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  2. It let me log in this morning, so we're good.
  3. That's very strange, and you're certain you have the most recent version of the script? I haven't changed it in the last month or so, and it's been working pretty much constantly for me.
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  6. Originally posted in the tesla model 3 section, should have posted it here probably. Apologies for crossposting. As subject says. I can log into my (premium) account on my mac in safari, and on my phone and ipad apps, but not the browser in my model 3. It just tells me my email or password is wrong, which I've checked numerous times, and they're fine.
  7. As subject says. I can log into my (premium) account on my mac in safari, and on my phone and ipad apps, but not the browser in my model 3. It just tells me my email or password is wrong, which I've checked numerous times, and they're fine.
  8. Just tried that. Now satelite view is shown and I cant read any menu now. So stuck in an unusable view...
  9. Yeah, this is the real reason you are getting the silent treatment. However, there are alternative app stores and ways to get an app on the phone, such as sideloading or one of the app stores that circumvent Apple’s monopoly. Just get the feature out there and let the world see the benefit of ABRP over the monopolists. It will speak for itself. Despicable how they pose as utopian do-gooders, and then try to sabotage EV apps!
  10. Rav


    Have you tried deleting the app and downloading it again?
  11. After several updates of the App still looking this way. Thats intended look?
  12. Hi, Another french user, also having the same issue : I can't install ABRP from the Android Aurora store (alternative to Play Store). I could no problem from Android v9, but now I'm on v10 I don't even get the option to install the app 😞 Is this due to a problem with Android v10, or to the absence of Google Play Services (it used to work on Android v9 without the latter, so this seems less likely) ? Many thanks !
  13. I do think ABRP needs a tutorial video or walkthrough. It is quite complex, and the user interface can really put people off. I've recommended ABRP to a number of new potential users, all of whom have given up almost immediately. While it may be fine for experts (and easier for those who started with the simpler "classic" ABRP interface), not all beginners find it straightforward.
  14. Many Model 3 Long Range owners are removing the Aero wheel cap but keeping the original 18" wheels underneath - indeed Tesla sells a wheel nut cover kit for that purpose. Would it be possible for ABRP to have an additional vehicle type- Tesla Model 3 LR AWD 18" no aero? Apparently it makes 5-10% (adverse) difference to range, so it would be useful to have this factored into our planning. Thanks
  15. It;s online as of yesterday! Wow, you guys update your system faster than Tesla does. Good job! The original post can be disregarded/deleted. Although it is only 8 stalls and not 12. (2 stalls are forward pull in spots)
  16. Hello, I'm planning a trip from leander Texas to Rockport Beach Texas. When I enter this into ABRP I get this route, which seems fairly reasonable: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=94e5d5ae-e770-4d89-a52b-dce6666f1a2f Total time: 4:26 However I notice that ABRP wants me to charge here to 100% (Yuck!) and I noticed there's another fast charger further south in Sequin, right along my route. If I choose this fast charger the total time goes down: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=65971ead-11c6-4511-8554-ac43f31c9b81 Total time: 4:20 (6 minut
  17. Description: Route takes me to a SC that is not open yet Type: Webpage Link to Plan: Replication Steps: Please verify if the Kinston, NC supercharger is online. It was last listed under construction just a few days ago: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/supercharger-kinston-nc.206430/ Not listed on Tesla's SC site: https://www.tesla.com/findus?search=North%20America&bounds=36.16587152398567%2C-74.64322165621878%2C33.893728014922004%2C-80.26822165621878&zoom=9&filters=supercharger
  18. Hi @Helmut, In order to do 'Send to MyTesla' you'll first need to connect your MyTesla account. Go into Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car Then select your model of Tesla and you should be able to see settings for the created vehicle. You can name it, create different configurations and of course also link your MyTesla account. Either simply log in (easiest and fastest) or provide a token. /Katya
  19. Hi @sygyzy, 1. Yes, we used to have the option to do like one can do on google maps, to drag the route a little by adding a waypoint. However it doesn't really make for a great experience when using the app and touch screens. You can however right-click on the map and do: 'add waypoint' which gives the same result, a step in the plan to take a bit of a detour but not necessarily a stop where you spend extra time but that can also be adjusted and added. Currently if there is a charger in your plan which you'd like to avoid, you'd have to avoid it permanently. You can of course allow i
  20. I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution for it?
  21. Hi @irwinr, Yes, this is a visual representation of charger status, added not too long ago. Filled green = Functioning and available Green outline = Functioning Red = Occupied Gray = Unknown Black with red X = Out of order Regarding availability (which are actually in use), this is a premium feature hence non-premium users will only see which are functioning or broken and of course which ones we don't have information on yet. Why there is only one row initially, is because what's shown are only the types of chargers you've chosen for the trip. When clicking on it it
  22. I noticed on the new UI there is this green/gray graphic / indicator next to each stop: However there is no legend or or anything to explain what these various bars/dashes represent. I'm assuming charger availability? But it's not clear at all how to read this thing. I would expect that hovering the mouse over it would bring up some pop up with a legend or explanation, but nope. If I click on that first stop I get another graphic: This looks... somewhat similar to the smaller one on the trip overview... but not really? And still no explanation for what it means. Why
  23. Hi Jason, Given the announcement today, it should be much easier to deal with this right? There's no longer a special pricing model for Kona/Niro drivers. Any EV with 90KW simply pays $0.16/minute or $0.43/kWh (Depending on the state) When do you think ABRP will start factoring in this new pricing? I also noticed that there's no longer a "Total trip cost" listed anywhere that I can find.
  24. Hi @Pierre-Yves Dagenais, Impressive! And thank you for the kind feedback! I think the route technically is doable in ABRP (with information about charger networks etc) but since we have a timeout for how long time a trip can take to be calculated, trips that are very long such as across the continent and back, do fail most times. Hence it is recommended just to cut it up in 2 plans, forth and back. /Katya
  25. Hi @rluciano, Write to us at support@iternio.com using the email you signed up with and we'll get this sorted! /Katya
  26. Hi @pwwuk, Looks like you got yourself the old webapp as well! The left one is presumably the deprecated one and the right one is the one installed correctly through play store. You can see the icon differs a little and the one on the right matches: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iternio.abrpapp&hl=en_US /Katya
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