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  2. Jason, you may also add OBD Direct connection for Opel Ampera-e? You know they are identical to GM Bolt EVs which can use this feature already. 😉 By the way: The ABRP Website shows a battery degradation (with the standard value of 5%), instead of the battery capacity.
  3. At the moment it is transfering data via OBD Torque Pro Upload and the ABRP App is receiving nearly all data, strange but I'm happy 😀 Unfortunately the Battery capacity (or degradation) is not shown in ABRP App, although "!Battery Capacity" PID is shown in Torque Pro and also used for Upload to ABRP Webserver. @Jason-ABRP The available Torque Pro PIDs are: !Battery Capacity,Capacity,2241A3,((A*256)+B)/30,0,65,kWh,7E4 -> I've used this PID since beginning without problems. !Battery - Pack - Capacity kWh estimated 2017-2018,Bat Cap Est,2241A3,((A*256)+B)*0.032,30,70,kWh,7E4 -> Since MY2019 exists, slightly different conversion for MY2017-2018 !Battery - Pack - Capacity kWh estimated 2019+,Bat Cap Est,2245F9,((A*256)+B)*0.0032,30,70,kWh,7E4 -> New PID for MY2020+ I added "!Battery - Pack - Capacity kWh estimated 2017-2018" PID in the logging for testing purposes, but with no effort on the ABRP Capacity display. Can you imagine what the reason for this is? In former versions of the ABRP App the Capacity was shown. Or is it a matter of the two new Capacity PIDs ("!Battery - Pack - Capacity kWh estimated 2017-2018" and "!Battery - Pack - Capacity kWh estimated 2019+")? Can you confirm that "!Battery Capacity" PID is still used from ABRP? Incidentally, is the initial car temperature the ambient temperature?
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  5. I have the OBDLink MX+ device. It's Bluetooth, but it's not BLE. That means it's not compatible. The dongle has to be BLE compatible to work directly with ABRP.
  6. I have tested AA with USB cable now and that works fine. Screen looks different since the KyeBriq seems to expand and use the entire screen while my Samsung S10 uses part of the screen with some parts of it unused. But ABRP is working when connecting it like that.
  7. I have a Kia EV6 and an OBDLink MX+ i can’t get the dongle to show up in the available devices list to connect. Is there something I have to do to get the app (iOS) to see this type of dongle?
  8. Hi, I am a new premium user of ABRP as I want to navigate to my vacation destination without any range anxiety. It seems that many questions asked by users in this forum are not answered at all by staff. I understand that it takes a lot of time to answer all questions but the people here are the customers so I would expect the staff to at least try to answer most of the questions.
  9. I have the same issue here on an ipad. Sorry to see that there is no reply since.
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  11. Tried the same way, failed unfortunately. Time: 4:05 pm (CET) - 5 minutes ago. Model is Obdeleven 2. Thanks for your support. Dirk Edit: Screenshot of Dongle attached. Off Topic: It's called "Verbindung" (connection).
  12. Description : OBD2 POUR DACIA SPRING Cas d'utilisation Pour Dacia Spring
  13. EDIT: Just found a half solution: Part of problem was Charging Overhead was too low at 22min I thought that was my estimate of how long to find and plug in but the Overhead setting seems to be total charging time per charging stop?! I changed charging overhead to 55min and it has 4 stops now deeper charges - but still most stops are not to my preferred 85% and most are driving the car to minimum 8% but not nearly full (charge to only 61% at one stop not for 55min). I’d prefer to specify to charge nearly full 85% each stop anyone know of a way to do this in ABRP? Thanks!
  14. I can the state of charge at origin easily but is there a way in free or premium (haven’t tried premium yet) to change the charge level on Departure from each en route charging stop? I have an 800mi trip planned with “fewest stops” but it is showing stopping every 2 hrs / 120mi 6 stops - and charging only to 55% to 80% at most stops even though the Tesla has 325 mi range. I know charging slows as battery reaches capacity but would like to charge to 85% when I do stop for option for fewer stops. I clicked on pencil at each charging stop and can edit departure kW or percent but it doesn’t “save”. Departure (from stop) stays at the preset “quick” top up. The only “almost full” charge is initial SoC, and final just before destination as I set to arrive at destination at 90% and that is OK ABRP plans a longer charge just before destination to “fill up”. In general settings Charger max state of charge is set to 95% and Charger arrival SoC 8% so that should optimize fewer stops / deep charges?!
  15. Hi New in forum. Does ABRP provide battery pre conditioning in e.g. a Polestar 2 when I select a charger as destination like Google Maps does? Thanks in advance Kind regards Chris
  16. Hello @Dirk74 I just added a new configuration for the OBD Eleven dongle. Could you please try to link it again and report back how it worked out for you? Thanks!
  17. D'où viens-tu? D'un petit village de France Quelle voiture conduisez-vous? Pas encore d'électrique, mais ça va venir Quel est le trajet le plus long que vous ayez effectué avec votre VE ? Ma fille va recevoir son VE Quand tu as des clous à planter, tu choisis un bon marteau Quand tu as un véhicule, il faut avoir un bon planificateur d'itinéraire si non la déception est proche et les ennuis qui ne sont pas loin Alors je vais me pencher, comprendre étudier ABRP pour à l'instant venu, il ne reste plus que le plaisir de rouler cheuveux au vent, s'il vous reste des cheveux sur la tête Merci de m'accepter sur ce forum Belle journée
  18. It will just mix them up so no real benefit yet. Once you use Tronity as active source while not driving it will overwrite the OBD data. So not recommended. Please wait with this until we sorted it out.
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  20. Does the same also happen when you start ABRP via AA with a normal USB cable?
  21. Yes, turned ignition on. Will try tomorrow and get back to you. Good night
  22. According to this feature request the obdeleven dongle does not work with ABRP: https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/request-a-feature/support-obdeleven-as-obd-dongle/ So from your comment it sounds like it got found, but does not connect to the car. Did you send in a report? If so please tell me the time when you sent it. If you don't remember just send in a new one and let me know the time. Make sure to turn on the ignition before you try to connect.
  23. Yes Ioniq 5 is supported. Live data is available in free version of ABRP and does not require premium. You just need to add a car and then in the car settings you will see the different telemetry options, like our OBD connection.
  24. Hi, I've got this one (OBD11): https://www.amazon.de/OBDeleven-Bluetooth-Diagnostic-Scanner-Advanced/dp/B08K94L4JS/ref=sr_1_6?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=GBBECUJGT23X&keywords=obdeleven&qid=1642971053&sprefix=obd+eleven%2Caps%2C78&sr=8-6 It regognizes the device, but fails on step 3. Car is Skoda Citigo e (Model 2020) Your help is appreciated Dirk
  25. Hi Homer12311, check out this Bug: https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/report-a-bug/reference-consumption-values-erratic/ Is it the same problem? (The bug talks about reference consumption, but at the same time the max speed also changes.) Sadly enough, ABRP team does not seem to care though
  26. Is the Ioniq 5 a supported car? I have an OBDlink MX+ through Kyebriq that I’m trying to connect. Do I need premium?
  27. Just got mine and it’s the same. If you hit the button that displays all the programmes open you can close the play store app bit that pops up by swiping up. I was talking to the Kyebriq developer today.
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