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    Hello, I'd like to explain here why I don't use the new website, so hopefully you can do something about it: - Reading the result is not as simple. A table format is a lot more readable and less space consuming to me than a thin column - Calculation is slower: calculation time direct comparison with the "classic" version shows that the new version is slower - When adding the options clicking the cog button, you never know what's been set already until you click - It does not work as good on smaller screens, like the one installed in the car (model 3), at least for me - I don't think you can do specific settings for you car per travel I think you switched to the new version as default too soon. Cheers, Alessandro
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    Barry hi, Just a thought could it be the presence of a "null" value before the ID 3 vehicle name be the reason why the ID3 does not work when used as the selected vehicle? Please see below circled in red. I have checked for a number of different cars and they work ok. But when i select ID3 it does not work. I have to select it as a "Quick Select" and not use it as a car owned by me.
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    Same here the app should get data from OBD2 directly, so no other apps woulb be neeed.
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    Description: On the Android App you don't see a difference in the planned road and road that you already travelled Use Case: Mark already travelled road with a dotted line
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    Definitely haven't given up, just not the top of the priority list yet. Need to get the app completely up to snuff with the website, then we can really start adding features like AA and CP.
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    Or just ignore carplay. Just Android Auto. I Switched away from Apple Years ago.

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