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    Is it possible to work ABRP with Open Vehicle Monitoring System like EVnotify. I use OVMS every day and it would be nice if i could use it with ABRP together. More info about OVMS can be found on https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3
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    Ran a simulation overnight on a crude model of the truck, got a Cd of .363
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    Also, the drag coefficient has got to be way lower than .48, because the ram 1500 has a drag coefficient of .36 with no aerodynamic back cover like the cybertruck.
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    Description: I'd like an option that allows me to specify that I'd like to charge to a given percentage at a charging stop. Use Case: If a given route is having me charge to between 68% to 76% to reach my next charger at my minimum charge level, why not say that i want to charge to 80% at each stop? Since that's the way my charger operates (set a charge limit), this should also make planning the stop time more predictable rather than having to monitor the charge percentage to ensure that I'm departing "on time" per ABRP's plan. The car will tell me how long it will take to get to 80%, but the time estimate for a stop to reach an arbitrary percentage is rarely accurate (temperature variations, varying charge rate given local conditions, etc). Further, the car will charge to 80% quickly, but more slowly afterwards.
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    Didn't realize they had released the 39kWh Soul, added this to the planner, let me know how it stacks up!
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    Sorry, wrong Information. 76 kW x 0.609 = 46,2 kW max charging rate for the small battery model !!!
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    Description: I suggest to add a way to select charging networks as preference as an addition to the current selection of connector type and charge power. I suggest that you partner up with the charging network owners to ensure that the list of charging stations are always up to date. In Denmark, four networks dominate: Tesla, Clever, e.on and Ionity. Additionally, I would suggest that you add Plugsurfing (and similar services that give access to multiple networks). Use Case: // As a PEV user I want to plan charging stops on my trips based on the chargingn network subscription(s) I pay for so that I avoid pay-per-use charging stations and manual charge planning // The reason for this feature request is that a lot of us have subscriptions to a specific charging network and therefore prefer to use that to reduce the charging costs. I already use abrp for longer trips. But when I drive in Denmark (where my e.on subscription covers), I always manually adjust the suggested charging stations to avoid the ones I do not have a subscription for. When I go outside Denmark, I would prefer to be able to instruct abrp to use plugsurfing to make sure I only go to chargers where I can use the rf-id chip to charge.
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    Sorry for the delay on the mobile app development. I was bothered with my other stuffs this month. I talked with the Bo earlier in July and started development in August. I would say the progress for now (actually I didn't have time working on any of it this month tho) for now is 80% done. I will resume the app development and polish next week and hopefully I would have a preview for you by the end of this month.
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    Description: Ability to force a max speed for a segment of a trip plan. This is similar to what the planner does automatically to ensure you reach the next destination if charging is unavailable; however, this would be manual. It would be preferable to set the speed in the units; however, probably much more consistent with the UI if this was done in percentage. Either would be fine. Use Case: It would allow users to set a plan that better mirrors real world driving situations. An overall reduced speed does not allow this. For example - it may be impractical to do 80% of the posted speed limit on a slower road but this might be preferable on a faster road. The route planner does not allow for differentiation. It's all or nothing.
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    This is very high on our priority list. Will definitely update here when we have news on this front!
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    I would defo use a free app, no way i would pay for one!

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