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  1. A similar idea is an alert when actual gps speed exceeds planned speed by a certain threshold - eg more than 2% for more than 5 mins Just a heads up to say be careful here if you carry on like this you will be using more energy than anticipated
  2. The problem with this approach is that I think waypoints are often added purely to force the planner to calculate based on a specific route.
  3. I noticed a problem with Instavolt chargers earlier today also
  4. Also, it might be worth noting that if people just set their cruise control at a given speed (eg 60 mph), then the actual speed they are travelling at could vary by a few mph depending on the car model due to different levels of speedometer accuracy between manufacturers. So it might be worth advising people doing the manual test procedure to set their cruise speed based off a GPS speedometer (eg Waze) in order to eliminate that variance.
  5. Jason - if following the manual test procedure, wouldn’t it also be useful to report the weather conditions at the time the test was conducted? Also, could you perhaps outline which car models you don’t really need any manually collected data for - i.e., because you’ve already got sufficient data and/or there are enough people providing automated live data? For example, would it still be beneficial to provide manually collected i3 data even though automated live data collection is now possible? Thanks
  6. Oh I think I see what you mean now. If ABRP knows I am driving from A to B, and that I need to stop once to charge, it should already be including the time it takes to cover the distance from the highway to the charger. If my understanding is correct, you shouldn’t include the time it takes to drive from the highway to the charger in the overhead. The overhead ought to be pretty similar for most charging locations (although less for Tesla Superchargers where you literally just park and plug in, and maybe a little more if you know you are going to use a charger where you can’t use an
  7. My understanding of overhead is thats it’s purely the (average) time taken between stopping driving and charging starting - usually a function mostly of how quickly the driver is able to park, get out, find the correct RFID / app, plug the cable in and then get the charger to activate. It’s normally about 2-3 minutes, in my experience. The extra travel time taken between coming off the most direct route to the destination and driving to a particular charger should already be accounted for. The main scenario I can envisage where the plan allows for only a few minutes but you
  8. I would like this too please. I'd like to be able to prevent a route entering Sweden (also due to Covid-19 travel restrictions).
  9. Bill N

    My feedback...

    Yep, lagginess could in part be due to me being on an iPhone 7+ that also could probably do with a factory reset - although other apps are performing okay, and ABRP Classic is snappy and smooth. I am going to get around to a factory reset and fresh install and see if that improves it. I like the idea of 'simple' and 'advanced' settings, and think this could be used to allow for more 'involved' users to tinker with more settings, whilst other users don’t need to bother. I still think it’s probably a little way until the type of people a) driving EVs and b) knowing about using ABRP are not
  10. Bill N

    My feedback...

    #22 When the settings screen is set to simple mode, and user taps on departure SOC to change the value, the settings page doesn’t always slide up so then the keyboard ends up blocking the user from seeing what is being typed. Sometimes it is okay, but more often than not it isn’t.
  11. Bill N

    My feedback...

    A new one... #21 - the time entry in waypoint setting for departure time is clunky - requires user to type a colon and it isn’t possible to scroll down the list of suggested times. i would suggest (if possible) to only display a numeric keyboard and eliminate the need for a colon to be typed - so the user can just quickly tap in 4 digits to get any specific time and the colon is added automatically by the set formatting.
  12. Bill N

    My feedback...

    On #10 at least - my bad - I was unwittingly using a web bookmark on my home screen rather than the actual iPhone app. Using the app, scrolling the saved plans screen does work (albeit not particularly smoothly).
  13. Bill N

    My feedback...

    Thanks for the quick and comprehensive response Jason! 1 . Yes, I've just checked and I'm still getting this on the latest version on iPhone. For example, I have a number of different cars saved, and if I switch to one and then switch back to my actual car (i3) the reference consumption jumps about to a seemingly random figure (ie. not 3.8 like it should be for the i3, but also not the figure that it was on for the other car I had momentarily switched - very odd). 4. Maybe there's another way to do it from a UI perspective rather than a pop up - maybe the calculate route button could
  14. Bill N

    My feedback...

    Hi, I’ve emailed this in, but thought I would post here too so that others can also see my feedback and maybe add their thoughts / comments... Hello ABRP team, I'd like to give you some feedback ... 1. There seems to be a problem when switching between different vehicles - the reference consumption doesn’t always change accordingly. 2. Please add a feature like Glympse to enable live trip sharing to allow friends/family to follow progress including charging stops. (Glympse doesn’t really work because the ETA doesn’t account for charging stops). 3. Scrolling in the settings i
  15. Description: live trip sharing, like Glympse Use Case: I like to use Glympse to let people know when to expect my arrival. The problem with Glympse is that it doesn’t know I’m going to stop for 25 minutes to charge on route. Please implement a feature to allow simple live trip sharing so that I can email or text a link to people, they open the link, and can then follow my love progress (including charging stops). Ideally, you’d have similar features and options to Glympse (eg current speed on or off, favourite contacts etc) Thanks
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