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  1. SR22pilot

    Printing route ?

    I would also love a print function. I clicked Export to Excel but nothing happens (Mac user in Safari) and I can't find any directions on what it is supposed to do. Export to Google Maps puts in GPS coordinates for one city on a complex route. Among other things I want to get the exact hotel and attraction addresses I put into ABRP for a multi-day trip with attractions. It looks like all I can do is screen shots. Unfortunately, the plan will take a number of screen shots to capture. This is my first real trip use of ABRP and it is leaving me very frustrated.
  2. SR22pilot

    Route details?

    How do I get the route details? Specifically, I want to see what roads are being taken. The map doesn't show any road labels. It doesn't even label the interstates. I would love to see the turn by turn routing with the names of the roads.

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