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    Trip logging for BMW i3

    I'm an iOS user and a BMW i3 owner and I'd like to contribute to the data for my trips. I have read discussion about trying to log the data and can see it's probably a no go on iOS, but I cannot work out whether this does work on Android with Torque Pro? I already own a Vgate iCar Pro BLE OBD2 reader, and am happy to purchase a cheap Android phone to be able to log the data if this works. Is it possible to log the required data using Torque Pro?
  2. Description: When calculating a route I think it would be useful to have the option to select a max percentage for a DC fast charge session unless it was impossible to get to another charger with less. Settings currently has "start depart charge %", "charger arrival charge %" and "goal arrival charge %" but I would really like an option to set a "charger maximum charge %" which could be overridden if required. As we all know, charge rates drop quite considerably as the battery capacity nears completion, this increases time and cost (on time based charging) for a charging session as the battery gets closer to its maximum capacity, so I feel it could be advantageous to finish a charge session earlier but make another charge stop to top up to be able to complete the journey. Here in New Zealand it is generally frowned upon if you use a DC fast charger to charge your car above 80%, and the Tritium Veefil chargers which are popular here automatically select 80% before charge starts and you need to override if you want to charge past 80%. As the charge rate over 80% is actually quite low, it is not only slower but it's also more expensive to charge above this figure than it would be to add an extra charge session to the journey. I understand at times that a journey would not be able to be completed as the distance between chargers is too great, but this is the only situation I would like to charge to a higher level. Use Case: When planning a route I would like to be able to set my maximum DC fast charge percentage to 80% (or possibly lower) so it will automatically route me via more chargers for shorter/more efficient charge sessions instead of having some charge sessions go over 80% but pass other chargers on the route which you don't use. I currently have planned routes that take individual charge sessions over 90%, which I know in my 60aH BMW i3 will take longer to complete than the planner is suggesting, and will cost more as we are charged 25c/kWh + 25c/minute. Automatically planning more charge sessions would make my journey planning easier as currently I am editing them to work under these rules.

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