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    Description: Button that routes to nearest compatible DC fast charger Use Case: I have Interstitial Cystitis and require using the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. 90 minutes at best. Others have Crohns, or IBS, and some folks just plan poorly. The point is that when you have to go, you've gotta go. But sometimes you know roughly how long you can hold it for. An "I gotta pee" button that you can push that routes you to the nearest compatible DC fast charger based on what's configured in your profile on the site would be nice. Bonus points if it can determine whether the charger is available for use or not. Not practical in all cases, but would be nice to be sure.
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    This is one we've tracked for a while, and think we have a good idea for how to implement. It's lower priority than our app work for now, but we definitely like the idea!
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    Description: Add a setting or option to minimize the number of stops required on a given trip. This could be a simple checkbox in the advanced settings menu to minimize stops, and it would calculate a route with the fewest possible number of charging stops possible within the given route, with the understanding that each stop could be longer. Use Case: The default route planning behaviour appears to be to minimize the amount of time spent charging at each stop. However there may be cases where I would prefer to take a longer stop and make a longer drive with fewer stops overall in my trip. Rather than manually set each charging station to "take a longer break", it would be nice for the route to just be prioritized for longer but fewer stops.
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    Created a few saved plans for upcoming trip. Some of them are still in "rough" as I do not yet have like actual hotel or so. I know how to pull up a saved plan and that I can then make adjustments. But it seems the only way then to save those adjustments is to click on "Save Plan", resulting in a new saved plan. Is there any way to update an existing plan instead? Now I save the plan, then go to saved plans, delete the previous version and then rename the updated one. Would be nice to be able to have it update the saved plan or to save as a new plan.
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    Go to an IONITY charger and click on it. You'll get the same menu again.
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    Definitely haven't given up, just not the top of the priority list yet. Need to get the app completely up to snuff with the website, then we can really start adding features like AA and CP.
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    Hi, can you please bring abrp to android auto so we can use abrp directly from our head unit? Thanks
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    Hello Question: I'm wondering if there is a way to add an 'deviation' from charge curve? If there would be an way to set 'my car' to X% related to ABR curve. Problem: My S70 D is 'way off' ABR curve, which leads to incorrect long trips plans. I have tried to use 'time to open charge port', but that one is an constant, and it also messes with the trip algorithm. Proposal: Charge speed ,(percentage). Same as existing battery degradation in settings. Then I will hopefully get appropriate trip plans, according to may car ability to change. NOTE: my CAR is EXTREEEEMLY below... sometimes it takes the double amount of time... (I might have one of the 'bad blue' dots in your graphics....) Regards
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    I doubt it's a configuration issue, it's probably a consequence of how we're currently calculating charge curves. We'll take a look and see if we can find a way to increase the resolution on the charge curve without costing any additional planning time.
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    Used the app to drive from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq 38kW to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, total distance was just shy of 300km. The app worked well and I pre-planned with weather, road conditions, max speed (I drove slower too fyi), temperature and speed to plug in and charge up all factored in. The app was correct on frequency of stops and what locations to stop at but was off by about 8-10% on the expected SOC (even factoring in temps, max speed etc.). For example, my 1st stop the app estimated I should be at 43% but I was actually down to 35% (again I drove 10km less than I indicated on the app) and that charging to 56% should get me to my 2nd charge stop with 10% remaining. I charged to 69% instead, during that 1st stop and arrived at my 2nd stop with only 12% remaining; thank goodness I over-charged. Now, I had swapped out the low-resistance rims & all-season tires to winter tires and standard steel rims, which most drivers would do in winter, this is likely why I saw such a difference. So I believe a valuable option would be to include a drop down option for losses for winter tires & non-efficient rims (standard steel rims). Perhaps similar to the way the drop down for "rain/snow wet road" losses works. I think it'll really be useful for those of us in climates where we need winter tires. Thanks, love the app!
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    with latest deepobd update started working on i3
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    I tested against iOS first, but also checked the Android app. Here are my steps to reproduce: Launch ABRP app Go to ABRP icon, log in Go to Settings Select your car At that point, the app crashes or displays a white screen, and the crashed thread mentions something about Thread name: Dispatch queue: com.facebook.react.ExceptionsManagerQueue Unfortunately, the app can't be used again without uninstalling and reinstalling it, because it'll always try to reload the car info. When I check this same flow in a desktop browser, I get the following error: Animated: `useNativeDriver` is not supported because the native animated module is missing. Falling back to JS-based animation. To resolve this, add `RCTAnimation` module to this app, or remove `useNativeDriver`. More info: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/11094#issuecomment-263240420
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    I have the same problem with the App. Somehow after a while I can use it again. Not sure what "fixes" it. But it then breaks pretty easily. For me it doesn't seem to be the car info. It just crashes after displaying the map for 1-2 seconds.
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    Ah, this is something we'll be improving on in the next version, if any entry is left blank we'll be either using live data (if available) or a default value so you won't get weird unexplained errors.
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    Description: Export Timetable as JPEG or PDF Use Case: I want to share my ride. So others can see it. Or save it for me. In the photo libary oder in Dropbox. For short planning it is ok to use pc screen capture. But for longer there is no good way.
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    I have the same problem. The solution is to enter any value Car battery degradation in Settings.
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    This is something we'll be working to improve on the new website / app. We're working with the ABRPTransmitter team to implement better solutions for all of these items.
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    The problem is that the ABRP app does not yet have support for live data - but we are working heavily on it and it will be released in a week or two.
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    When planning a trip for my BMW i3 i notice that the Route Planner has me arrive at each station with too much power in the battery. Shouldn't it have only charged enough at the previous station to get me to the next station at my minimum requested charge? This is important because the battery will charge faster if it is more fully depleted. Instead the route planner has me taking the battery to nearly 100% and then has me entering the next station with 25% charge for example. I tried the same route but this time using a Tesla and I noticed that the software correctly charges and discharges the battery to minimize charging time. Thanks!
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    Charging Curve Data Extracted from the great Alex on Autos review of charging for TFLcars back in September. He charged from 1% to 100%. Usable Pack Energy: 83.7kwh ChgEff 95% Current examples are stepped at rates, not linear. KW Rate SoC kwh Time Elapsed 270 0-30% 26.43 0:05:52 0:05:52 200 30-37% 6.17 0:01:51 0:07:43 150 37-76% 34.36 0:13:45 0:21:28 120 76-80% 3.52 0:01:46 0:23:14 50 80-96% 14.10 0:16:55 0:40:09 20 96-100% 3.52 0:10:34 0:50:43 If this can get updated on ABRP I think that it would be very useful. Ron B - San Jose
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    I would like to get real time data and use ABRP Live Car Connection. In "setup" the requirements for iOS are "EVNotify" and " any OBD reader" I purchased a Veepeak but it seems EVNotify is not compatible. The readers mentioned on the setup page are Android only. What are the hardware/software requirements to use Live Car with iOS?
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    Yesterday I drove from the Electrify America chargers in Normal IL to Springfield IL in my 2019 i3S (120 Ah BEV), 1 passenger, no luggage. Departing SOC was 70.0%. Outdoor temperature was approx. 90°F, no wind. A/C was set at 72. Drove at the speed limit on the interstate, higher than limit on local roads. Model predicted my arrival SOC would be 24%. Actual SOC at arrival was 23.5% (the model doesn't use fractional percentages). Model confirmed IMO!
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    This is all kinda not that intuitive - perhaps a bit of a basic user guide would be good?
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    @Edward - We actually use a very similar curve in calculating the charge time for the i3, and we optimize for the position of the knee-over. We've had requests before to add a user configurable "max fast charge level" cutoff, but we're a little conflicted on that since it limits plans where you absolutely have to charge above that value to make it to your next stop. Might make it a soft cap, where it merely penalizes plans more that fast charge above the soft cap, but doesn't preclude them.

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