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    I'd say that when I have a network I don't want to use... I'm absolute about it. It's either not available to me, or I don't trust it to be working so I'm not going to make a plan with it. For a network that I want to use, it's more of a preference. I'm a member so get good prices, or something like that. It's not critical I use it, I'd just prefer to. So for me, having preferred network is fine as it is, but excluding networks should be a hard rule. I guess where we ending up is the "Prefer this network" button. becoming a "Set network preference" button, behind which you can select from a few positive and negative options. Use only this Network Prefer this Network I don't care Avoid this Network Never use this Network
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    Just like to add my voice. I'd really like feature turned on it's head in the UK too. i.e. Exclude Network, rather than Prefer Network. Many networks only give access once you've registered, and honestly there are just too many networks. You can't be a member of all of them, plus a lot of the newer ones you don't have to be a member (Ionity, Instavolt, Shell, etc). I'm finding this particularly true when a local council has struck a deal with a company for chargers, but it's a company you've never heard of anywhere else in the country and are really expensive or unavailable to visitors (e.g. Source London. Tons of chargers I don't want to touch. You might as well buy petrol at those prices.). You travel to an area and just get plagued with them. I just want to filter these networks out as they come up, rather than having to prefer everything else. ...And then you've got ecotricity, who have the worst reputation for non-working chargers. I just don't want to bother. Any plan with them in gets redone. They need a "NO" button.

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