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    Now creating a plugin for OVMS to support ABRP. Documentation is available here: OVMS Documentation
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    This is an issue we're actively working, unfortunately with the app release we're seeing much bigger hits on our tile servers. Doing a forced refresh sometimes does the trick, clearing the cache won't do much (and may worsen the problem, as it'll clear any cached map tiles forcing you to redownload them). This is a very high-priority item for us, and we'll solve it as quickly as we can.
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    Hi, can you please bring abrp to android auto so we can use abrp directly from our head unit? Thanks
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    I have a IONIQ FaceLift since December and I am a long term user of ABRP. Now I would like to use the Live data functionality. Additionally I could give charging logs to improve ABRP accuracy. I can see the live data in the ABRP popup window, the numbers seem to be correct, only the car model is wrong. For sending the live data to ABRP, I am using OBD2 + EVNotify with Kona PIDs on my mobile. Soon there will be a fix of EVNotify adding IONIQ 38kWh support. Please give me feedback if I can support improving ABRP with my car.
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    Picture taken earlier this week: charging at a Fastned station in the Netherlands. E-tron is charging at... 152 kw, which is 2 kw more than its maximum:-).
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    Hi, I’m always getting this error when calculating a new route: We could not calculate your plan. Planner server error. Best Regards, Thomas
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    Just some feedback in the Apple AppStore. For a few days I assumed this app didn’t exist in the App Store. When you search for “a better router planner” or “Better route planner” ...there are no results. When I visited this site, you obviously discover it exists. Not sure anything can be done about search optimisation in the store...possibly missing out on some downloads there.
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    Now creating a plugin for OVMS to support ABRP. Documentation is available here: OVMS Documentation
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    Description: map not loading Link to Plan: Replication Steps: no need to replicate as map not loading happens without network changes I have tested it with fibre-optic link tested at 160Mbits per second, at 5Mpbs etc
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    Tesla CCS is only usable by Teslas. Don't worry too much about pre-selecting which chargers to use. The whole point is that ABRP chooses the chargers that get you there quickest. If a quick stop at a lower speed charger saves you a big diversion for a high speed charger it can work out quicker.
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    Charging Curve Data Extracted from the great Alex on Autos review of charging for TFLcars back in September. He charged from 1% to 100%. Usable Pack Energy: 83.7kwh ChgEff 95% Current examples are stepped at rates, not linear. KW Rate SoC kwh Time Elapsed 270 0-30% 26.43 0:05:52 0:05:52 200 30-37% 6.17 0:01:51 0:07:43 150 37-76% 34.36 0:13:45 0:21:28 120 76-80% 3.52 0:01:46 0:23:14 50 80-96% 14.10 0:16:55 0:40:09 20 96-100% 3.52 0:10:34 0:50:43 If this can get updated on ABRP I think that it would be very useful. Ron B - San Jose
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    Instead of assuming an unlimited time at a stop for a "long break", can we add an option for "Take an extended stop" with a field for how long to wait? So, if I know I'll stop for lunch or dinner I can say "Stop for XX minutes", then hit the road. This would give an option between a 20 minute minimum charge and a 90 minute "full charge" to more accurately reflect the 45 minutes or so that I stop with my family while eating.
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    Sometimes when opening the site with Safari it happens that only the bar with "Show Settings", "Saved Plans" and "Add Waypoints" is shown but not the two default waypoints on top of it (see picture)
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    Not possible anymore. Latest car fw blocks the app installation. Your next move is to get a obd2 dongle and evnotify on your smart phone. This app can retrieve car data and send it to abrp
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    Description: Add new charger type "HPC" or High Power Charger in the "Fast Chargers" settings. These would be the same chargers that are currently visualised with the 3 bolt icon. Use Case: When planning a route for an EV able to charge at higher rates than the typical <50 kW CCS (and Chademo) chargers can provide, it would be very helpful to be able to filter only chargers capable of delivering higher power (similar to Tesla Superchargers). These chargers can reduce charging times by 50 % and more. This is becoming more and more useful now that there are other vehicles besides Tesla that can actually charge faster and charging providers like EA, Ionity, Fastnet etc. building a new level of HPC infrastructure.
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    Hi, I am new to exploring the options of ABRP. Looks like a great tool! I am going to buy soon an Energica Eva motorbike. These have a 18.9kWh battery & DC-fast charge capabilities. Unfortunately. Motorbikes are not in the list. Any chance to add it, at least in alpha? If needed, I would be happy to provide driving model using option2 once I get mine in ~ March. What would be the procedure? Wh/km for speed from 50 to 130 in steps of 10? or something else can be used? (This should be accurate enough since there is a cruise control option on the bike) Seb Driving Model: Option 1 - Analytical - Provide the mathematical parameters to define the car model (See this blog post for details). Option 2 - Data-Driven - Perform driving test at multiple speeds, and record efficiency or power draw from the pack. Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Provide method of receiving telemetry directly from the car via OBD, API, or other means. Charging Model: Charge Curve - Provide a link to a chart or video detailing the charge power over time or by State of Charge %
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    You can always add them to one of the websites we can pull data from, probably your best bet is Open Charge Map. If you right click on the map you'll get a series of links to add the charger to one of the databases:
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    Once you enter any location as a waypoint, simply click on the "Gear" for settings and set your departure time, properly formatted as ie: 08:00 You can also adjust the charge level for charing locations.
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    We would definitely love to build an iOS / Android app, but Bo and I are pretty short on time as-is, if we find the right person to help out it's very high on our priority list! Android Auto and CarPlay are different stories, I've done a lot of investigation as I have a Bolt which doesn't have a browser. Android Auto is very restrictive right now, unless your phone is rooted it's very difficult to get a display into Android Auto. I'm not as familiar with CarPlay, but I suspect it's similarly restrictive. Once we have an app, Auto / CarPlay will definitely rise up the priority list. For now, a pretty good workaround is to use the "webapp" feature that most browsers offer. In Chrome you can go to A Better Route Planner, select the ⋮ button and pick "Add to Home Screen". When you open that link, it'll be full-screen and work mostly like an app on your phone. Not as good as a native app, but not terrible either!

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