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    Description: Now I can select CCS fast chargers as a filter, but I cannot select the minimum power I would like it to have (say >50 kWh) Use Case: Just returned from a round trip from the Netherlands to Lienz in Austria and I found the ABRP the best app for searching for chargers. I have a Kia E-Niro with 64 kWh battery which did the job perfectly. It can charge with 78kWh till about 55%, after that with 57kWh till 72-75% then it drops to 36kWh and I stop charging. Now when looking at the map with the chargers on route I find it to much work/to difficult to find a faster charger than 50 kWh. (especially while driving) I have a couple of feature request that would help. At the moment I find it is still to difficult to let my wife make a trip like that with an electric car. Thanks a lot, Bas
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    Thanks! I've added it to our tracker and we'll work on improving this display.

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