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    Description: I really like the features of this planner but it would be great to be able to move the routes to alternate roads like google maps does in its planner, otherwise it is very difficult to select the roads I would prefer to drive on. also it would be nice to specify as asked for here elswhere, more charge details based on optimum charge rate eg if super charging it would be great to plan based on charge rate, optimize trip to use the fastest charge rate not charge state when arriving and specifiy a minium charge time at a charger, it seems to plan some stops to be just a few minutes instead of filling the battery more at a previous charger thanks for working on a improved planner though Use Case: I would use this all of the time, right now i have to use google maps to select scenic or preferred roads.
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    Description: Please provide separate options for "Avoid Ferries" and "Avoid Car Trains" Use Case: I use Eurotunnel regularly. I do not want to use ferries. While "Avoid Ferries and Car Trains" does still route via Eurotunnel, it is not intuitive - it would be cleaner to have them as separate options.
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    Are there any plans to have an IOS/Android app available? My car does not have a web browser like the Tesla and an app would be far more convenient. Maybe it could also be integrated with CarPlay and AndroidAuto ?
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    I make fairly routine trips from my home in Delaware (in the USA,) to Astoria, Queens, in New York City. When I create a round trip to/from there, the route planner takes me through Manhattan in New York City to a charger there. Pretty much no-one will drive through Manhattan to get from west of New York to Long Island (where Astoria is) unless they have to. The routes that I'll get from Waze or Google Maps will be 1) via the George Washington Bridge - from northern New Jersey to The Bronx, and down to Long Island over the Robert F Kennedy Bridge or 2) Across Staten Island via the Goethals Bridge and then the Verizzano Bridge - from central New Jersey. Both of these routes bypass Manhattan to get to Long Island. In addition, the City of New York plans to charge additional fees to go through mid-town Manhattan besides the normal tolls, so it will be more expensive to go that way as well. I know that there are a lot of chargers in Manhattan, but...I'm not going there. Unfortunately, your route planner seems to insist that I go through Manhattan and, besides adding lots of waypoints to my trip, there doesn't seem to be a nice way to modify the route. Even when I eliminate the charging station in Manhattan, and the planner then picks something more reasonable, like one of the Supercharger stations on the New Jersey Turnpike, it still wants me to go through Manhattan. When I plan the same trip in Waze, it gives me routing options - usually 3 options - and allows me to pick one. It may be a longer trip, but it always comes out taking less time - sometimes by a lot. I realize that a longer trip is not necessarily the best for an electric car, but in a case like this, I'd opt for a longer trip. Perhaps you could add "Avoid city centers" to your "Avoid on Route" dropdown in the options area? Or optional routes like Waze?
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    Description: Give users a toggle to allow for displaying arrival and departure capacity in distance (miles or kilometers) instead of battery charge percentage. ABRP already has information such as type of car (and thus battery capacity), consumption rate, battery degradation, etc. Use Case: I, along with what I am guessing are half Tesla users, prefer to display our battery gauge in terms of miles instead of percentage. So when I plan a trip, I need to see how many miles I have available and take that as a fraction of 240 (for my SR+ Model 3) and plug it into ABRP. Then at each step, no lie, I need to figure out the ending charge percentage recommended, figure how what mileage that ends up being (ie 76% departure charge is 182.4 miles) and stop my charging accordingly. I know I can have it charge longer but I try to optimize my time and want to follow ABRP's plan. I know there are a lot of variables at play but to me, it should make no difference for ABRP if it displays in distance or percentage. I know that sometimes you might arrive with not the exact distance calculated. But hey, you can also arrive with not the expected battery percentage either. Thank you.
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    Thanks for the report! I'll get this fixed soon with some other settings work, if you have suggestions or requests for the settings send them my way and I'll see if I can accommodate!
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    Description: It would be great to have a minimum charge time option. A few trips I have planned show a 1 or 2 minute charge to keep me at my ideal arrival or charge percentage. I would personally be ok dipping slightly to avoid a 2 minute supercharge. Use Case: every trip planned.
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    Good suggestion! This is one that might be better as a planner improvement instead of another setting. One problem we're currently working on is how to keep the settings page from getting overbloated. Right now it's fairly daunting for a new user. We are working on the "useless" charge stops though, so hopefully not something you have to deal with for very long!
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    Once you have made an account and then make a plan, at the top right above the initially starting point there is a button to "save plan". Push that button. Once you pull up the ABRP site in the car browser and log in there is another button "Saved Plans". Click that and you will have a list of your saved plans. Click on the correct plan and voila!
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    Thank you. Now I found it. General a very good thing. It would be nice, if the recommended charger is in the center of the screen. At the moment it is sometimes hidden from other things and I can not scroll.
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    Thanks so much for the response. Just like anything else it will take time to fully understand how the software works in conjunction with the car. A video tutorial would be helpful. I am sure there are a number of people that give up on the software because it is not as intuitive as some iOs and Android apps. I think sometimes us technology guys forget that a lot of people don't have the time or the desire to figure out the technology. If the desire is to spurn user ship I think it would be beneficial to provide tools for new people, and those who are not as literate when it comes to technology. My pain point came when I try to plan a trip an hour or two before leaving after I learned that the software existed. Because of the limited time I just gave up because I couldn't find what I needed in one place.
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    The link above https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/blogs/entry/16-generic-obd-and-torque-pro-setup-instructions/ is not working -Randy
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    PLEASE!! I would happily pay a reasonable price for an iOS or Android version. Love the site but an app would be much easier to navigate the input of data on a small screen.
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    We would definitely love to build an iOS / Android app, but Bo and I are pretty short on time as-is, if we find the right person to help out it's very high on our priority list! Android Auto and CarPlay are different stories, I've done a lot of investigation as I have a Bolt which doesn't have a browser. Android Auto is very restrictive right now, unless your phone is rooted it's very difficult to get a display into Android Auto. I'm not as familiar with CarPlay, but I suspect it's similarly restrictive. Once we have an app, Auto / CarPlay will definitely rise up the priority list. For now, a pretty good workaround is to use the "webapp" feature that most browsers offer. In Chrome you can go to A Better Route Planner, select the ⋮ button and pick "Add to Home Screen". When you open that link, it'll be full-screen and work mostly like an app on your phone. Not as good as a native app, but not terrible either!

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