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    Description and Use Case: Instead of asking the user to determine whether there is a headwind or tailwind, maybe ABRP could just ask what the wind direction and speed is - and then determine whether that means headwind or tailwind depending on the route that is planned. This would also help in the case of the circular routes (eg when using round trip mode). At the moment, the headwind / tailwind setting can't really be used in tandem with round trip mode. Even better would be if ABRP could just ask the user to input the time and date for the journey, and the pull the current or forecast wind direction and speed data and apply that to the model for the specific route automatically. As a minimum, perhaps a link to recommended website (eg. windy.com) to find out wind data could be included in the settings screen just beneath the wind section.
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    We have a beta.abetterrouteplanner.com for new feature testing, and we will use it more. In this particular case, it was a format change (for e.g. settings) which was one-way so testing and then going back would not work. Sorry for the trouble it caused!
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    I am an e-Soul-2020-driver since yesterday (64kWh). Super Fun! Tomorrow I am going for the first trip that need fast charging. 400 km one way. There are a couple 100kW chargers along the way. Nice experience, I beleive?
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    Interesting, I hadn't heard of them before, I'll try contacting them and see if they'd be willing to work with us! A little expensive on the front end, but a very useful-sounding device!
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    I hope to be a 2020 64kWh Soul EV driver quite soon - north of Toronto Canada.
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    Whenever you're driving, and feel like having it log is fine by us! Any and all driving data is useful in refining the model. If you want live data while driving and following a plan I would strongly recommend <30s intervals, I personally set my device to log every 5 seconds. One decision / trade we made was protecting privacy by not storing long-term data that could be identified back to you. Aside from your most recent data point (And that's even sanitized to remove any identifiable data, like Lat/Long), we don't store anything that could be traced back to you. If there's a strong desire, we would consider changing this architecture, but it would require a lot of careful thought of how we do that while preserving safety and security for your data.
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    I use the "charge car" method: just select the same car again.
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    Interesting, my charge curves look okay, and working my math, it looks like 10-80% should be about 40min, which lines up with the official Nissan guidance: I noticed you set your degradation to 25%, which we handle by reducing the capacity of the battery, which I suspect means we cut your charge times by the same amount - since there's less battery to fill. I'll spend some time following that logic through and see if there are any improvements to be made. Heh, the main reason I've been putting it off is because it requires me to rework the analysis so that it can be run without direct power data. Right now, all other vehicles provide power and speed, LeafSpy doesn't, and that makes the analysis a lot different (right now we just compare power to speed and build the model based on that, since that's what we need for driving models.)
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    Where are you from? Atlanta GA What car do you drive? 2018 Model S 75D What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Atlanta to Philadelphia round-trip Hi. I love this app, but synchronization is not working for me. I log in with my username (same as my login for this forum), and I don't see plans I created on another device. I'm wondering if it has to do with cookies. In my Tesla, there's a button for me to click, on the ABRP screen, to authorize the use of cookies, but nothing happens when I click it. Tesla browser is now much better than it used to be, but maybe Tesla browser doesn't allow cookies. (But synchronization also doesn't seem to work when I switch from a Macbook to a PC laptop.) It sure would be nice if I could plan a complex route, and conveniently access it in my car's browser. Also, when I send the next step of the route to the car, Tesla Navigation doesn't seem to realize that it's a Tesla Supercharger destination. I'm thinking it would be better if it knew that. Like, for making sure the battery is warmed up for charging. But maybe on a long trip, the battery is ALWAYS warm enough, when you get to a Supercharger?? ABRP is so good (for long complex trips) that I don't really even need Tesla Navigation anymore. But it would be great if I could access my pre-planned routes. Please advise...
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    I see the new update has 'British' settings! Thanks for pandering to us!
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    We do already place a high weight on chargers with more stalls, so you should see something of that effect already. We generally prefer not adding hard routing restrictions, so we don't fail to plan a route when the only charger option is a charger with only 1 stall.
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    Ok so here it is, after long and hard work from Jason and me I finally released ABRPTransmitter. https://github.com/g4rb4g3/ABRPTransmitter It uses all the available data (GPS, SoC, Energy consumption, Temperatur) and transmitts it to ABRP. 🙂 Just install it, start it, enter your mail address you have used to register at ABRP and the app will start to push the data. Once it's configured it will autmatically start in background when the cars navigation system had a GPS lock. Special thanks to Jamson who supported me alot!
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    Description: Add a setting that shows that other tires are used, for example winter tires or original/stock summer tires. In the most advanced you would almost need a complete database with all tires - rolling resistance and including the pressure as well. Most simple implementation, just a check box winter tires and resulting in a slightly higher Wh/km number. Use Case: (most) Winter tires will have a higher rolling resistance and range will be less.
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    OK, fixed that! Now the direct "Tesla Nav" button is only shown in the car browser when logged in with MyTesla - is that better?

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