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  3. Some comparisons of actual consumption versus driving the plan in a Model 3 Standard Range Plus from the weekend: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=d9564f61-cb89-448f-90f6-47dccc63cc75 (Plan says 35%, actual arrival SOC was 30%) https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=faf568fb-4cbf-4035-ab02-6a433f8b9848 (Plan says 37%, actual arrival SOC was 28%). What is the baseline for the "extra weight" - one driver, no luggage?
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  6. No cost column because the charging stations appear to be free. 🙂 That's been my observation. Does that sound right in your case?
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    Model 3 Consumption and Charging

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  8. State of Charge Grenzwerte Auslesen und Ändern der SOC Grenzen Auslesen SOC Wert (in %) und Plausibilität oder Vorgabe des SOC Werts (0-100%) aktueller Anzeige Soc minimale und maximale Einzelzellspannungen werden ausgegeben Batteriespannung hinter den Schützen, unabhängig vom Schützzustand Stromgrenzen Spannungsgrenzen Die kumulierte Ladung für Ladevorgänge in Ah HV-Strom in A Auslesen Temperaturen Bestimmung der Kapazität PID-List is here, the above are examples what we can read now (and a lot more)
  9. andbad


    The tire pressure make a great difference in efficency, specially at highway speed. For example, my Leaf 30kWh make about 6km/kWh at 110km/h, with the tire at 2.9bar. The default setting in ABRP is 5,11km/kWh. By(t)e
  10. Description: Open charge Maps shows Petro Canada Merritt but station not on map. Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Replication Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  11. Hi, There's something I'm confused about... When planning journeys, I often add waypoints to the journey plan just to force a particular route to be followed. I don't intend to stop at those waypoints, but simply drive past them so that I drive the route I want to and avoid certain roads etc. As far as I can tell, ABRP will show me the estimated 'arrival charge' but this is always the charge at the next waypoint (regardless of whether I intend to stop there or not). The problem is that I don't care what the SOC will be at the waypoint that I am just going to drive straight past... I would much rather see what the SOC is estimated to be at the next charging stop, or at the next actual destination. I think ABRP could be improved by allowing the user to select whether a waypoint should be treated as an interim destination or simply as a routing waypoint. If the user tells ABRP it is an interim destination, then ABRP will show the estimated arrival charge at that point. If the user tells ABRP it is just a routing waypoint, then ABRP won't show the estimated arrival charge at that point, and will instead use the final destination / next charging stop / next interim destination. Or, maybe I am doing something wrong when using ABRP in the car??
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    Model 3 Consumption and Charging

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  13. Very true, we will have to differentiate those when I get around to figuring out that analysis. Not at the moment, the only impact is on the driving estimate (additional power draw from the heater, etc).
  14. No, you're fine to keep contributing the data, the difference between the wheels is fairly minor and our analysis is good at filtering out outliers.
  15. I just added my car last night, it is a standard range model 3, however it has the 19" sport wheels. Should I remove it to not distort the data?
  16. @chuq Thanks, looks great! I have some 50KW updates for your sheet if you want: The site at 4 Knowles Place, Canberra is in the ActewAGL network (you have it listed but as "none"). There is a 50KW site in the ActewAGL network at Anketell St & Oakden St, Greenway ACT 2900 (-35.422750, 149.072389) with 1xCHAdeMO, 1xCCS1 There is a 50KW site in the ActewAGL network at 1 Rogan St, Canberra ACT 2609 (-35.309310, 149.187787) with 1xCHAdeMO, 1xCCS1 Yes, weirdly they have one site with CCS2 and two sites with CCS1.
  17. It appears to be working again, thanks for the fix!

    Map disappears...

    Hello, I'm a newcomer (from France) on ABRP. Just received my new Tesla Model 3, and I find this ABRP site very nice...thanks. I've just got a small issue (not too familiar with it, sorry for this probably basic one...). Actually, everything was correct at the beginning, but since 2 days, the background map (towns, roads) has completely disappeared. I can only see the path (see image attched). Please could you help, thanks. Best regards.
  19. didi

    Max Speed Optimization

    I just signed up to the forum to report exactly the same. ABRP is a fantastic tool, especially for somebody trying to learn as much as possible before owning an EV. This is the one feature I missed most so far. I was quite sure that in the past I've seen route proposals with suggested reduced speed where more charging stops would have been possible instead. Which would be what the initial poster proposes. Right now however I can't find an example, maybe the behaviour of ABRP in that regard changed. Here's an example where reducing the max speed of 150 km/h (default for selected car) to 140 km/h reduces travel time by 14 minutes (by eliminating a needed second charging stop, which even allows for a shorter route): 150 km/h: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=dd5882f5-82e0-4775-92f7-d44ba6009521 140 km/h: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=e8cb4497-74ce-4a6e-9e4c-7463cda73295 Btw. I think this optimization is closely related to personal preferences: some may prefer fewer, but longer stops (good for a "real" break with e.g. a Restaurant visit), others may prefer more and shorter stops. That could be a setting worth adding.
  20. Same issue for me. Night mode works but day mode doesn't show the maps. I'm using Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108
  21. I did notice the night mode map loads just fine.
  22. Description: map not loading Link to Plan: Replication Steps: no need to replicate as map not loading happens without network changes I have tested it with fibre-optic link tested at 160Mbits per second, at 5Mpbs etc
  23. Depending on the destination the charging cost column is not visible. Anyone have a solution?
  24. For LEAF - there is some dependecy on Changing power with the Temp. Is there any adjustment for the Templ that ABRP is receiving from Real Time data ?
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  26. Description: I want to select avoid tolls but when I try to the keyboard pops up and i have tried typing "a" to see if that would select it but when I close the keyboard it has not changed I read on some older posts people were having the same issue back in July. Possible Solutions: Anyway for you to change it so it won't pop up the keyboard and then I could just touch it with my finger like I click it with my mouse when on a computer? If not maybe allow setting saved on the computer when I am logged into ABRP and then have them be the same when I log in to ABRP in my car? (Probably easiest solution) If not, maybe change the selection to check boxes instead of the drop down menu? 3 options with check boxes - tolls, ferries, highways. All in all this is a great route planner, and I can save my plan on the computer where I can set the setting and then load it out in the car. The only time is has been a problem is if I am on a trip and what to put in a new plan. Thanks, Swamibob
  27. Since 2019.16.1 my 2016 70 pack is awful at the supercharger, tops out at 111kw at 10% SOC (used to be 116kw) and then before it even does a miles worth of charge shoots down to 90kw and keeps on going down, by the time its at 15% SOC it's at 64kw and slows down the fall in current. by the time i'm at 50% SOC I am getting the same speed as what I would get using a chademo. I have charted out from videos of me charging when I first got the car and then after 2019.16.1 (2019.28.3.1 is when I started tracking it) attached photo. Next time I supercharge I will do a full video from low SOC all the way to 90%.
  28. Apologies if this information is already available. If so, please point me to it. I bought an OBD-II to Bluetooth dongle that is able to do rapid readings and I have configured Torque Pro to send updates to the abrp webserver. This all works fine as far as I can tell. Still having issues with the 2019 Bolt's SOH reading but I'm working on it 🙂 My question is: what are the Best Practices for using Live Data? What is the suggested OBD-II to webserver refresh rate? once per second? per 30 seconds? Is it useful to enter road conditions, wind condition estimates and extra weight with live data? Thanks, Daniel
  29. Description: Loading with AC is predicted too fast. Kia Soul EV is only able to charge AC with one phase. AC 11kw means 3.3kw speed. AC 22kw is only 6.6kw. In the plan the charging Duration for 78% (23kwh) is 2 hours. It should be around 7 hours. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/index.html?plan_uuid=07a7a466-bc19-482f-bb1d-217109d3e570 Or: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=053809a9-e23c-4054-9c9b-2dd513c78bff Replication Steps: Plan Route with AC stop as Waypoint
  30. I'm using Firefox on Android 9 and I'm getting the same behaviour. I tried clearing various things, deleting the website wrapper and it keeps on asking me to accept a reload for the new version.
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