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    I have a IONIQ FaceLift since December and I am a long term user of ABRP. Now I would like to use the Live data functionality. Additionally I could give charging logs to improve ABRP accuracy. I can see the live data in the ABRP popup window, the numbers seem to be correct, only the car model is wrong. For sending the live data to ABRP, I am using OBD2 + EVNotify with Kona PIDs on my mobile. Soon there will be a fix of EVNotify adding IONIQ 38kWh support. Please give me feedback if I can support improving ABRP with my car.
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    Picture taken earlier this week: charging at a Fastned station in the Netherlands. E-tron is charging at... 152 kw, which is 2 kw more than its maximum:-).
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    I would like to get real time data and use ABRP Live Car Connection. In "setup" the requirements for iOS are "EVNotify" and " any OBD reader" I purchased a Veepeak but it seems EVNotify is not compatible. The readers mentioned on the setup page are Android only. What are the hardware/software requirements to use Live Car with iOS?

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