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  2. I may have dreamed this, but I thought I saw somewhere that once one has a trip planned in ABRP, that routing and all of its data can be sent to the on board Tesla navigation, and override the basic Tesla navigation options. I have an upcoming multi-stop/multi-SuperCharger trip coming up with some customized ABRP routings--nothing that either Google or Tesla would support. Is there anyway to upload this routing to the car and use it instead of the limited Tesla routing? If so, will the Navigate on Autopilot be able to read the ABRP routing the same as if it were the Tesla routing? Has anyone done this? How'd you do it? Thanks...
  3. Please do this! I would have given this a heart, but I didn't know I was only allowed to like a certain number of posts.
  4. I wish I could "Heart" this multiple times.
  5. I would like to also suggest that all of the avoid options be selectable at the same time. Currently you have to choose which thing to avoid. Sometimes I would like to avoid both Toll Roads and Highways.
  6. daddy

    wind effect

    Description: When trip planing, i see huge effect that headwind have on my range, compared to no wind trip, but i can't see any effect with tailwind. It certainly should be . Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Replication Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  7. Well i hope it wasn't needed for real time tracking somehow. Thanks for the fix also!
  8. Excellent! Fixed right away, and left me with "why on earth did we ever have that in the code?"
  9. Actually on a trip: old URL did no charge update but showed graph. News URL worked some time but then failed completely. Not graph, no location in map.
  10. daddy

    wind effect

    When trip planing, i see huge effect that headwind have on my range, repported to no wind trip, but i can't see any effect with tailwind. It certainly should be .
  11. Yes i've found it! The Start Departure Charge resets when you click on the route (Tip! Click anywhere along a planned route to get information on speed, elevation and other assumptions.).
  12. I'm not so sure, we've been seeing this sort of error a lot recently (for future reference, we do look at and respond to the "report error" emails you can send us when the route fails). Do you have any idea how this happened and how we might replicate the bug?
  13. Embarrassing. Thanks for the hint. I guess its easy to miss with the two 10% presets in the inputs just below. Also when planning a lot an reiterating the Start Depart Charge resets sometimes to the placeholder "Car" which is 90% when not connected. I guess the combination of the two caused me to miss a zero when typing 100% into the field again.
  14. Hi guys, I'm a (proud) owner of an i3s 94Ah. Would you include this as a car model? I'd like to help providing data if possible. As above, I've also made the observation that 170 Wh/km is overly pessimistic even for the i3s. I'll do some test run on a (hopefully free) highway this weekend. Maybe I can provide data up to 160km/h. On the other hand, the specs mention 27.2 kWh usable, but I'm currently at 29,58 (last full charge). Celestar
  15. Yesterday
  16. Your starting departure charge is 10%, as is your arrival charge, which leaves no room to drive with. On that particular route, you only need to use 1% charge to get to the nearest supercharger, giving the planner any margin to work with solves the problem: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=4b212993-b273-4bb8-aadf-a9a87c9a1460
  17. An excellent find, thanks for doing the digging on this and posting your answer!
  18. If you're seeing the data live on the website, I'm receiving the data! When I get a chance I'll re-run my analysis and see if we've got enough Niro data points for a good model yet, perhaps we can upgrade the eNiro out of alpha soon!
  19. Ah, this is an oversight on my part, the website would get latched on the old system and not retry the new one if it already saw data on the old one. I've updated this and it should work now @green light and @Cnous3, give it another try? Ah, actually for you I can do you one better! I built out a proper telemetry API instead of having to replicate the PIDs, should be easier to implement for you and easier to maintain in the future. I promise I'll get it properly documented at some point... I'll PM you with the details.
  20. @Jason (ABRP) Hi, did you change anything with the pids too? Or is ist just the new URL for the API and a token instead of the mail adress? I wonder if the token is still "eml" in the API call? Thanks!
  21. Hi can you just confirm that You receive my torquePro trips ? Can we check them somewhere ? thanks
  22. I think i can now answer my own question: there is an issue if you try logging with the Samsung/Android power saving mode enabled. After 30 min or so using Android Auto, the power saving stops the GPS and the GPS data are subsequently frozen. (not updating any more) => In conclusion: always disable power saving ! For the return trip, i disabled the galaxy S7 power saving and the log seems OK (GPS part anyway, april 22th). Additionnal info: weather was good with no wind to speak of and only a light rain once. Temperature around 18°C. About 300, maybe 310 km, with a self-imposed speed restriction to 110 km/h (displayed). started with a full charge, ended at 32%. (average 14.5 kW) On friday, I arrived with battery at 31% and i thought it was because of a rear wind (maybe 15kW/h) but I did not notice any wind on Monday. I was really surprised because I ended at 22% for the same trip with the same conditions in february. (except temperature)
  23. Well, looks like bad news: while driving the browser was not showing the location nor the charge chart. Switched back to the old address, working.
  24. Description: I cant seem to find any routes at all at the moment. Tested in Europe and US, Firefox and Chrome Inkognito tabs. Link to Plan: For example: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=8dd2c8ea-5015-497d-8d8a-99295c77ddc0 Replication Steps: Just plan a route, i havent found a specific parameter that causes this. It seems all-encompassing.
  25. Last week
  26. Well FWIW with the old settings if I had something wrong I would get an error but it would report success with the correct settings so it seems to be doing something. Well in addition of having Torque upload logs directly to ABRP I periodically upload my raw log files to a public Dropbox folder for perusal by other Bolt owners. I don't have the time to manually pull the lat/long out of those log files before I upload them. I haven't been included lat/long since I've been uploading to ABRP BTW. AFAIK you have been getting the data.
  27. I have a Bolt and an iPhone. so much is missing that a Tesla driver takes for granted - long road trips need an embarrassing number of apps. ABRP for iOS with CarPlay that works with a bluetooth odb2 dongle (maybe you sell it) would be amazing. every non-testa owner would buy that app!
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