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    I make fairly routine trips from my home in Delaware (in the USA,) to Astoria, Queens, in New York City. When I create a round trip to/from there, the route planner takes me through Manhattan in New York City to a charger there. Pretty much no-one will drive through Manhattan to get from west of New York to Long Island (where Astoria is) unless they have to. The routes that I'll get from Waze or Google Maps will be 1) via the George Washington Bridge - from northern New Jersey to The Bronx, and down to Long Island over the Robert F Kennedy Bridge or 2) Across Staten Island via the Goethals Bridge and then the Verizzano Bridge - from central New Jersey. Both of these routes bypass Manhattan to get to Long Island. In addition, the City of New York plans to charge additional fees to go through mid-town Manhattan besides the normal tolls, so it will be more expensive to go that way as well. I know that there are a lot of chargers in Manhattan, but...I'm not going there. Unfortunately, your route planner seems to insist that I go through Manhattan and, besides adding lots of waypoints to my trip, there doesn't seem to be a nice way to modify the route. Even when I eliminate the charging station in Manhattan, and the planner then picks something more reasonable, like one of the Supercharger stations on the New Jersey Turnpike, it still wants me to go through Manhattan. When I plan the same trip in Waze, it gives me routing options - usually 3 options - and allows me to pick one. It may be a longer trip, but it always comes out taking less time - sometimes by a lot. I realize that a longer trip is not necessarily the best for an electric car, but in a case like this, I'd opt for a longer trip. Perhaps you could add "Avoid city centers" to your "Avoid on Route" dropdown in the options area? Or optional routes like Waze?
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    Thanks for the report! I'll get this fixed soon with some other settings work, if you have suggestions or requests for the settings send them my way and I'll see if I can accommodate!
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    Once you have made an account and then make a plan, at the top right above the initially starting point there is a button to "save plan". Push that button. Once you pull up the ABRP site in the car browser and log in there is another button "Saved Plans". Click that and you will have a list of your saved plans. Click on the correct plan and voila!
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    New feature - next charger alternatives We just released a new (beta) feature which allows you to see what your next charger alternatives are while driving. ABRP plans are most focused on getting you to your destination as fast as possible, but there are of course other factors which matter in the real world. Pressing "Next Charger Alts" on top of the plan list will give you a pop-up dialog with your top-5 charger alternatives from where you are right now, including how much longer it would take to go for that charger compared to the (time-wise) optimal one. Let us know what you think!
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    A good suggestion, we'll add it to the to-do list! One thing you could do to approximate this for now would be to set the charger as a long break. It'll prefer the charger (and save that setting), but of course will charge you to 100%, so won't be optimal.
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    We all know how weight/wind/wether has a huge effect on the range of all EV's, so I was thinking how many people the router planner is including when it calculate ? Is it driver only or does it also take account for possible front seat passenger, or is it a car full ( 5 people) without luggage ? In case that the driver is the only "weight" that is included in the calculation, wouldn't it be obvious to state that the driver is around " xxxxx amount" of kg ? I know that we have the possibility to add more weight under more settings, but it only state that more weight is trailer or heavy cargo. All those information I've listed above is quiet crucial for a family using this site to calculate or estimate the time travelling from home to a vacation destination.
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    Hi ABRP forums, im from the very south of germany, i drive a Hyundai Ioniq; The longest trip i have taken so far was a multiday trip (without charging overnight) from Trier, Germany through Eisenach, Germany back home at the Chiemsee (lake chiem); thats some 850 km ~525 miles. i really enjoy using ABRP to plan real but also mostly ficticious trips and also to use it to theorycraft optimal route planning and parameters for different cars. I think if you have a statistic for routes planned by IP or logged in user you would find me within the top10 (id also secretly like to see that statistic :P). So thanks for this great tool i recommend to everyone i know who drives an ev.
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    Just took a nap and woke up with an idea. Maybe I'll take the 110v plug with me and set up the M3 with it for 155 mile range limit. Thoughts?
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    Logging in from any computer should refresh the 36h timer.
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    Where are you from? Beloit, Ks What car do you drive? 19 Bolt EV What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? To Topeka and back. 400 miles
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    Where are you from? Colorado Front Range, USA What car do you drive? Tesla Model 3 LR AWD (delivered February 1, 2019) What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Numerous round-trips to Denver (90 miles round trip). Planning a trip to North Carolina (4000 miles round-trip).
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    We're planning a 3000 mile trip through the mountains. What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Any tips and tricks?

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