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    As a matter of fact, we do take that into account! We used charts like the ones published by Fastned (link) to create the charge curves for the various Leaf models. It should be very close to what you actually experience in the vehicle. I will also note that we don't take battery temperature into account when charging yet. Sometime in the future, perhaps.
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    @Benja - That error means I'm still sending the wrong response from the server. Torque expects one kind of response, and I haven't quite figured out how to format the response the way LeafSpy expects, I suppose. If it's any consolation, I do see some data from several leafs, so it's likely yours is one of them! Send me a PM if you want me to check on your information directly, so we can figure out which one is yours. I am working on a telemetry display so you can just look at a little page on the planner to see your data and confirm it exists.
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    Hi, thanks for a good reply. One other thing. In the e-Golf it’s really not worth it to charge past 75-80%. The general charge time from abt 20% to 75% is the same as charging from 75-100. Charging past 75-80% I would only do if I had to because there was no other chargers to briefly stop at for the next stretch. In Norway we also pay per minute at the charger so it’s really uneconomical also. I greatly appreciate that your site now also helps almost all EV’s. Keep up the good work. Regards, jpf
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    Yeah, that's a known item we need to figure out the best way to implement, no models vary charge speed by external temperature right now. Charge speed is dependent on internal battery temperature, typically, so we'd have to do modelling to figure out what the internal battery temperature is based on how long you've been driving, how long you've been charging, etc. I suppose we could kluge it a little bit by putting a standard multiplier on the charge times when we return them, but it wouldn't be very accurate. I suppose more accurate than it is now.
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    It's a shame the API isn't more useful, it'd be a lot easier to set up for a lot of people, and once a minute is good enough to track plan progress for you as a user, and I'm sure I could eventually get enough data points to build a solid driving model from that. I'll give a try to contacting Stephan Gauch and see what he's got, perhaps he's willing to help us out!
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    Hi all ! It's been two months since I took possession of my Leaf 40 and I am really interested in your route planner. If I can be of any help, i can already tell you that I tested the very limit to when the car stops and from the attached Leafspy screenshot you can see there were 8 gids remaining and 1.8% SOC when the car had long told me I was out of energy ... I also have the Leafspy log of my journey if you're interested in it just tell me. Tomorrow, I will log to your server as I have a trip to do (190 km the morning and 300 km the afternoon) hope it works well.
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    Nice! Thanks! What I can see it looks quite good. As the Leaf is my parent’s car I have limited possibilities to test, other people might have better feedback. However we used the car during the weekend to go to a shopping center. The distance was 45 km and there were charging possibilities so we started with 100% charge both on the way there and back. I checked the trip planning with ABRP using default reference consumption and battery degradation. The reference speed and max speed was set to best effort estimation. The actual arrival SOC according to the car display was very close to what was estimated with ABRP, very impressive. However I am not sure if I was driving exactly the same speed as in the plan, probably the speed was little lower due to the margin added on the Leaf speedometer. So on the way home I tested the driving mode (without LeafSpy connection). The estimated SOC was quite close, however I had to manually reduce the actual estimated SOC a 1-2 percent after a while in the driving mode. So the consumption seems slightly higher in our car. So some small conclusions (however this short drive is probably not enough for making conclusions): -Estimated arrival SOC quite close to the actual arrival SOC, impressive! -The available energy in the model is maybe a little high still. Our car will have less energy available with 5% degradation. -The reference consumption for our car is probably a little higher. But in general I think it looks very good! Next step is maybe to get good data from LeafSpy uploads to improve the model? But I have had issue with the LeafSpy upload. Last weekend when I tested I managed to get the upload working one time so that data in the drive mode was updated automatically, but after that it didn’t work. And this weekend I didn’t get it to work at all. I sometimes sees a brief fault message in LeafSpy with “java error” or something and the address to ABRP server. It is only showed for 1s or so which makes it difficult to read. What I can see I have used exactly the settings in the instructions in the blog. Tested with 2 different phones and two different ABRP accounts. Something other that needs to be considered?
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    Earlier this year, I drove from Houston to Big Bend in a rented ICE, and absolutely loved the park. We cannonballed the drive (woke up at 5am and drove straight there), and I think it would be much more enjoyable to split the drive up and drive electric! I've been following the build-out of Electrify America's network, and I've identified a route that will work to get me to and from Big Bend once just one more of their chargers is available. The Plan The crux of the plan is the Electrify America charger they're building in Fort Stockton. From there, it's a pretty easy hop down into Big Bend. With a Bolt, we'll need to camp in the Rio Grande Village, as they have full RV hookups (NEMA 14-50s), which will make driving around the park a breeze. The other big gap on the plan is the huge empty space between San Antonio and Fort Stockton. Eventually this will be filled with chargers, but for now I'll need to plan accordingly. There are a huge number of RV parks along I-10, so I've selected one that looks interesting, the Caverns of Sonora, which I think we'll actually take some of a day at to explore and see the sights. On the way back, I'll probably pick one based on the niceness of the area, or just stay at Caverns of Sonora again. The other important piece of my plan is my Quick Charge Power Jesla Jr. Using this I can plug into any RV Plug I come across and get maximum juice. I've got NEMA 14-50, 5-15, TT-30, and a 6-50, which covers every plug I've seen at an RV Park. It'll be a fair chunk longer in an EV, but if my Lost Maples trip is any indicator, much more enjoyable.
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    What I envision is the following: ABRP on the "system" button in Android Auto (circled in red): You would have three views available to you when you switch to ABRP: Plans - List out all the plans you have saved on the site, or create a new one. To keep this simple, we only offer one destination at a time for in-car plans. Half of this screen is a simple map that shows you a map of the selected plan. You can switch between plans, and click a "Navigate" button to start navigating. The "Navigate" button changes to the Graph view and launches your navigation of choice. Graph - Shows you a graph of your consumption as planned vs actual Details - Shows you efficiency details, current step of the plan, next stop length, etc. You spend most of your time with ABRP in the background, following your plan. If ABRP determines you need to drive slower, or it has to replan to a new charger, it would provide you with a "toast" popup, and perhaps a voice prompt. The main reason that I don't want to do full-on navigation is that Google Maps / Waze / Apple Maps (yes, even Apple Maps) are way better than anything we could cobble together for turn-by-turn navigation.

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