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  1. Bill N

    What 3 Words

    Description: Ability to add a destination using a What 3 Words address Use Case: Easily add obscure locations
  2. Has the charging curve been updated now? @Samuel-ABRP@Jason-ABRP
  3. It would basically be like how it works on Google Maps (although their implementation of it isn’t great as the lettering all disappears as soon as you start dragging waypoints from one position to another). This is what the same route looks like on Google Maps - it’s much easier to correct the order of points:
  4. Bill N


    Description: Current speed displayed on the map like in Waze Use Case: Used to check actual vehicle speed is consistent with the planned speed. (Using car speedometer is unreliable as most cars over-read the speed). Thanks
  5. Description: A sequential number or letter by the the side of each waypoint or guide point on the maps which corresponds to the same waypoint or guidepoint in the planner. Use Case: I’d use this most times when creating more complex routes which aren’t simply A to B. For example, in the screenshot below I’m planning a route including a number of waypoints and guide points to ensure the route follows a particular course. When I add another point it sometimes does not get placed in the correct position in the plan, resulting in the route doubling back to check off the new point. If each point was annotated with a small number or letter which corresponded to the same letter/number in the planner list, it would be much easier to quickly rearrange the points into the correct order.
  6. I think it was in accessibility > voiceover > speech
  7. I switched to ABRP maps and the whole app runs so much better!
  8. I agree it can be cumbersome and potentially distracting. Maybe there are some refinements that could be made to the UI to make it easier to adjust the actual SoC on the move. Better still if it could be possible to also have the adjustment buttons on CapPlay / Android Auto. My concern with the OBD route is that I just don’t see it ever becoming a mainstream thing that masses of people are going to do. Plus, it also isn’t always an option if people are hiring a car, using a work vehicle etc. In my view, it would be good for the UI in the app to be improved so that manual and occasional updating of the SoC is easier. For example, perhaps the app could occasionally prompt the user to check and confirm or adjust the SoC, and then clearly indicate what the result of any adjustment was.
  9. I’ve also had problems with iPhone 12 getting very warm and not charging effectively when using ABRP.
  10. As far as I’m aware, you are using it as intended but these are bugs, which I have also noticed occasionally. You’ve described them well, so hopefully @Jason-ABRP @Katya-ABRP @Samuel-ABRP and co can look into this ASAP and address it.
  11. The new options are good… but so far aren’t available in the iPhone app. Hopefully that will get an update soon.
  12. Were you able to eliminate the effects of rain when doing this analysis? Given that stronger winds can sometimes be accompanied by heavy rain, the apparent impact on consumption from a headwind could be overstated in those instances — unless you’re able to ignore data points collected when the planner was reporting rain. Or did you just work on the basis that some cars would have been driving into a headwind in the rain, and some with a tailwind in the rain, and therefore would roughly cancel each other out?
  13. “The diagram shows the effect that wind has on the instantaneous power consumption of vehicles traveling at highway speeds, 100 to 120 kmh (62 to 75 mph).”
  14. I have also noticed this issue.
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