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    It's something pesky we haven't solved yet, and annoys me too as it does it on my device as well.
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    I think we also need to have that toggle on the map like in other mapping applications, instead of hidden on a difficult-to-parse 'Modes' button. I've added both to our to-do list.
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    Description: ABRP should calculate the optimum speed for each segment. Use Case: Currently, ABRP uses the speed limits of the road or live traffic and the maximum speed as set by the user. Whilst ABRP tries to optimise the time, it only drops the speed when this is necessary to reach the next charger. Example with the Model 3: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=e58b6959-18d8-43e4-b82e-f8c9b22b6153 I set a max speed of 198 km/h. This results in a time of 9 hours and 17 minutes. If you drop the max speed to 165 km/h, time taken is only 9 hours and 8 minutes. Same route with the Ampera-e: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=85feb0d7-6eb6-456d-9a74-a330c6a2f74e With a max speed of 160 km/h, this takes 12 hours and 38 minutes. At 130 km/h, it's only 12 hours and 19 minutes. These times could probably be optimised further by having different speeds on each segment. Whilst optimising this globally would be the best solution it is probably tricky as this introduces are many degrees of freedom. There could be a "light" optimisation by taking the charging locations as given and only varying SoC to charge to, and speed. You could then display an "optimum speed" at all times while navigating. Example: based on the charging curve of the Ioniq 28 kWh, it is always never good to charge to more than 83% as the charging power drops a lot above that (from ~48 kW to 22 kW). ABRP happily charges to a higher amount and then drives at full speed (e.g. 130 km/h as set in the default, which is close to optimal in general) if that is enough to reach the next stop. However, it is almost always better to charge to 83% only and drive a bit slower than 130 km/h. What do you think?
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    The grey chart in the background is the elevation of the route above sea level.
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    It was mentioned that it's technically possible to get ABRP running on Android Auto although not really recommended. Still, i was a bit bored and had an old phone so decided to give it a try. Keep in mind, this is on a 7" screen in a 5 year old car that did not originally have Android Auto enabled. ABRP is being displayed using AA Stream which needs root to do so.
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    Same here. @ABRP: Last year during my roadtrip through Norway, ABRP was very buggy, not reliable and not to use properly for 3+ weeks. I could not complain, it costs nothing. But this year....it has to work 99,9% of the time. It must be reliable. I'm now paying money for it. If it does not work for the next four weeks, like currently, I want my money back. Reliability is priority one for such a service! Thanks
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    Ah, it may also be that we don't get much data from the Zoe via EVNotify, since (if I recall) it has limited support. Would you email me (jason@abetterrouteplanner.com) with your account details so I can take a closer look, and at least get the app working better with limited data?
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    Could you post a link to the chargers (click on the charger, click share) so I can take a look? We're aware of an issue with out-of-date information coming from Plugsurfing, and we're looking into a solution, although if those are from a different source I'd like to investigate there too.
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    no manual my understanding: dotted line = prognosis blue = the plan green= actual if consumption lower than plan red = actual if consumption higher than plan
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    I also would like to know where there is a user manual....
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    Forgot to come back here, we had a particularly nasty bug on iOS in some cases which would cause the destination entry to auto-close like described. That fix is now published.
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    Description: If live data dataflows stops - clearly indicate this in the screen (b.v. by showing the battery icon) Use Case: Today EVnotify stopped running while using ABRP. As soon as this is the case for 1 minute (of no updated live data received in ABRP_) start showing the battery icon with the up/down edit buttons. And stop showing the green line in the consumption chart. The green line in the consumption chart is only visible is live data is less then 1 minute old or last manual update of battery status is less then 15 minutes old
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    @Gaizkitait only summarizes the fast charging times. Since normally the AC charging is done during sleep, lunch etc on a long trip. including these charging times would impact this usage pattern (e.g. I plan a trip to a skiresort with a stay at a hotel during the trip. Can you tell a bit more about your way of travelling?
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    I would gladly *pay* for iOS version with CarPlay support! looking forward to have that feature
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    This is on the nearby roadmap, we want it too!
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    Description: If you click on the drive history and select a day you see a summary with for each drive next to distance, time, avg speed also avg consumption Use Case: looking at previous trips I want to know consumption data to get a feel for key differences and to understand how to interpret a planned route Is nice to have, not in any way critical, but for me it would mean that I do not have to use web.evnotify.de for that anymore (so purely convenience)
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    Got this response from Ionity: "Dear Mr Br, Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this feedback, we really appreciate it and it will for sure help us to improve our customer experience for the future. We will, for sure, contact A Better Routeplanner about your query. Thank you for trusting Ionity," Give us some feedback Jason, if they really did.
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    Hi, There's something I'm confused about... When planning journeys, I often add waypoints to the journey plan just to force a particular route to be followed. I don't intend to stop at those waypoints, but simply drive past them so that I drive the route I want to and avoid certain roads etc. As far as I can tell, ABRP will show me the estimated 'arrival charge' but this is always the charge at the next waypoint (regardless of whether I intend to stop there or not). The problem is that I don't care what the SOC will be at the waypoint that I am just going to drive straight past... I would much rather see what the SOC is estimated to be at the next charging stop, or at the next actual destination. I think ABRP could be improved by allowing the user to select whether a waypoint should be treated as an interim destination or simply as a routing waypoint. If the user tells ABRP it is an interim destination, then ABRP will show the estimated arrival charge at that point. If the user tells ABRP it is just a routing waypoint, then ABRP won't show the estimated arrival charge at that point, and will instead use the final destination / next charging stop / next interim destination. Or, maybe I am doing something wrong when using ABRP in the car??
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    I think you might be a little lost, as this is a forum for Electric Vehicles. On that note, depending on your needs, you might actually be able to save a lot of money and time switching to an EV for a cargo van. Nissan makes the ENV200 in Europe, and there are quite a few from other manufacturers coming to market in the next couple years so keep your eye out! Generally Electric Vehicles cost about a third as much to operate as an equivalent gas vehicle, which adds up really quickly if you drive it a lot. (And have lower maintenance costs due to the simplicity of the drivetrain!)

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