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    Description: Support for Apple CarPlay Use Case: Would be nice to see the application to appear on Apple CarPlay. Waze and other Navigation software till now doesn't support Electric cars and we don't see the charging points. This should be a enormous advantage for this app, even against builtin GPS from manufactures which are the moments always outdated!!! Thanks Miguel
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    Now that ABRP finally has an Android app, can you please add support for directly receiving data from Bluetooth OBD dongles? It is very cumbersome and inefficient to link another app like Torque, upload it to a server, then download it back again. Also, when in areas with poor or no LTE coverage, the system doesn't work.
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    Not public, but we do have a very full backlog of issues and cards to tackle. Perhaps one of us should spend some effort on a blog post detailing what we see on the nearby horizon. The short version is we have two three main focuses: Improving the App UI and fixing bugs Improving the Live Data driving experience / supporting more cars Adding new features to the App #1 isn't very sexy, but it really needs to be done. 2 as well, we really think Live Data driving mode really makes the EV road trip experience complete. For 3, we don't really want to spill too many beans before they're ready, but you already know of one now.
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    I would gladly *pay* for iOS version with CarPlay support!
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    Description: I've been using abroad app for months on various devices but mostly on my old iPad. This evening, I believe the app updated to the latest version and it has rendered it almost unusable. I have several plans which I modifybas the departure date gets closer, with more accurate wh/mi, weather and temperature. This evening I couldn't do any of that. After clicking on settings and detailed, I tried to change the 65 mph reference useage. I clicked in the box and as usual the type screen appeared. But before I could do anything the settings moved from the left of the page where it usually it's to cover the whole page and the type screen disappeared.. As soon as I clicked to change the reference use age in the new position on the right hand side, the screen reverted to its original position and the type screen dissapeared again. So it is impossible to enter any data or change settings from the saved ones. I also cannot access the online version from this version of safari. Nothing loads. Is it just that this version won't work with older browsers? As I said it is an old but perfectly servisable iPad. Is there a version of abrp that I can run on it? Type: latest 4. Something Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Settings Try to type in changes e.g. Temp, reference use age etc. If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
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    @Gaizkitait only summarizes the fast charging times. Since normally the AC charging is done during sleep, lunch etc on a long trip. including these charging times would impact this usage pattern (e.g. I plan a trip to a skiresort with a stay at a hotel during the trip. Can you tell a bit more about your way of travelling?
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    @notyet: can you get the live data with e.g. Torque Pro? if that is working it should become possible to create a live data interface
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    Hi guys, love the work done on ABRP so far! Over here in the Netherlands charging an EV is quite common. I personally have driven a hybrid BMW for two years and now made the big leap to go full electric. I will receive my e-tron soon and will go on a road-trip from the Netherlands to the south of Spain. So far I have obtained about 4 chargecards and 5 different apps on my phone. The price difference and subsequent advantage one can achieve by making the right choice in chargecards is enormous! Actually it is outright scnadalous! The most expensive charging station here will be at EURO 0,70 per Kwh whilst the cheapest is at about EURO 0,04 per Kwh. How about that huh...? When planning this 2.500 km trip and trying to look for the real fast-cargers (175 KWh) outside the Netherlands it is allmost impossible. Once you go into Belgium speeds are reduced up to maximum 50 KWh all the way to the south of France. Once we cross the Spanish border it is even more tricky since charging stations are scarsely spread and maximum speeds does not exceed 22 KWh. I will try to upload some pictures an tips once we are on the road. Would appreciate tips from you guys!! Also I am interested in coupliing OBD and testing whether this might get better results in planning the distances.
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    Hello, My saved plan seems to have changed and now dips into the US. I need it to stay in Canada because our borders are closed to non-essential travel. How can I get the plan back to Canada only please? Thanks in advance,
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    @tcmeyers @Joakimis included in current version (since 4.0.11)
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    I would like this too please. I'd like to be able to prevent a route entering Sweden (also due to Covid-19 travel restrictions).
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    @A900ssyesterday afternoon (CEST 1500-1800) I had the same? issue (ABRP crashing when starting the app). This after 1 year of succesfully using ABRP and EVNOTIFY on a cheap android 8.0 phone. Strange thing is that a few hours earlier it still worked successfully... So , You could try a again is a weeks time?
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    @Bill NI use a iPhone SE and that works fine. also a cheap android phone (eur 100,- 1 yr ago with android 8.0) works fine
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    on the first one: yes on the second one: it reacts quickly enough ("replan"), sometimes a bit conservative, specifically in the setting where you are 100% sure that at your destination you can charge
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    Is there a way to reorder the Saved Plans? New ones go to the bottom, but I'd like to have the ability to drag selected ones to the top of the list, to make it easier to access them in my Model 3. As it sits now, it is almost impossible to scroll the list of plans in the browser in the car to the bottom of the list without having it select a random plan as I'm scrolling. Or, maybe add the ability to create sets of plans, and allow moving plans between different sets. I could have one set for the active plans that I plan to use in the new future and another set for the plans I'm making for various big road trips to do someday.
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    Driving Model: The Vehicle is a Energica EVA EsseEsse9+ with a battery of 21,5kw/h (18,9kw/h useable!). I had a windshield on it but its really small, probably does not have a significant impact on the power consumption. https://www.energicamotor.com/energica-eva-esseesse9-old-school-electric-motorcycle/ Option 2 - Data-Driven - Perform driving test at multiple speeds, and record efficiency or power draw from the pack. I have collected the data with kw/100km as this shows the first decimal on the dashboard where the power does not show it and converted it with the formula: power=<kw/100km> / ( 100 / <speed> ) I was not able to legaly drive > 130km/h in our country, as soon as i can drive to germany i can provide this data aswell if really needed Speed KW / 100km KW 30 km/h (20mph) 4,0 1,2 45 km/h (30mph) 4,6 2,07 60 km/h (40mph) 6,2 3,72 75 km/h (50mph) 7,6 5,7 90 km/h (55mph) 9,5 8,55 100 km/h (60mph) 10,8 10,8 110 km/h (65mph) 12,8 14,08 120 km/h (70mph) 14,5 17,4 130 km/h (75mph) 16,5 21,45 140 km/h (80mph) 150 km/h (85mph) Charging Model: Charge Curve - Provide a link to a chart or video detailing the charge power over time or by State of Charge % I will provide this data as soon as I get to charge it from 0 to 100
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    First press the Back Button on the left down side, then press the Reset Button beneath the settings Button.
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    Similar problem, latest update Just installed and the input window for inserting destination Will not stay open to allow input info? app now unusable. please fix , it’s been a great app up til now!
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    Could we please be allowed to be select the CHAdeMO connector?
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    Wow! That's some amazing work @TomTomZoe - we'll get these into the app as soon as possible!
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    I did like you suggested @Jason (ABRP), I just created a pullrequest: 🙂 I reformatted German for better editing according to the order of en.json, made some linguistic adjustments and corrections, and add new strings for 4.0.11 release. This was the first time in my life I used git and GitHub 😎. I hope I havn't made any serious Beginner errors in the operation of GitHub. 😨
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    Description: If you click on the drive history and select a day you see a summary with for each drive next to distance, time, avg speed also avg consumption Use Case: looking at previous trips I want to know consumption data to get a feel for key differences and to understand how to interpret a planned route Is nice to have, not in any way critical, but for me it would mean that I do not have to use web.evnotify.de for that anymore (so purely convenience)
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    Problem resolved with a connection of my car.
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    Hello everyone. I will share the addon here for those who use the autopi and want to receive information via telegram. At this time, the addon sends information every 5% of the battery when it is charged. Just replace by your bot_token and chat_id. I look forward to feedback. my_telegram.py
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    Hello I would like to change the orientation of the map : move from the orientation to the north, to the orientation in the direction of movement. When I click on Mode, I can'nt change the orientation (frozen to the north) Thank you for your help P
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    Hi, can you please bring abrp to android auto so we can use abrp directly from our head unit? Thanks
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    You can now do this. If you click the gear next to a waypoint while you're entering your route info, you can enter the "Charge here" info. If you know the hotel's charger info, you can put in the rate, otherwise if you're using a L2 charger, you can probably just guess about 3-7 kW. Then click the button to toggle from "FOR" to "TO", and enter your expected charge when you leave the hotel.
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    Works like a charm (had to add a « abrp.send(1); » in ovmsmain.js to get it start upon boot since I unplug the module when the car is off to avoid draining. Changed the script to call my own server which calls the ABRP api with the same GET string, that way I keep some data in my own InfluxDB 😉 Simply put, it’s great !
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    From ABRP on an iPhone, you can export to Apple Maps. When in the car, open Maps in CarPlay and the route to at least the next planned charging point will appear.
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    For me, Carplay is the most desired functionality for ABRP right now, and the only thing that keeps me from paying for a Premium membership that has just been rolled out.
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    Yes please get it into CarPlay. 🙏
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    Hello, J'ai le nouveau audi e—tron, j 'ai du régler sur 225 wh/km à 110km/h pour que mon grand trajet de 280km (Martigny-Croix, Genève et retour) corresponde, ainsi je suis au pourcent près à l' arrivée à Genève (57% restant) et également au retour à l arrivée à Martigny-Croix (13% restant)

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