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    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo 1. Tesla Login: Login works well now. I tried it on tour ten times or so and it always works. It works with short intervals between reloading the browser and also with longer intervals (>10min). Burn down chart is updated perfect. 2. I send the next intermediate destination with button "Tesla Nav" to the Tesla and it even works 50m before the current destination. That's great now. Did you change something compared to last week? 3. Replanning when leaving the plan also works like a charm. 4. The time schedule is still messed up. See It is somehow more important than you think, that the time schedule works. Explanation: Because of the lag of intermediate destinations within the Tesla Nav you do not get a plan over your whole trip. You only see the next step. This is unfortunate for your passengers and especially for your children. "When will we reach our destination?" ;-). Therefore it would be helpful to have the complete plan in ABRP. And Bo, you are right. Using ABRP in Model 3 browser is too good to skip it. 😉 Thanks
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    How do I change settings to miles for this app?
  5. "Our standard charging benchmark from 10 kWh to 50 kWh has changed from 29 minutes (May) to 34 minutes (August) for the BT37. No disaster, but also not so fun for S85 owners." Hi, regarding your "standard charging benchmark" as stated below the second graph for BT85/Model S85. "from10 kWh to 50 kWh", I presume you are referring to soc (state of charge)? Which figure are you using for an Model S 85 were you have API access through a token? Do you use NR (nominal remaining) or UR (usable remaining)? 28th June 2019 my battery reported a NFP (nominal full pack) capacity of 65,5kWh with an energy buffer of 4kWh thus a UFP (usable full pack) of 61,5kWh. At the moment of data collection, the SOC was displayed in the car with 71% which is referring to the UFP & UR figures: UR 43,7kWh are 71,1% of UFP 61,5kWh. Do I presume correct, that you calculate the "standard charging benchmark" individually and according to the reported UFP figures? As an example, when my car is connected to a SC with e.g. 9%, this equals individually for my car to 5,54kWh soc. Your benchmark will start counting when my soc reaches 10kWh/16,3% and stops when hitting 50kWh/81,5%. this takes currently 49 minutes according to the logs of my car. I compared several charging sessions and came to the same time. I ensured that up until 12% soc the SC was able to provide 114-116kW, thus external limitations would be neclectable. Is my Model S85 so much worse than most of the others? ...thanks for the great work! BR Oaito. PS: Since the quoted sentence is referring towards Model S 85 you probably put in the Battery Type BT37 by mistake. 2PS: I use teslalog.com for data collection. Are you still interested to add a 2015 Model S 85 with 185000km (HV battery replaced at 107000km)?
  6. Description: Looks like routes that include subsea tunnels does not calculate correct, as elevation does not go negative, and I then cant calculate regeneration going below sea level, nor the power consumption going back up again. This has an significant effect on the range. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=765169d3-a44a-4f29-9938-a5951836a53c. Replication Steps: Replication Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  7. +1 I had a lot of 6-minute charging stops...
  8. Evaluating ABRP a few weeks ahead. My Kia e-Niro is still a few weeks away from delivery. Fantastic effort beeing put into this project! Could someone explain this: Does ABRP take into account that the e-Niro can’t fully utilize more than just short of 75kw when charging at a 100kw charger? Is this accounted for when ABRP calculates charging time, or is that calculated from 100kw regardless? Would appreciate if someone could straighten this out.
  9. Maybe "avoid XYZ charger" is an option? For example a trip from Germany to Portugal via France and Spain with "avoid CORRI-DOOR chargers" and "avoid IBIL chargers" would be nice. I want use CCS (like Ionity, Iberdrola) but not this two charger networks, because they are expensive and I do not have a possibility (App/RFID) to use them...
  10. This will also help to calculate price for charged energy. For example. Fastned official price is 0.59 Euro/kWh. But we in Germany can use another tariffs with 0.35/0.39 Euro/kWh. It would be nice, if ABPR can display: Charging time hh:mm + xyz kWh, so we can easy calculate the price for charging session. For Chargers that do not have price in ABPR but the user knows the price it would be helpful also.
  11. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Thanks, will check it over the weekend. I'll give you feedback.
  12. Actually, when looking into the address results, "Sudbury, ON" is marked as an "administrative region" so I guess it points to the center of the region. Since this is usually not what people would like to drive to, I have removed those results now. You will only get actual places and addresses.
  13. For some reason, the address lookup service we buy points "Sudbury, ON" to Espanola and "Greater Sudbury, ON" to what looks to be Sudbury on the map. I do not have local knowledge of the area, but will ask our provider to check their data.
  14. I did update the Tesla API machinery a bit yesterday, turns out that Tesla has changed the name of a command but was still sometimes supporting the old one (I guess when some load balancer pointed me to the "right" server). On our side, the Tesla commands look much more stable now and seldom fail at all. Does it work better for you?
  15. Amusing routes 🙂 It seems like there was a bug in the OpenStreetMap data for the Holyhead port so that it was not possible to leave the port without taking a ferry. I just submitted a change to OSM and it will take until Tuesday-ish before it ripples through to ABRP.
  16. Yes, it is on iOS, an iPad. I have deleted the browser cache, and now ABRP seems to work even from the home screen. that solved it for me, thanks
  17. Last week
  18. Description: I have noticed that ABRP only reduces the maximum cruising speed (checkbox slower if needed) when e.g. the nearest charging station is too far away. However, not generally to shorten the total travel time. Many long charging stops due to high cruising speeds extend the total travel time. Mostly I get the optimal total travel time, if I manually set the maximum speed to between 100-120 kph. Use Case: I change the maximum speed in every planning now. Unfortunately, I have to try several values (95, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160 kph) and have to recalculate the route to get the best travel time. Sometimes I use this tool: https://ecalc.ch/evcalc.php as a further help to find the optimal speed. It would be nice if you could implement the speed optimization. Thx.
  19. PS: After resetting the Parameters and adjusting the max speed I've got a better time with the S85 than with the 100D, I presume mainly through setting the max speed to 180km/h, but it seems that the charging times from 1% to 75% soc are to short: E.g. on my latest trip charging from 21% to 53% took 19minutes, from 1% to 75% 50min, to 45% 20min, 59% 30min and 65% 38min 😞 That said, given the distance per time, I calculate the following average speed: 148km/h,138km/h, 148km/h ,112km/h ,124km/h, 132km/h I believe these average speeds are difficult to reach and wonder how my S85 will be able to have a average consumption of only 268Wh/km with these speeds. I will drive this route on Sunday afternoon, thus avoiding semi trucks and business traffic, will see how it works out.
  20. I just tested this. I planned from Hollyhead to Swansea and it's only offering one route which is taking me though Dublin -> Wexford and then Fishguard. plan_uuid=f1cda591-82f7-49ba-bc0b-3eb261ba048f If I set a waypoint in Goodwick Wales, it still persists in crossing the Irish Sea, then routing up from Fishguard to Goodwick. Amusing! What's wrong with North Wales exactly?? 🙂 plan_uuid=2a6aae82-663a-4cf4-a062-19c7f03dd91a I had intermittently see similar when planning from Cherbourg FR to Rennes FR, it would plan to have me drive though the Jersey Islands. But it seems to be working ok now again.
  21. Hi! From Tuesday afternoon I've driven from north to south in Germany (~900km) with my 2015 MS85 with recent f/w and thus encountering reduced charging speed and range (nominal/usable battery capacity dropped by ~11% and end of charge voltage limited). It was not fun. I was trying to adapt my charging habits and came to the conclusion, that discharging below 5% and charging for less than 25 minutes could result in the shortest overall duration. I am used to not following the Tesla route planner since some time, it seems to be optimized more and more to for the 100D/long range thus providing less stops with longer sessions,.. then, when finished putting in the SCs, the Tesla navigation calculates in the background for up to 10 seconds before "adjusting" the charging times even longer. Following Teslas navigation would result in a road trip more than one hour longer than necessary. To work through this I tried to confirm and compare while retroactively using ABRP. I set the current degradation to 16% but also limited charging to different min/max soc (1% or 5% min, and 51%, 56%, 601% 66% max). I then saw differences of ~15 minutes in longer charging sessions and between 6-7 sessions. Does the current ABRP reflects the reduced charging speeds (S85 and S90) reported in your blog (see below)? Will you add another S85 Model which is not limited thus having the faster charge characteristics? Or did I miss the option somewhere? Last but not least after comparing different settings for my S85 I tried the same route with an 2019 long range 100d (Raven). Not only less & shorter charging stops but also the same distance was driven in shorter time! First the route with an Model S85 w/ 16% degradation and reduced charging speed: Than the long range 100D (Raven): What puzzles me most is that the it not only takes 4 instead of 6 SC resulting in 54 minutes less charging time, but apparently manages to drive the same distance 22 minutes faster. Thank you for creating this service and collecting/presenting all this data 🙂 Best regards, Oaito.
  22. I was driving my 2018 e-Golf down the highway towards Gothenburg for 90 minutes. I started off with 100% batteries. ABRP estimated a charging point with 22% rest power. The estimated consumption was set to 194 wh at 110 km/h. Even so, I managed to go additionally 22 km on the highway and had 24% power left when starting fast charge. At average speed 112 km/h I had 19.0 kw/110 km/h average consumption.
  23. Guest

    ABRP 3.7 Release Notes

    Changing the map provider may be OK, but I find most of the Interstate designations to be confusing I know what I5 is but west side hi-way? Never heard of it. Makes it hard to know what route you are using.
  24. Just tried ABRP for the first time. Looks nice. But some vehicles are missing: Renault Master ZE, Renualt kangoo, VW e-crafter, Citroen E-berlingo. All the Steerscooter vans. It seems that vans are almost ignored (the env200 and Vito/Sprinter are there). Also I see there is a 'share' link feature. It doesn't include OsmAnd or plain OSM.org links, which are the two mapping/navigation tools I use. Adding those would be good. Cheers,
  25. Hi - I just completed a round trip in my 2015 24kwh Leaf SV. This was a round trip between 401 Hermosa Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 USA and the town of Madrid, NM. Google maps shows this as an 84 miles roundtrip. I drove the posted speed limits along the route and avoided the interstate highway. The starting charge was 100% and returning charge was 19% with a mid-point charge in Madrid of 41%. My battery's state of health shows 87% with LeafSpy Pro. Your model was a bit conservative. It showed a return charge of 15% if I limited myself to 60kph. I drove, on average, around 85kph and returned with a bit more charge than the model predicted (ie. 19%). Thanks, Gregg LaPore
  26. So iOS, right? Try to clear website data in iOS settings, possibly under ABRP (which appears as an app). I have my iOS devel device at work so I cannot give exact instructions, I hope you find it. Edit: How do you mean ask for credentials? Does it actively do that or do you manually go to ABRP login under settings?
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