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    @Jojo, die unterschiedlichen Darstellungen der Karte kommen hauptsächlich dann zum Tragen, wenn man mindestens ein Zwischenziel anfährt. Dann kann man nämlich einstellen, ob die Karte nur bis zum Zwischenziel angezeigt werden soll ("Nächster Schritt"), oder bis zum Gesamtziel der Reise ("Ziel").
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    Ah, yeah, we've been trying to figure out a good way to make the time entry easy to work with, and it seems we introduced a bug there. We'll get that fixed for the next release!
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    Thanks for all the reports! We found the problem with iOS older than version 13, Apple has apparently changed how apps are started, but found a workaround. Releasing later today!
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    The "old" Edge does not support one of the key Javascript features we use in the new web app. However, the "new" Edge (version 79+) works fine! We're adding a dialog to inform users about this.

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