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  2. Mainly because we forgot to implement this. I'll get it in the next release!
  3. We have three levels of car model confidence which we use to label the cars in the planner: Alpha - Modeled manually by us, these are generally closely matched to the EPA and WLTP range provided by the manufacturer, but won't be a perfect representation of the car. Beta - Modeled based on some real-world data. Release (no label) - Modeled based entirely on real-world data. Live Data To move a model out of Alpha, we need real-world data, and that's where you come in! The best way to get that real-world data is to use a Live Data connection. The first step there is to check your car against our list of Live Data Support and see if it's already supported. If so, great! Set up Live Data, and once we have enough data we'll promote the model from Alpha. Of course, setting up Live Data also has a ton of benefits for you as a driver as well: We do live calibration of your personal car and account for things like extra passengers, cargo boxes, bikes, and weather automatically You get a live graph and arrival predictions of state of charge while in Driving Mode You get completion estimates while charging and can see charging status And of course, if we don't currently support your car, but you know how to get data from your car we provide an API to connect Live Data with us. Send us an email at info@abetterrouteplanner.com if you'd like more information about this, and our API Docs are available on our Postman. Testing Procedure If we don't have Live Data support for your car, the other option is using the Trip Odometer. We've prepared a test procedure document you can print out and fill in to provide this data. See the attached "Manual Car Calibration" document. The goal here is to provide a series of data points at a variety of speeds to estimate the efficiency across all speeds. With many tests on different copies of the same car, we can produce a reliable model. Manual Car Calibration.pdf
  4. I am still using the classic Web app as this one allows you to copy route link to Google among others. Why is this not possible in the new Web app Iinterface (sharing). https://abetterrouteplanner.com/classic/?plan_uuid=67674b1a-a043-402f-920f-3e33c3505248
  5. Thanks @Jason (ABRP) ! The badge is in iOS.
  6. Soon enough you won't even need to input the weight of the trailer, as we're figuring out how to calibrate that directly (and hopefully get a much more accurate read on the weight!). We did miss a few places to set the configuration when picking the car model in the original release of the vehicle configurations, and that should be fixed in the next version. Let us know if we missed any! I wouldn't worry too much about 'polluting' the vehicle configuration with the wrong data, it adjusts quite quickly to data that doesn't match, so within 5-10 minutes of swapping back to the trailer config you'll have fixed the calibration. One interesting side note, the little three-part bar graph is a view of your calibration confidence: You can see this detailed view by going to the car details and tapping on the bar graph, but it gives a quick visual representation of how confident the calibration is. As far as the notification badge, is that on iOS or Android? I can't say I've seen it do that before, so I'll have to investigate a bit.
  7. Easy enough! Amused I never ran into that with my Bolt.
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  9. It would be nice if the displayed live battery capacity could be rounded to one decimal place. In this example 55.9 sounds much better than 55.86666 @Jason (ABRP) What do you think about this little improvement?
  10. Thanks Jason. I'm travelling without the Leaf for the next few days. I'll get screenshots of the Leaf Spy data and share them here when I get back home. I appreciate your help. -Steve
  11. Last week
  12. Jason, it worked well on our road trip, nearly spot-on with remaining SoC percentages at the charging stops. We charged more than “needed” at the stops just in case. I have a few questions. I manually inputted 3800 lbs of extra weight, the rough weight of the Nest trailer. It doesn’t seem like that “adheres” to the new configuration I created for towing the Nest, though. Did I put it in the wrong place? The ability to switch configurations in the app doesn’t seem to be available in all the spots that one could switch vehicles. At times I had difficulty getting to a setting mode that included configuration selection. During a period where we had no cellular Internet available it didn’t seem possible at all inside the app (and of course no web version available). So, I think some of the collected data where we dropped the trailer and just drove the car was mixed in with the trailer configuration. The app shows a “1” badge and I can’t find what it refers to. Other than my few confusions it seemed to work well with planning and getting there without range panic. I’m just unsure how the configurations are partitioned between with-trailer vs no-trailer performance and weight.
  13. I guess I’m doing something wrong but if I download one of my ‘saved plans’, the app won’t use the live data to determine the SOC of the car. It assumes I have 100% SOC instead of the live data. any pointers welcome. thanks
  14. Description: 3D View on iPad mini 5 iOS 13.5.1 shows only white map Type: ABRP Website V4.0.13 Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Start a plan with other view than 3D view Switch to 3D view Map is visible only for half a second, then it gets completely white Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  15. Ok, I'm testing the new one and let you know if it works better! 😅
  16. This is something we haven't implemented yet, but if you email us at our support email address support@abetterrouteplanner.com we can change it for you manually (which I see you've already done).
  17. When I made my ABR account I accidentally mistyped my username. I cannot seem to find where I change by name to the correct one. Can this be done by the user, or else, whom should one contact. Thank you!
  18. So, this turns out to be a bit more complicated, and resource intensive to implement. Doable, but haven't spent the time yet to do it. The main limitation is that we have to cache the entire road network into memory for speed, and for every permutation of checkboxes we have to re-cache the network. We still intend to add this in as a feature, but it's not a high priority right now.
  19. @siberx - For the 2020 Bolt the Capacity PID is broken and provides very strange readings, could you remove that from logging in Torque and try the planning again with fresh data? We are experimenting with using the kWh Charged parameter to calibrate SoH without the capacity reading. @SS-Leaf - I took a look at your live data and it seems to be mostly fine, although there's a few oddball 0-values (Degradation seems to be at 100% or 0% SoH, and SoC is at 0%). Though perhaps the most recent reading from LeafSpy was with the car off and it wasn't responding correctly? Could you take a screenshot of your live data details with the car on so I can help figure out what's going on? If you'd prefer not to share those details publicly, you can send me an email at jason@abetterrouteplanner.com
  20. This is something on our radar, but not supported yet. We'll look into what it'll take to use these conditionals.
  21. Jason (ABRP)


    Forgot to come back here, we had a particularly nasty bug on iOS in some cases which would cause the destination entry to auto-close like described. That fix is now published.
  22. I'm seeing the same thing, we'll get this fixed.
  23. hmm, a bit strange, I did similar things and experienced no issue today (plan route, start nav, incl. live data, plan the route again, etc....)
  24. I see now that even on the app, if I select abrp maps then they will not display. I have to chose something else, like Hybrid, for maps to show. There is no option in the browser to pick the map type, so I assume it's stuck on abrp maps which fail. .
  25. Description: Use conditional speed limits during planning. Use Case: Currently ABRP does not seem to use the conditional speed limites as configured in OSM. Over here in the Netherlands our highways have different speed limits depending on the time. In general; From 6AM till 7PM >> 100 km/h and from 7PM until 6PM 120 km/h (some roads 130km/h). This has been configured in OSM with a conditional setting. When I plan a trip in ABRP it uses the default speed limit which is 100 km/h for the majority of the roads as far as I can see. Even when I plan a trip after 7PM, or configure to depart at 8PM. This ofcourse has a pretty big impact on the average consumption. So, would it be possible to use these conditional speed limits? Or override the speed limit that ABRP uses on a certain segment? Example; trip from Amsterdam to Enschede. It will drive down the A1 which is configured in OSM correctly but ABRP always comes back with 100km/h. Thanks!
  26. On 4.0.13 only North orientated maps will show on the Tesla Model 3 MCU2 dash display. Is that a known issue?
  27. I believe I experienced this same bug today. I was able to plan a route no problem before linking my live car data in (I have a 2020 Bolt and I'm sending data via webserver upload in Torque Pro) but trying to revise the plan later in the car partway through the trip while waiting for a charge resulted in the "planner server error" message via the app or web interface. Force logging out the website and refreshing did allow me to plan routes again, but only with manually entered car info instead of live data. I submitted a bug report via both interfaces when prompted, but didn't know what other information might be helpful at the time so the reports are default. After reading this thread, the described problem definitely matches my experience.
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