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  4. Can you read the SOC info with Android device? That would be interesting. I have tried to implement this with OVMS, but OBD-connector does not publish SOC data (momentary and trip consumption , and range there is, but no SOC). Mercedes cloud service might be also one change, but I have not studied it much as cars from year 2015 were excluded from "Bring Your own Car" -thingy. Anyways, I am sorry I cannot help you, but please post here if you find a solution.
  5. There is somthing funky going on with the 1000km comparison tool On my phone I get the range in miles at 65mph and the total trip time of 11:48h for the 28kWh Ioniq but on the computer its in km at 115kph and the total trip time of 12:34h 115kph = 71,5mph, so I guess that might explain the difference in consumption and than the longer charge time I wonder why the metric one is 115kph and not 105kph which is closer to 65mph
  6. I have a 2020 Nissan Leaf e+, 62 kW When I use ABRP it won’t use the 100 kW CHAdeMO quick chargers, but instead it usually uses a nearby 50 kW charger. I don’t know about previous versions of the Leaf, by my Leaf is able to use a 100 kW charger, where the car roughly charges with a rate of 75 kW. If I used the nearby 100 kW charger I could safe time on my trips. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a bug? Or something else
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    Helping ABRP - Charge Networks

    Dear ABRP, I would love to use ABRP Premium but lack of chargers data makes it nonsense in Poland, despite GreenWay mention above, in northern PL we have Energa Emobility, Lotos and lots of private chargers that do not exist in Your DB while easily found on Plugshare. Especially lack of new Energa fast chargers is anoying as they are free to charge. I would love to help, but copying half of Plugshare's PL records manually and looks like terrible way to do it especially taking in consideration Energa's and others growth plans. Do You see any other possibilities?
  9. This is probably a B250e, the same as mine! Just added Premium and CarPlay to my car, thank you for a great app! Can ABRP log into my B250e to update both SOC and current consumption to get more accurate SOC for arrival? Best regards from Norway
  10. Thank you! Works now. I will test it on a longer journey next week. Would ABRP Premium take in consideration live data, correct?
  11. Yes this works like you say if both devices are online and the Android one uploads to EVNotify servers. Also EVNotify account and ABRP account need to be linked (EVNotify web interface --> settings --> integrations).
  12. @conny how EVNotify is connected to ABRP? Is it possible to have ABRP on iPhone that is used on ID3 CarPlay and EVNotify on Android device in the car? Thanks!
  13. Hi there, I have tested 2 ODB dongles purchased on Amazon and only this one worked with my ID3 - https://www.amazon.se/dp/B00OXXZVMW
  14. Description: only charge at Autobahn / Highway / Motorway Use Case: If i plan a route from Cologne to Munich ABRP find everytime some chargers that are 10km away from the A3 and did 20km more then needed. An option use onyl chargers at Autobahn Raststätten or Autohöfe will be fantastic. See attached pictures, nearly 20km instead of using an charger at the Autobahhn BR Dirk
  15. BarryH

    1,000 km Challenge

    @framerate Seems to be the range. Range is 10km less, so need to charge to higher % and once you go above 78% fastcharging reduces significant speed.
  16. Alright, I created an OSM account and deleted the tag myself. I'm assuming that will fix it when the change propagates. Also looks like I've collected a new hobby to amuse myself with at lunch.
  17. It would be great to get more information on how the default average speeds for roads are determined. I suspect that different people driving 870 miles could easily arrive 1 hr and 47 min apart based on driving style alone. That's one averaging 56 mph and one averaging 64 mph. When I click the link to plan, ABRP shows several speed limited legs to conserve energy, which would help to explain the lower average speed from the ABRP planner. I also note that the ABRP route appears to be slowed by traveling through Washington, DC rather than going straight to the Baltimore/Washington pa
  18. Hi All Purchased premium a week ago and did OVMS integration for MG ZS EV live data. Looks perfect if this is just a route planner, but there are some issues if it is supposed to be something more than that. First of all, when it comes to navigation, it does not detour to a charger if You drive faster and start loosing battery power quicker (setup is to reach charger with 20% or home with 15% - ended up with 5% without any detours or suggestions from ABRP). The other thing is detour if traffic starts building up - this just does not work, it keeps user on the same route as at the mom
  19. I don't know, but it looks to me like the predictions account for the predicted circumstances including the predicted state of charge when charging: I also don't know how much data they have for the Polestar 2.
  20. Hi, I'd like to connect my (premium) ABRP account to Tronity live data, but both in the android app and in the web application I can only get a "LINK GENERIC", while I was expecting a "LINK TRONITY". What went wrong? Thanks, Franco
  21. I Have connected the Beta version of EvNotify to my VW ID.3. I use a Android phone as a gateway in the car. Now the Calibrated reference consumption is wrong. See picture 😀. It looks like that it was calculated when the car was charging. The reset button does not seem te work. I drove today a bit (max 80KM/H), but it did not reset. Is this a bug in ABRP or Evnotify?
  22. I just did a trip in my e-tron using ABRP, and I was really impressed with how well the vehicle battery drain was forecasted, despite the fact there's no data connection available for the e-tron. We corrected the battery % once on the first leg, and then manually entered the % after each charge, and the rest of the time it stayed within 1% for an entire leg. Unfortunately, the app kills the battery, and makes my iPhone extremely warm. I reinstalled the app, and it seems to be exactly the same. All it takes is a few minutes in APRP (planning a trip or whatever), for the phone to get really
  23. So I've figured out the issue, but I don't know OSM etiquette for fixing it. The issue is that whole stretch has the tag proposed=motorway. I assume because someone thinks that's how to tag it as a proposed upgrade to the existing highway? But this breaks OSRM, per taginfo's notes on the proposed=motorway tag: I assume the fix is to just delete the proposed=motorway tag, but I've never (yet) edited OSM, and don't know if that info should be shunted to some other tag/feature. I guess the other fix is for OSRM to switch to whatever OSMaxx is doing and only ignore ways that are
  24. This really looks to me to be a coding issue in OSM: https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=fossgis_osrm_car&route=29.72338%2C-91.40956%3B29.69412%2C-91.34048#map=10/30.0487/-91.5076 But I can't figure out what's wrong or how to fix it.
  25. @Marc816 yes, just to see if this resolves your issue on android. if not, I would start to think it has to do with your specific android version. Alternatively it would be nice if you could test on another android device. Just trying to find if the issue is in the ABRP app, the ABRP account, the Android version or the phone. By testing several scenario's we might be able to eliminate options. One other thing: you use evnotify: does it stay active in the background? so you only have a stuck gps position, SoC does function?
  26. Hej. What OBDII type should I use in the EVNotify/ABRP config? /Uffe
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