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  1. Try experimenting with the order in which you activate the two navigations.
  2. We desperately need waypoint numbering / lettering please - like Google maps.
  3. Please can we have numeric only keypad (.decimalPad) on iOS instead of the normal keyboard when we are editing numeric values in any setting field.
  4. Try changing map setting to ABRP maps. I found that helps.
  5. Seconded - can we revert to the old one until bugs are fixed. Did it go through beta testing? Kinda hate to say it, but I’m not really sure what the changes have added - I’m struggling to immediately see anything where I think “oh yes, this is so much better now”. Sorry.
  6. Well, I have an ID.3 now and ABRP works pretty well via Tronity. SoC% and charging power are displayed. There is another new EV route planning app called 'Jump' which allows direct integration via We Connect ID - no need to go via Tronity. It would be good if ABRP had this functionality too. Of course, it would be better still if a connection via We Connect API only (not requiring an OBD device) could also provide sufficient data to allow calibrated consumption to be calculated and displayed in ABRP. @robske_110 - do you know the answer to @Jason-ABRP’s question below?
  7. Create and plan the route, then tap share, then ’Export to Excel’. Then you print a hard copy of a table with all the details of the planned charging stops.
  8. If I wanted a print out I'd plan the route then tap share > export to excel and then print that out.
  9. How about live data without an OBD dongle? (I don't personally see much mass market future in an OBD dongle based solution - most people simply aren't going to bother with that). For example, the 'PUMP' route planner app (quite basic, but has a pretty slick UI & UX) allows users to send some live data (eg SoC) into the app simply by logging in with the account details of their vehicle. Not as sophisticated as the data that can be got via OBD, but in many cases it will be sufficient, and it's straightforward, requiring no dongle to be purchased, installed, set up and connected etc, nor even a link with a third party service such as Tronity. https://pumpapp.co
  10. Any updates in relation to this at all? What’s the current situation with the ID.3 and ABRP via Tronity?
  11. Description: Ability to add a destination using a What 3 Words address Use Case: Easily add obscure locations
  12. Has the charging curve been updated now? @Samuel-ABRP@Jason-ABRP
  13. It would basically be like how it works on Google Maps (although their implementation of it isn’t great as the lettering all disappears as soon as you start dragging waypoints from one position to another). This is what the same route looks like on Google Maps - it’s much easier to correct the order of points:
  14. Description: Current speed displayed on the map like in Waze Use Case: Used to check actual vehicle speed is consistent with the planned speed. (Using car speedometer is unreliable as most cars over-read the speed). Thanks
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