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    Hi, can you please bring abrp to android auto so we can use abrp directly from our head unit? Thanks
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    Definitely haven't given up, just not the top of the priority list yet. Need to get the app completely up to snuff with the website, then we can really start adding features like AA and CP.
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    We would definitely love to build an iOS / Android app, but Bo and I are pretty short on time as-is, if we find the right person to help out it's very high on our priority list! Android Auto and CarPlay are different stories, I've done a lot of investigation as I have a Bolt which doesn't have a browser. Android Auto is very restrictive right now, unless your phone is rooted it's very difficult to get a display into Android Auto. I'm not as familiar with CarPlay, but I suspect it's similarly restrictive. Once we have an app, Auto / CarPlay will definitely rise up the priority list. For now, a pretty good workaround is to use the "webapp" feature that most browsers offer. In Chrome you can go to A Better Route Planner, select the ⋮ button and pick "Add to Home Screen". When you open that link, it'll be full-screen and work mostly like an app on your phone. Not as good as a native app, but not terrible either!
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    Description: Support for Apple CarPlay Use Case: Would be nice to see the application to appear on Apple CarPlay. Waze and other Navigation software till now doesn't support Electric cars and we don't see the charging points. This should be a enormous advantage for this app, even against builtin GPS from manufactures which are the moments always outdated!!! Thanks Miguel
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    It's something pesky we haven't solved yet, and annoys me too as it does it on my device as well.
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    Driving Model: The Vehicle is a Energica EVA EsseEsse9+ with a battery of 21,5kw/h (18,9kw/h useable!). I had a windshield on it but its really small, probably does not have a significant impact on the power consumption. https://www.energicamotor.com/energica-eva-esseesse9-old-school-electric-motorcycle/ Option 2 - Data-Driven - Perform driving test at multiple speeds, and record efficiency or power draw from the pack. I have collected the data with kw/100km as this shows the first decimal on the dashboard where the power does not show it and converted it with the formula: power=<kw/100km> / ( 100 / <speed> ) I was not able to legaly drive > 130km/h in our country, as soon as i can drive to germany i can provide this data aswell if really needed Speed KW / 100km KW 30 km/h (20mph) 4,0 1,2 45 km/h (30mph) 4,6 2,07 60 km/h (40mph) 6,2 3,72 75 km/h (50mph) 7,6 5,7 90 km/h (55mph) 9,5 8,55 100 km/h (60mph) 10,8 10,8 110 km/h (65mph) 12,8 14,08 120 km/h (70mph) 14,5 17,4 130 km/h (75mph) 16,5 21,45 140 km/h (80mph) 150 km/h (85mph) Charging Model: Charge Curve - Provide a link to a chart or video detailing the charge power over time or by State of Charge % I will provide this data as soon as I get to charge it from 0 to 100
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    Same here the app should get data from OBD2 directly, so no other apps woulb be neeed.
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    New feature - next charger alternatives We just released a new (beta) feature which allows you to see what your next charger alternatives are while driving. ABRP plans are most focused on getting you to your destination as fast as possible, but there are of course other factors which matter in the real world. Pressing "Next Charger Alts" on top of the plan list will give you a pop-up dialog with your top-5 charger alternatives from where you are right now, including how much longer it would take to go for that charger compared to the (time-wise) optimal one. Let us know what you think!
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    We have long-term plans to support both! We want everyone to be able to drive with their EVs, regardless of phone choice. Back when we only had the website, I looked into (and successfully displayed the website using) that Android Auto hack. But it was incredibly glitchy, and Google closed the exploit in recent versions of Android Auto. That said, it's very hacky and not the kind of experience open to anyone we want to give. When we do bring ABRP to Android Auto / CarPlay we'll be playing in their rules, so we'll provide as many features as we can, while still being approved to run in the cars.
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    This is one we've tracked for a while, and think we have a good idea for how to implement. It's lower priority than our app work for now, but we definitely like the idea!
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    Now creating a plugin for OVMS to support ABRP. Documentation is available here: OVMS Documentation
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    At ABRP, we work a little bit like a certain EV manufacturer - we release new features and upgrade any time, without much announcement. (Sometimes we break things, too.) However, sometimes it is good to make an announcement of all the things which have happened so that nobody misses the new goodies. Therefore; ABRP 3.7! Next Charger: Press this nifty little button, and you will be given up to five alternatives for your next charger, including how much time each choice will add to your trip. Perfect if you feel like skipping a certain charger, or if conditions change. Or you really need to go to the bathroom. New telemetry/OBD framework: We have updated our way of collecting real-time data for supported car models (which are not always-connected and have an open API like the Teslas). If you want to have real-time car SoC % in ABRP, click Settings->More Settings->Setup to get a guide on how to do. Updated maps: We have updated the maps and changed maps provider. We think they look even better, but let us know if there is anything we can do to further improve. We can definitively change the way they look. New car models: All the new 2019 Teslas are in, including the longerrrr range Model S and X. But also Audi E-tron Sportback, Volkswagen I.D. and many more. and also don't miss that ABRP plans more than 3 times faster than before in release ABRP 3.6!
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    Description: Detailed description of the feature you want to add. Would be nice to be able to enter a margin for the ‘Charger arrival charge’ (CAC for now). Right now (when I set CAC to f.e. 20%), abrp wants me to stop and charge for just 2 minutes in order to arrive at the next (faster) charger with 20% SoC, which doesn’t really make sense. I wouldn’t mind driving to 16%, I just don’t want to stop for 2 minutes at a relatively slow charger but rather drive directly to the faster charger and go a few percentage point below my CAC. Of course I could set CAC to 10% or something in between 10% and 20%, but then it will still send me to an ‘in between’ charger for a few minutes, and I would rather not go that low structurally with an Ioniq with a relatively small margin to look for alternative chargers in case of an issue. Use Case: Describe how you would use the feature, or how often. This helps us assess prioritization on new features. I would use this especially on longer trips with multiple charging stops.
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    During route planning but also while charging ABRP shows the planned start and target percentage. I assue internally ABRP knows how many kWh has to be charged. Would it be possible to show the planned amount of charged kWh so one could estimate the price using his charging card? Example output: 23% - 83% (20 kWh)
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    Is it possible to work ABRP with Open Vehicle Monitoring System like EVnotify. I use OVMS every day and it would be nice if i could use it with ABRP together. More info about OVMS can be found on https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3
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    Thanks for contributing your data to ABRP! We've added setup instruction to a page within the planner itself to simplify the setup process. To set up live data for your car, navigate the ABRP Planner and select "Settings > Select car model > Add My Car". You can see a comparison of the vehicles we support via OBD and other methods on our site: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/ And we are happy to add more once it's possible to retrieve data via an OBD adapter! Please let us know if you've managed to pull data from your car, we'd be happy to work with you to add it to ABRP.
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    Now that ABRP finally has an Android app, can you please add support for directly receiving data from Bluetooth OBD dongles? It is very cumbersome and inefficient to link another app like Torque, upload it to a server, then download it back again. Also, when in areas with poor or no LTE coverage, the system doesn't work.
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    Not public, but we do have a very full backlog of issues and cards to tackle. Perhaps one of us should spend some effort on a blog post detailing what we see on the nearby horizon. The short version is we have two three main focuses: Improving the App UI and fixing bugs Improving the Live Data driving experience / supporting more cars Adding new features to the App #1 isn't very sexy, but it really needs to be done. 2 as well, we really think Live Data driving mode really makes the EV road trip experience complete. For 3, we don't really want to spill too many beans before they're ready, but you already know of one now.
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    Description: If you click on the drive history and select a day you see a summary with for each drive next to distance, time, avg speed also avg consumption Use Case: looking at previous trips I want to know consumption data to get a feel for key differences and to understand how to interpret a planned route Is nice to have, not in any way critical, but for me it would mean that I do not have to use web.evnotify.de for that anymore (so purely convenience)
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    So seems like a lot of those things are possible to get from the bluelink endpoints. I think making something that can work is possible so I'm down to help with whatever is needed.
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    I may need to write a Blog post with a form letter, then!
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    Charging Curve from 31% to 98% SoC Charging kW 31% 22,00 32% 22,00 33% 22,00 34% 22,00 35% 22,00 36% 22,00 37% 22,00 38% 22,00 39% 22,00 40% 22,00 41% 22,00 42% 22,00 43% 22,00 44% 22,00 45% 22,00 46% 22,00 47% 22,00 48% 22,00 49% 22,00 50% 22,00 51% 22,00 52% 22,00 53% 22,00 54% 22,00 55% 22,00 56% 22,00 57% 22,00 58% 22,00 59% 22,00 60% 22,00 61% 22,00 62% 22,00 63% 22,00 64% 22,00 65% 22,00 66% 21,00 67% 21,00 68% 21,00 69% 21,00 70% 21,00 71% 20,00 72% 20,00 73% 20,00 74% 20,00 75% 20,00 76% 19,00 77% 19,00 78% 19,00 79% 19,00 80% 19,00 81% 19,00 82% 18,00 83% 18,00 84% 18,00 85% 17,00 86% 15,00 87% 14,00 88% 13,00 89% 12,00 90% 11,00 91% 10,00 92% 9,00 93% 8,00 94% 7,00 95% 6,00 96% 5,00 97% 4,00 98% 2,00
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    Chargeprice.net offers an APP and an API to retrieve charging costs. User sets up which MSP charging cards they have, and chargeprice.net tells them how much they will need to pay at a charge point if they want to charge from x% to y%. They can then pick the cheapest charge card for the charge. ABRP should use that information to determine how much each charging stop would cost (given the cards the user owns, it can find the cheapest option for each stop). Next, if there are different routes available, ARBP can optimise for cost, not only for travel time.
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    For me, Carplay is the most desired functionality for ABRP right now, and the only thing that keeps me from paying for a Premium membership that has just been rolled out.
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    Now it's running 😎
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    Description: Button that routes to nearest compatible DC fast charger Use Case: I have Interstitial Cystitis and require using the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. 90 minutes at best. Others have Crohns, or IBS, and some folks just plan poorly. The point is that when you have to go, you've gotta go. But sometimes you know roughly how long you can hold it for. An "I gotta pee" button that you can push that routes you to the nearest compatible DC fast charger based on what's configured in your profile on the site would be nice. Bonus points if it can determine whether the charger is available for use or not. Not practical in all cases, but would be nice to be sure.
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    Description: Add a setting or option to minimize the number of stops required on a given trip. This could be a simple checkbox in the advanced settings menu to minimize stops, and it would calculate a route with the fewest possible number of charging stops possible within the given route, with the understanding that each stop could be longer. Use Case: The default route planning behaviour appears to be to minimize the amount of time spent charging at each stop. However there may be cases where I would prefer to take a longer stop and make a longer drive with fewer stops overall in my trip. Rather than manually set each charging station to "take a longer break", it would be nice for the route to just be prioritized for longer but fewer stops.
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    Description: Export Timetable as JPEG or PDF Use Case: I want to share my ride. So others can see it. Or save it for me. In the photo libary oder in Dropbox. For short planning it is ok to use pc screen capture. But for longer there is no good way.
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    The problem is that the ABRP app does not yet have support for live data - but we are working heavily on it and it will be released in a week or two.
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    Are there any plans to have an IOS/Android app available? My car does not have a web browser like the Tesla and an app would be far more convenient. Maybe it could also be integrated with CarPlay and AndroidAuto ?
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    Charging Curve Data Extracted from the great Alex on Autos review of charging for TFLcars back in September. He charged from 1% to 100%. Usable Pack Energy: 83.7kwh ChgEff 95% Current examples are stepped at rates, not linear. KW Rate SoC kwh Time Elapsed 270 0-30% 26.43 0:05:52 0:05:52 200 30-37% 6.17 0:01:51 0:07:43 150 37-76% 34.36 0:13:45 0:21:28 120 76-80% 3.52 0:01:46 0:23:14 50 80-96% 14.10 0:16:55 0:40:09 20 96-100% 3.52 0:10:34 0:50:43 If this can get updated on ABRP I think that it would be very useful. Ron B - San Jose
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    This is an issue we're actively working, unfortunately with the app release we're seeing much bigger hits on our tile servers. Doing a forced refresh sometimes does the trick, clearing the cache won't do much (and may worsen the problem, as it'll clear any cached map tiles forcing you to redownload them). This is a very high-priority item for us, and we'll solve it as quickly as we can.
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    Description: Add a setting that shows that other tires are used, for example winter tires or original/stock summer tires. In the most advanced you would almost need a complete database with all tires - rolling resistance and including the pressure as well. Most simple implementation, just a check box winter tires and resulting in a slightly higher Wh/km number. Use Case: (most) Winter tires will have a higher rolling resistance and range will be less.
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    Sorry, wrong Information. 76 kW x 0.609 = 46,2 kW max charging rate for the small battery model !!!
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    When you click on the charger you get this : Showing that the source of the charger is NREL.gov. The link takes you here, where you can provide them with the correct information: https://developer.nrel.gov/contact/
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    Like others I have very good coments on ABRP but am unable to get maps and planners to recognize charging stops other than Tesla. Model 3, long range, duel motor. Annual trip pplanned to Cape Breton Canada. Last Tesla super Charger , Aulac NB at border of Nova Scotia. Make this trip every year but this first in EV. Although i have indicated other Charging I can use, such as J1772, 14 50 I can not get those stops to display on planner.
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    Definitely something we can think about, though not a capability yet. The question is how best to implement such a feature, perhaps once charging has stopped at a given waypoint push the next destination? I'd expect something like a checkbox "Auto-push to Tesla" or similar.
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    Sorry for the delay on the mobile app development. I was bothered with my other stuffs this month. I talked with the Bo earlier in July and started development in August. I would say the progress for now (actually I didn't have time working on any of it this month tho) for now is 80% done. I will resume the app development and polish next week and hopefully I would have a preview for you by the end of this month.
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    Under more settings. BTW, it's a website not an app - ie not available for installation from any mobile app store.
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    Description: It would be great to have a minimum charge time option. A few trips I have planned show a 1 or 2 minute charge to keep me at my ideal arrival or charge percentage. I would personally be ok dipping slightly to avoid a 2 minute supercharge. Use Case: every trip planned.
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    Hereby I upload my latest trip information. I have a bmw i3 2017 model 94 ah we live in a part of Norway where the max speed is 80km/h, smal towns 60km/h. I get a max range of ca 210km from the battery
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    Description: I really like the features of this planner but it would be great to be able to move the routes to alternate roads like google maps does in its planner, otherwise it is very difficult to select the roads I would prefer to drive on. also it would be nice to specify as asked for here elswhere, more charge details based on optimum charge rate eg if super charging it would be great to plan based on charge rate, optimize trip to use the fastest charge rate not charge state when arriving and specifiy a minium charge time at a charger, it seems to plan some stops to be just a few minutes instead of filling the battery more at a previous charger thanks for working on a improved planner though Use Case: I would use this all of the time, right now i have to use google maps to select scenic or preferred roads.
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    Description and Use Case: Instead of asking the user to determine whether there is a headwind or tailwind, maybe ABRP could just ask what the wind direction and speed is - and then determine whether that means headwind or tailwind depending on the route that is planned. This would also help in the case of the circular routes (eg when using round trip mode). At the moment, the headwind / tailwind setting can't really be used in tandem with round trip mode. Even better would be if ABRP could just ask the user to input the time and date for the journey, and the pull the current or forecast wind direction and speed data and apply that to the model for the specific route automatically. As a minimum, perhaps a link to recommended website (eg. windy.com) to find out wind data could be included in the settings screen just beneath the wind section.
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    We have a beta.abetterrouteplanner.com for new feature testing, and we will use it more. In this particular case, it was a format change (for e.g. settings) which was one-way so testing and then going back would not work. Sorry for the trouble it caused!
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    This is already supported: Any chargers not shown are because they aren't in the databases we pull from (Namely OCM and NREL for North America). You can add them by right clicking on the map and clicking the "add missing charger to" link for the appropriate database.
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    I see the new update has 'British' settings! Thanks for pandering to us!
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    The second part of your request already exists! If you have your phone with the plan open and start driving (assuming you allowed us to access your GPS location) it'll follow the plan and give you a chart of actual vs expected charge. You can set the Actual charge using the large battery indicator next to the graph and it'll do similar things to having OBD (adjust the plan for actual consumption, suggest replans, etc) As far as the full plot of the entire route goes, that sounds like a good idea, we'll have to give it some thought on where/how to implement.
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    Description: I like that you can click on the route to view the elevation/charging map. However, I'd really like to be able to see the full journey (not just each journey segment) and preferably larger. Perhaps this could be a toggle similar to the no-map mode. In fact, I now wonder if that is what shows when you add real-time information while driving (I don't have an OBD... yet at least!) In which case, perhaps enable the graph for people who don't have an OBD. Obviously it won't show the actual charge line, but it can still show predicted charge and you could use GPS position to indicate how far along the journey you are. Use Case: Useful when planning journeys gives a better indication of the relative elevations over the entire journey, whereas the auto-scale for each segment can make judging relative elevation tricky useful for comparing routes as graphs tend to be easier to interpret than tables (in the future, potentially display several saved routes on one map?) useful when journey has multiple stops because can have lots of segments to click on (eg for people like me who cannot afford a Tesla and have ~100km range on the open road!) Useful when on the road for non-OBD users allows for comparison to predicted charge based on location. Although the charge of the car will not display or be tracked, it would be very useful to know what the predicted charge was at that point to compare to the in-car display
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    Hi, ist Workshop! 🙂 👍 And because of the need I figured out how to use it on one device. So I split the screen so I could use it on one device 💡 And it worked.

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