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  1. Hi, Description: Take phantom consumption into account when planning a trip/taking intermittent location (if you stay for the night - battery drain) into account. Perhaps you could tick off 'Sentry Mode' enabled ie. higher drain during the night. Use Case: I'm going on a round trip - Home > Work > Team building event with/from work at a different location with sleepover > Home. Sentry Mode will be enabled when parked at work (about 8 hours) and during the night/day at the team building location. Distances are Home > Work 180 km - Work > team-build location 141 km > back Home 192 km. According to abetterrouteplanner.com I need to charge once but only to 60%. But we know this is not enough as there will be battery drain when the car are parked during the day and night. Thanks and br. Søren Tesla Model 3 Performance Denmark
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