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  1. Description: I create a plan. ABRP suggests a route including chargers. I don’t want to use one of the chargers so I tap it, go to actions, select avoid this charger. Then I go back to recalculate. But ABRP has now added that charger as a waypoint in my plan! That makes zero sense and must be a bug. Type: app latest version at time of writing Replication Steps: as above
  2. @Jason-ABRP I was wondering if you’ve explored the PSA API much yet, and whether there’s potential there to get any useful live data, or even to potentially do something similar to what you’ve done with Polestar. https://developer.groupe-psa.io/ https://github.com/GroupePSA
  3. Bill N


    An experienced user should have a go a writing a guide. I might have a go if I get time soon.
  4. I’ve noticed that when using ABRP to navigate via CarPlay, whilst listening to the car radio, ABRP directions interrupt the radio (as you’d expect) but the radio then doesn’t automatically return. (The same doesn’t happen with navigation from Google or Waze).
  5. Still having this issue with the arrow not pointing straight along the road.
  6. Thanks - I’m on iOS but managed to find the correct voice settings to alter and it’s better now.
  7. Hi Katya - I’ve deleted it now because it wasn’t working, and I think Tronity was also causing the 12V battery in the car to drain.
  8. Also, the navigation voice is very robotic sounding. Would be nice to have a more natural sounding voice.
  9. Feedback... Navigation voice says "in 100 yard". It should be "in 100 yards". For British setting, I’d like there to be the option of miles and yards, or miles and metres.
  10. Ok - understood. So presumably the Tesla API is way more advanced then in terms of the parameters it can feed ABRP? So we really need more manufactures to provide more extensive APIs so that, hopefully in future, drivers of more cars can just provide ABRP directly with credentials so it can pull all the necessary data from the car itself. Fiddling around with OBD dongles is okay for a few % of drivers, but I think is never going to be something that a large proportion of people are going to bother with. I wonder whether you guys are attempting to speak to manufactures to get ac
  11. Doesn’t this beg the question....what’s the point of the Tronity connection then?
  12. Seconded. We need to be able adjust the SoC via CarPlay.
  13. Fatal error every time “automatic settings” are turned off. 4.0.39 (373)
  14. Description: Tronity is working ok on the Tronity website, but not in ABRP. The status just says “sleeping” and the live SoC is not being displayed. Type: app 4.0.39 (373)
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