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    Description: Filter/Select (CCS) unique Charging Provider for route r Use Case: As a user of a charging flat or as a user with a bonus system I want to be able to calculate a route with my preferred charging provider only, so that I do not have to hassle and loose time with 100000trillions of (CCS) charging stations I cannot use while manually scrolling and searching in the map while all charging stations need endless time in a calculation process, which I do not want nor saves efficient commuting power on the website. Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!
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    At ABRP, we work a little bit like a certain EV manufacturer - we release new features and upgrade any time, without much announcement. (Sometimes we break things, too.) However, sometimes it is good to make an announcement of all the things which have happened so that nobody misses the new goodies. Therefore; ABRP 3.7! Next Charger: Press this nifty little button, and you will be given up to five alternatives for your next charger, including how much time each choice will add to your trip. Perfect if you feel like skipping a certain charger, or if conditions change. Or you really need to go to the bathroom. New telemetry/OBD framework: We have updated our way of collecting real-time data for supported car models (which are not always-connected and have an open API like the Teslas). If you want to have real-time car SoC % in ABRP, click Settings->More Settings->Setup to get a guide on how to do. Updated maps: We have updated the maps and changed maps provider. We think they look even better, but let us know if there is anything we can do to further improve. We can definitively change the way they look. New car models: All the new 2019 Teslas are in, including the longerrrr range Model S and X. But also Audi E-tron Sportback, Volkswagen I.D. and many more. and also don't miss that ABRP plans more than 3 times faster than before in release ABRP 3.6!
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    Amazing indeed! The CarPlay integration part would be really neat!
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    I would pay for an app.
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    Also another thing you might not of considered is visibility & popularity. I’d consider myself very knowledgable on EV’s but I never knew ‘A Better Route Planner’ existed until I joined the Tesla Facebook groups and saw it regularly recommended. Whenever I have looked for EV Charging maps and EV tools I just looked on the IOS App Store. Never considered looking for a website as I would be using it on my phone. I think a lot of users will be in the same situation especially EV Drivers who are less obsessed with Tesla 😛 So I think having an app will increase the number of users considerably

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