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    What I envision is the following: ABRP on the "system" button in Android Auto (circled in red): You would have three views available to you when you switch to ABRP: Plans - List out all the plans you have saved on the site, or create a new one. To keep this simple, we only offer one destination at a time for in-car plans. Half of this screen is a simple map that shows you a map of the selected plan. You can switch between plans, and click a "Navigate" button to start navigating. The "Navigate" button changes to the Graph view and launches your navigation of choice. Graph - Shows you a graph of your consumption as planned vs actual Details - Shows you efficiency details, current step of the plan, next stop length, etc. You spend most of your time with ABRP in the background, following your plan. If ABRP determines you need to drive slower, or it has to replan to a new charger, it would provide you with a "toast" popup, and perhaps a voice prompt. The main reason that I don't want to do full-on navigation is that Google Maps / Waze / Apple Maps (yes, even Apple Maps) are way better than anything we could cobble together for turn-by-turn navigation.

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