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  2. MAlfare

    Routing Problem

    Hi Katya, Didn't solve the problem, which is not a surprise, as OsmAnd, using the same OSM-maps has no problems to separate S16 and L97 in this region, so it seems to be the router, not the map.
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  4. Today (first time ever) ABRP app (iOS) is giving me voice navigation prompts. I don’t want them as I use Google Maps in CarPlay for navigation. I can’t see a setting to turn them off. Any help, greatly appreciated.
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  6. This is a list of the different components that are accessible via the CAN bus.
  7. Hi Conny, just found a GitHub project that might be of interest to you: https://github.com/andig/evcc/issues/485 They target the weconnect id API to retrieve SOC and remaining distance.
  8. Hi, I got live data to ABRP with EVnotify, in the ABRP app it show the cars battery % fine. But in the Apple Watch app it shows a battery icon %, and loading. I have premium ABRP 🙂 What to do? 😕
  9. Description: totally wrong planning, voice navigation, although it's deactivated... Nonsense planning: Blue line? 214km with 32%, which is 23kWh, really Short after that it looks like that Makes no sense either.
  10. Description: totally wrong planning, voice navigation, although it's deactivated... Nonsense planning: Blue line? 214km with 32%, which is 23kWh, really Short after that it looks like that Makes no sense either.
  11. Hi @Gilles.B, We will soon offer a new type of connection which will support VW e-up, Seat Mii electric and Skoda e-citigo + more so stay tuned 😉 We do plan on offering a direct connection to OBD2 possible but currently our partners still have to get the hardware approved for sale before it can be made available to the public. /Katya
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  13. BarryH

    1,000 km Challenge

    Hi @Katya (ABRP) Is it possible to make this link more present on the site? e.g. in a blog?) or another place in the GUI
  14. Hi @Gleb, It looks like something has failed with links to chargers fetched from OpenChargeMap. We'll look into it! The ocm link to this charger is: https://openchargemap.org/site/poi/details/155328 /Katya
  15. Hi @Random1, When looking up the address in google maps it automatically refers to the place 'Chinati Hot Springs' but OpenStreetMap does not recognise it. The road itself is recognised in OSM but the place seems to be the only one along the road. If you instead search for the place 'Chinati Hot Springs' in ABRP you'll get a match. I've made some additions to OSM and hopefully it'll make the address available in search. Maps should be updated by Sunday evening, CEST. /Katya
  16. Hi Sometimes I encounter a charger on ABRP map that does not have a link to a website from which the information was taken from, e.g: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=9ac88da3-67d5-4f5f-af42-5ac4ae10374d where are the data coming from? .
  17. Hi @schtruck, We've updated it now! You'll need to refresh the page and perhaps clear cache and then you should get correct price information 🙂 /Katya
  18. Hi @schtruck, We were informed of this a while ago but it seems we haven't gotten to fixing this just yet. Can be a little difficult to get the price difference between HPC and <50kW chargers but we're looking into it now 🙂 /Katya
  19. Hi @CDABEV, Thank you for reporting this! We'll look into what went wrong and try to have it fixed as soon as possible. /Katya
  20. Hi @CDABEV, This is a bug we're looking into, but it'll currently be fixed by selecting English (United States) as language. /Katya
  21. Hi @caf, I've now taken a look at the plan with your actual user settings. It seems one parameter wasn't included in the link provided in this thread. The extra weight made it so that the consumption was high enough for the planner to decide that it would need to stop to charge if going with the first route while without extra weight it tried to decrease speed and did make a suggestion (as in your screenshot), however the only available suggestion would have you arrive at the final destination with a bit lower SoC than allowed. Basically, this is a niche case but it is of course conf
  22. BarryH

    missing location

    can you find the address in google maps and openstreetmap?
  23. Excellent post! Have you factored in charging curves vs outside temperatures? I.E. my Kia Niro EV will reach it's peak of 77kw sooner in late spring vs late winter. In the winter the battery heater starts when DC Rapid charging starts.
  24. Random1

    missing location

    I am trying to find a address for 1 hot springs presidio, texas and it is not locating that address.
  25. Description: Regarding the price of the Ionity network in France it's different, we have since June a recharge based on time and not on KW/H, so it's well 0,79€ but each minute Use Case: if you think it's easier, maybe just change the calculation just for Ionity Station based in France. Thanks!
  26. Hi @Katya (ABRP), Yes, that is the supercharger it routes past. I am still seeing the same problem though when planning that route - I have attached a screenshot showing what I get when I try that plan. - caf
  27. Description: Can’t scroll down past fourth trip plan in app. Type: App version 4.0.30 on iPhone 6s with iOS 14.2 Replication Steps: Open app > click Saved Try to scroll down past visible trips. App returns you to the top of the list each time so you can’t select a trip now currently in view. This bug is not present on version 4.0.29 on either iPhone or iPad
  28. Description: Unable to enter temperature in Fahrenheit on app even though units are set to Imperial Type: On iOS app versions 4.0.30 on iPhone and also on iPad version 4.0.29 Replication Steps: Click “Settings” > Road conditions Select Temperature. Earlier versions of the app allowed you to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The current version only allows input in Celsius. Fishers in the US would prefer Fahrenheit please.
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