean???) max speed: 115 km/h (this is the max speed I drove, is this the way to set that?) start depart charge: 96% charger arrival: 20% goal arrival: 20% outside temp: 3 C wind: 0 m/2 road conditions: dry extra weight 0 batter degradation: 0 For comparison I checked on leg of the trip. I added the fast charger were I did charge as a way point. According to the planner I should have arrived with 36% SOC left with 195 Wh/km, however when I arrived I only had 31% left. The distance I drove was 186 km. Thus my efficiency was 60 kWh * (96% - 31%) / 186 km = 120.9 Wh/km Maybe one of the factors are the tires, I have winter tires, and they probably have a higher rolling resistance. But I have no idea if that can explain the difference.
  3. phsdv


    Description: Add a setting that shows that other tires are used, for example winter tires or original/stock summer tires. In the most advanced you would almost need a complete database with all tires - rolling resistance and including the pressure as well. Most simple implementation, just a check box winter tires and resulting in a slightly higher Wh/km number. Use Case: (most) Winter tires will have a higher rolling resistance and range will be less.
  4. phsdv

    Hello all

    I have a (troque-pro) data log from the last 2 days driving 900km in cold weather, I can share that with you if you like.
  5. phsdv

    Hello all

    Where are you from? Eindhoven Netherlands What car do you drive? Opel Ampera-e 2019 model What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 290km and back next day. Did not make it on one charge due to cold and wet weather
  6. And for some unknown reason Opel has decided to change their units to km/Wh in the Ampera-e 2019 model... So one more unit to confuse everyone
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