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  1. I had a chance to try ABRP CarPlay over the weekend, and whilst I applaud the efforts in making it available, I’m afraid to say I can’t really see what benefit it currently provides - particularly in a case such as mine where there isn’t live data being fed into ABRP. I appreciate though that there are restrictions imposed by Apple on what functions can be included.
  2. Yes - for people who don’t have a car data connection, a way of entering the current SoC via Car Play is needed. Even for those with certain data connections that aren’t live whilst driving (eg BMW i3 via Tronity), a way of entering SoC is still required as the figure provided by Tronity is not up to date when you are already driving.
  3. Thanks Katya. I just really want ABRP to be even more brilliant than it already is! I’m using iPhone 12 with latest iOS14.3 and latest ABRP version too. I’m just going to refer to the issues by number, for ease, so: 1. Ok, thanks- will keep an eye out and see if it returns. 2. Yes, happened a few hours ago. I try logging out and in etc, but only way I’ve found to immediately fix it is to delete and reinstall the app. 3. The settings update correctly but the planner just ignores the entered figure and continues to use the ‘live’ figure (which was incorrect because Tron
  4. I’m a big supporter of ABRP. Barely a day goes by without me recommending it to someone. I pay for Premium features, despite barely using my car during Covid - because I want to support ABRP and help it to develop. Recently, I’ve been getting more and more frustrated though. I’m sorry to say, the app just isn’t good enough as it is. It’s easily amongst the most buggy and frustrating apps on my phone (I have lots of apps). The problems were easily forgivable when ABRP was only web based and was more of a small hobby/project, and also when it became an app but was still completely free
  5. Bill N

    Tronity and BMW i3

    Thanks. Thinking about it though, should it not be possible to retrospectively calculate reference consumption once a journey has been completed? If ABRP knows where the car went, the speed, the weather, the topography and the start and end SoC, then wouldn’t it be possible to calculate the calibrated consumption at the end of each journey and then, over the course of several journeys, calculate an accurate reference consumption for the specific car in question. Yes, it wouldn’t be take into account things like roof boxes etc that may affect consumption on one j
  6. Bill N

    Tronity and BMW i3

    Hi, I’ve started using Tronity to feed SoC to ABRP. Does using Tronity (and not using Electrified via ODB dongle) enable calculation of calibrated consumption in ABRP? The settings pages in ABRP would suggest it does because it allows me to set reference consumption to ‘live’ when connected to Tonity. But can this actually work if the car only transits the SoC via Connected Drive to Tronity when the car is stopped? If in fact it doesn’t work, then what reference consumption is actually being used when it is set to ‘live’? Thanks
  7. https://wkcv6lvbel5ggnsgizpoqrzftq-adwhj77lcyoafdy-www-goingelectric-de.translate.goog/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=54309&sid=db53479742255a9bafd943b2cbc8c29a
  8. https://youtu.be/YCxEv358N6U https://youtu.be/zzf4-LQWvtw
  9. A similar idea is an alert when actual gps speed exceeds planned speed by a certain threshold - eg more than 2% for more than 5 mins Just a heads up to say be careful here if you carry on like this you will be using more energy than anticipated
  10. The problem with this approach is that I think waypoints are often added purely to force the planner to calculate based on a specific route.
  11. I noticed a problem with Instavolt chargers earlier today also
  12. Also, it might be worth noting that if people just set their cruise control at a given speed (eg 60 mph), then the actual speed they are travelling at could vary by a few mph depending on the car model due to different levels of speedometer accuracy between manufacturers. So it might be worth advising people doing the manual test procedure to set their cruise speed based off a GPS speedometer (eg Waze) in order to eliminate that variance.
  13. Jason - if following the manual test procedure, wouldn’t it also be useful to report the weather conditions at the time the test was conducted? Also, could you perhaps outline which car models you don’t really need any manually collected data for - i.e., because you’ve already got sufficient data and/or there are enough people providing automated live data? For example, would it still be beneficial to provide manually collected i3 data even though automated live data collection is now possible? Thanks
  14. Oh I think I see what you mean now. If ABRP knows I am driving from A to B, and that I need to stop once to charge, it should already be including the time it takes to cover the distance from the highway to the charger. If my understanding is correct, you shouldn’t include the time it takes to drive from the highway to the charger in the overhead. The overhead ought to be pretty similar for most charging locations (although less for Tesla Superchargers where you literally just park and plug in, and maybe a little more if you know you are going to use a charger where you can’t use an
  15. My understanding of overhead is thats it’s purely the (average) time taken between stopping driving and charging starting - usually a function mostly of how quickly the driver is able to park, get out, find the correct RFID / app, plug the cable in and then get the charger to activate. It’s normally about 2-3 minutes, in my experience. The extra travel time taken between coming off the most direct route to the destination and driving to a particular charger should already be accounted for. The main scenario I can envisage where the plan allows for only a few minutes but you
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