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  1. Hi, this is great news. I would be willing to help. I am not sure about programming, that depends on language and environment. Definitely I can help with testing, as I will presumably have the car by end of next month.
  2. Thanks for the hints, I can try once I have the car. Meanwhile I have found that there is an API (not documented by Jaguar) for the Jaguar InControl App (JLR Remote Car API). Somebody reverse engineered and documented it in order to build a Python control interface on top of it: https://github.com/ardevd/jlrpy This goes to a JLR server, I am not sure how responsive it is. Don't know whether this is helpful. Br Harald
  3. Hi, no one out there yet using ABRP with an I-Pace? I'm going to get one 2nd half of June and I am eager to using ABRP. I have used the planner some times offline to estimate travelling times for certain trips that I want to make once I have the car. I wonder how I could connect the car to ABRP. I have got an OBD2 reader. Is there a known way to connect ABRP to the I-Pace? Best regards, Harald
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