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  1. Description and Use Case: Instead of asking the user to determine whether there is a headwind or tailwind, maybe ABRP could just ask what the wind direction and speed is - and then determine whether that means headwind or tailwind depending on the route that is planned. This would also help in the case of the circular routes (eg when using round trip mode). At the moment, the headwind / tailwind setting can't really be used in tandem with round trip mode. Even better would be if ABRP could just ask the user to input the time and date for the journey, and the pull the current or forecast wind direction and speed data and apply that to the model for the specific route automatically. As a minimum, perhaps a link to recommended website (eg. windy.com) to find out wind data could be included in the settings screen just beneath the wind section.
  2. Bill N

    Replan button

    I think it works pretty well having: 1. the automatic re-routing, with it updating the start SoC to whatever ABRP thought the SOC was at the time of calculating the new route.(remembering there is no live data with some cars) And 2. The option to "replan" I think it might just be a case of ABRP signposting more clearly to the user what it is doing. Eg if you deviate from the route and it says you have left the planned route, maybe it could then say that it is recalculating automatically so the user know just to wait for it to update the route.
  3. Strange, but if I put "TW20 0" to Ipswich in ABRP it suggests the same route, near enough, as Google - via A406 (BTW, it may not be such a good idea to prioritise motorway based chargers in the UK, as that (currently at least) mostly means Ecotricity chargers which are notoriously unreliable and slow, especially via CCS)
  4. In this case, I think the label "extra weight" could possibly be reworded to something like "weight of driver, passengers & cargo" and the pop-up that currently says "extra vehicle weight, like a trailer or heavy cargo..." could be reworded to something like "Enter an estimate of the total weight of driver, passengers, any cargo and also any trailer".
  5. To add to this, is there anything owners can do to help improve the model even without an OBD device ? Any specific tests we can conduct and report back the findings?
  6. Description: Allow the user to set different reference speeds for different types of roads. Use Case: A user may drive sticking firmly to the speed limit in urban areas - they would therefore set the reference speed of urban roads (for example, roads with a speed limit below 50mph) to no more than 100%. For other roads, a user may drive with the traffic flow (slightly above the speed limit) - they would therefore set the reference speed of non-urban roads (for example, roads with a speed limit above 50mph) to, say, 107%. NOTE: I am also not entirely clear how the reference speeds works - does ABRP use any data sources which estimate the likely speed along a particular stretch of road at different times of day?
  7. Description: A button to reset the reference consumption to the ABRP default. Use Case: If the reference consumption is adjusted to see the impact on route planning, it would be good to have a button to quickly reset it to the default figure used by ABRP. Otherwise you have to remember what it was before and then re-enter it.
  8. Ok - I figured out the drawing pin through trial & error and see that the feature is to pin selected locations to the top of the list of previous locations for quick retrieval. From a UI perspective, perhaps a pinned location could be seen by the user to move to the top of the list when the pin is pinned - rather than nothing happening and the change only being noticeable if the user exits from the list and goes back into again. The scrolling point is a bug though I think, as I don't believe it should be dragging an item below the pop-up list.
  9. If I click on the downwards pointing arrow to the right of a waypoint name in the planner screen it shows a list of previous locations that I have used with ABRP. To the right of each location is a drawing pin. For some location the drawing pin is 'pinned', and for others it is 'unpinned' - what is this supposed to signify? Also, when the list of previous locations is displayed on a mobile screen, if I try to scroll up or down that long list it instead acts to drag waypoint 'underneath' the pop-up list and relocate waypoints, thereby messing up the plan.
  10. Bill N

    Replan button

    I also am unclear about the functionality of ABRP when driving. I noticed if ABRP alerts you that you have taken a road different to that which it had planned, it will invite you to "replan" (then leading to the issue described in the post above), but if you do nothing it appears to re-route automatically anyway? I used ABRP quite extensively whilst driving today, and encountered quite a lot of moments where I wasn't really exactly sure what it was doing, to be honest. I don't mean to be overly critical - I think ABRP is brilliant and a great achievement! I'd just like to help it be a good as it possibly can be. I think the interface, especially whilst driving, could be improved to make it optimised for in car use, when a phone is mounted to a dashboard. Many other apps have a 'car mode' where the buttons and other aspects of the UI become larger, simplified, of otherwise easier to use and interact with whilst driving. Maybe this is something that could be an area for improvement that non-Tesla users would especially benefit from.
  11. Description: Allow the user to select multiple things to 'avoid on route'. Use Case: I'd like to be able to tell ABRP to select a route that avoids 'highways' AND 'toll roads' AND 'ferries & car trains' - or a combination of those three.
  12. Description: I think it would be very useful if there could be a screen or pop-up that allows users to see a list of all the chargers that they have previously told ABRP not to use. From the list, the user would be able to tell ABRP to allow use of individual chargers once again, OR allow all chargers from the same network, OR allow all chargers. Use Case: I would use this feature to easily see which chargers I have previously told ABRP not to use, and to tell ABRP to allow chargers again without having to search around the map to find the chargers that I have told ABRP not to use. I use the 'do not use this charger' feature with almost every plan, because, in the UK at least, they are many chargers which are very unreliable, often busy or not accessible to some cars depending on the position of the charging flap on the car. But it would be good to be able to quickly see which chargers have been restricted.
  13. Bill N

    Max Speed Changing

    Ah, okay, maybe I'm misunderstanding the purpose of the max speed setting then. I thought the purpose was so that you could say you want to do, for eg, 100% of the speed limit, but then restrict the max speed to something less than 100% of the speed limit. For example, in the UK, I might want to drive at 100% of the speed limit (where possible) on all roads except motorways where the limit is 70mph. So I might want to tell ABRP that I intend to drive at the 60mph limit on single lane country roads (to prevent queues of traffic building up behind me), but then that I don't intend to go over 65mph on motoways, where faster cars can easily overtake, despite the 100% speed being 70mph. My preference would be for settings like max speed to not change without the user actually changing it themselves. My preference would be that the only parameter that automatically changes when the car model is changed is the reference consumption.
  14. Bill N

    Max Speed Changing

    Hmm, thanks, but I'm not sure that is it because it happens when I plan a route with an i3 120 Ah, set the max speed I want to travel at to 75mph, and then change the car to a Model 3 SR to compare how much time would be saved. Everything else stays the same, but the max speeds changes to 93mph (obvs. the Model 3 can go much faster than that).
  15. +1 I thought this was a bug first too. Even just a more descriptive message would be helpful, I think.

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