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    Description: Show the required charge in kWh for each stop in the route planner in addition to the Charge Duration so that users can plan for different capacity chargers. Use Case: ABRP assumes the 'best case' with charge-capacity when planning for charging stops. It assumes that the user will be able to utilise the highest available charging current at the location but this may not always be possible if the high-powered chargers are occupied. Could I suggest that the route planner display the expected charge/load in kWh so that the user can plan to use either a lower or a higher capacity device. This would allow the user calculate the difference in using a 50kW CCS over a 43kW Type-2, for example. Perhaps the values could be hidden on the table, but displayed once the Charge Duration column header is clicked, etc.
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    Description: I've noticed that when you put a charge rate into the waypoint settings (gear icon next to a waypoint), the charging rate is limited by your cars AC charge rate (In my case 11kW). It would be good to be able to say when it's a DC charger that's available at the location, so DC limits are applied instead. Use Case: When a DC charger is not on the map (e.g. it's too new, it's a private company's or it's public and hasn't been commissioned yet) it can be useful to add a DC charger via a waypoint. Currently only AC charging is possible.
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    Hereby I upload my latest trip information. I have a bmw i3 2017 model 94 ah we live in a part of Norway where the max speed is 80km/h, smal towns 60km/h. I get a max range of ca 210km from the battery
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    This will also help to calculate price for charged energy. For example. Fastned official price is 0.59 Euro/kWh. But we in Germany can use another tariffs with 0.35/0.39 Euro/kWh. It would be nice, if ABPR can display: Charging time hh:mm + xyz kWh, so we can easy calculate the price for charging session. For Chargers that do not have price in ABPR but the user knows the price it would be helpful also.
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    Description: I like that you can click on the route to view the elevation/charging map. However, I'd really like to be able to see the full journey (not just each journey segment) and preferably larger. Perhaps this could be a toggle similar to the no-map mode. In fact, I now wonder if that is what shows when you add real-time information while driving (I don't have an OBD... yet at least!) In which case, perhaps enable the graph for people who don't have an OBD. Obviously it won't show the actual charge line, but it can still show predicted charge and you could use GPS position to indicate how far along the journey you are. Use Case: Useful when planning journeys gives a better indication of the relative elevations over the entire journey, whereas the auto-scale for each segment can make judging relative elevation tricky useful for comparing routes as graphs tend to be easier to interpret than tables (in the future, potentially display several saved routes on one map?) useful when journey has multiple stops because can have lots of segments to click on (eg for people like me who cannot afford a Tesla and have ~100km range on the open road!) Useful when on the road for non-OBD users allows for comparison to predicted charge based on location. Although the charge of the car will not display or be tracked, it would be very useful to know what the predicted charge was at that point to compare to the in-car display
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    The second part of your request already exists! If you have your phone with the plan open and start driving (assuming you allowed us to access your GPS location) it'll follow the plan and give you a chart of actual vs expected charge. You can set the Actual charge using the large battery indicator next to the graph and it'll do similar things to having OBD (adjust the plan for actual consumption, suggest replans, etc) As far as the full plot of the entire route goes, that sounds like a good idea, we'll have to give it some thought on where/how to implement.
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    Description: Currently alternative routes are shown but you have to touch/click the route to select it or touch the dropdown list It would be nice if there would be buttons to select the alternative routes maybe already showing the time delta difference. Now the alternatives are hidden and not that user friendly Use Case: I often select the alternative routes just to compare
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    Description: In round trip mode, when there are an odd number of charges to be taken, it seems useful to have the option of taking the additional charge on the way to the midwaypoint or on the way back (or prioritize getting to a specific waypoint ASAP). Use Case: Most times you want to get to a destination where you can't charge fast and if needed cahrge on the way back (home) which isn't as time critical. Also possible is the desire to reduce chargetime for a passenger that gets on at a waypoint.
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    I drove this plan last week: Plan using 155 Wh/km It ended up spot on. But originally I let abrp calculate with a reference consumption of 180Wh/km: Plan using 180 Wh/km Which wasn't even close to reality. I assume the reference consumption for the I3 (without REX, but with heat pump) is more like 160 instead of 180. Driving style was going as fast as the speed limit allowed, used Eco mode, heater was on. Traffic was more on the average side.

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