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    New feature - next charger alternatives We just released a new (beta) feature which allows you to see what your next charger alternatives are while driving. ABRP plans are most focused on getting you to your destination as fast as possible, but there are of course other factors which matter in the real world. Pressing "Next Charger Alts" on top of the plan list will give you a pop-up dialog with your top-5 charger alternatives from where you are right now, including how much longer it would take to go for that charger compared to the (time-wise) optimal one. Let us know what you think!
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    Hi ABRP forums, im from the very south of germany, i drive a Hyundai Ioniq; The longest trip i have taken so far was a multiday trip (without charging overnight) from Trier, Germany through Eisenach, Germany back home at the Chiemsee (lake chiem); thats some 850 km ~525 miles. i really enjoy using ABRP to plan real but also mostly ficticious trips and also to use it to theorycraft optimal route planning and parameters for different cars. I think if you have a statistic for routes planned by IP or logged in user you would find me within the top10 (id also secretly like to see that statistic :P). So thanks for this great tool i recommend to everyone i know who drives an ev.

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