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  3. My 71.000 km. 2017 S 90D (BTX4) in one week and with the same firmware V10 version 2019.32.12.2 is reducing max power in every Supercharge: 111 -> 109 -> 106 -> 103 -> 101 -> 99 -> 96 -> 94 (and now it's the 5th supercharge at this speed) Before V10, the last three month, max. was 118 kW and before this increase it was 112 kW.
  4. Hi all, At our office we have a chargingstation, can I add this charger in ABRP so when planning ABRP can use this charger when I visit our office? The same for my home charger. Both of the chargers are not public. With kind regards, Paul
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    Model 3 Consumption and Charging

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  7. Hi, I am planning to make a road trip from Trondheim to Bergen on 31 October and return on 03 November using the New Nissan Leaf Tekna. Which route is best recommended for short distance? Where along this route can I stop for Chademo rapid charging? Should I expect to use ferries on the route (I wish to avoid ferries and only drive). And could it be possible to make this trip from morning (0400) to evening (1700)? Any advice Jason Rapp and co?
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    Model 3 Consumption and Charging

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    Model 3 Consumption and Charging

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    Model 3 Consumption and Charging

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  11. My understanding that the reference speed is taken at 110 km/hr and is a standard consumption metric for the vehicle without all other factors taken into consideration. Reduced consumption in your case might be because of the terrain profile (going downhill), reduced driving speed (below reference speed) or simply tailwind if you used one in your planning which is equivalent of driving with reduced speed.
  12. Is the weather/rain -correction car model specific? Is there any reason why it should be car specific? Normally ABRP gives slightly pessimistic results for me, wet conditions changes it to optimistic side. This week I had a 160 km round trip in light rain (+4 deg C, wind 4 m/s), and the ABRP estimate was still in optimistic side even I set the rain to heavy rain (-20%). ABR estimate 236 Wh/km Car estimate: 270 Wh/km (here is the plannin link: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=b19f39f9-7108-4c95-ace7-569521d3d7d3 - I was using the charge plus -feature, so I started at SOC 115%, so I did not run out of electrons). This is just one, possibly inaccurate sample, so I would not request changes to model yet. Can other drivers confirm this?
  13. How does one add new charging stations we discover to ABRP please? At "Wire Cache Rest Area" on the Southern Yellowhead Hwy, in British Columibia are two 25kw DCFC's (CCS and CHadMo heads) and one SunCountry J-1772. Located at N 51.6843017 W -119.4211215 This station is listed on Plug Share but I have yet to figure out how to add it to ABRP. ABRP says I can not make the trip, but PlugShare has shown me how I can do Kamloops to Valemont. Thank you for your kind assistance. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  14. not really, letters become too small.... Additionally I cannot test it, since abrp has old live data in the system and ABRPtransmitter stopped sending data from my ioniq 😞 😞 So in this menu I'm stuck on an empty screen...
  15. VJW

    IOS & Android App ?

    I am also happy to be an Alpha or Beta tester 😉
  16. Simple question: I've set "reference consumption" at 247, but when the route is planned it says it used 205. Why?
  17. Would it be possible to make the Car Model dropdown shorter? In my Chromium-based Vivaldi browser (both on Windows and Android), the “VW” selector is out-of-screen. PS: The workaround on the PC is to zoom-out (from the View menu), make the selection, then reset the page zoom to 100%; on the mobile, the problem disappears in Landscape mode.
  18. I don't know if ABRP can consider battery temperature. They don't know what your battery temperature will be when you get there, and those variables will depend on the season, whether or not you're liquid or air (like my LEAF) cooled, and how your own driving habits (aggressive vs. slow and easy) will affect your overall temperature.
  19. Nevermind, I'm an idiot. It shows it right there in the map-less mode when you look at the profile view.
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    Model 3 Consumption and Charging

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    OBD Live Data Setup

    Hey I just got one too! After reading some forums,seems most of the apps designed for this car expect to use a much higher end dongle with fast refresh rate. However, the normal wifi elm327 works for me using Hobdrive. Not really sure if there's a way to connect that to ABRP. I think it would be more promising to use OVMS, because it also wouldn't tie up the phone in any way... however, presumably that means there needs to be some sort of API cloud connection between ABRP and OVMS and I'm not entirely sure how much effort would be involved. I'm probably going to get OVMS hardware within the next 3 months, so would love to engage on the topic at that point!
  22. Once you enter any location as a waypoint, simply click on the "Gear" for settings and set your departure time, properly formatted as ie: 08:00 You can also adjust the charge level for charing locations.
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  24. Have you checked on the edit link on the charger popup? Perhaps the source we gather the information from has it wrong?
  25. Agreed, it can be done manually. But when using the in-car browser, we have to wait for the plan to populate (painfully slow) then do the math and run the plan again. If the plan knows the waypoint kW, then it could calculate the time automatically saving the user a step. Again, this is mostly painful when using Tesla's MCU1 in-car browser. I love using the mapping program, this was merely a feature request, nothing wrong with the existing behavior.
  26. ABRP suggests charging at a level 2 charger at New Milford CT but calculates time too short. Thinks it is DC Fast charger? Also suggests another charger down the road that EVGo indicates is unavailable and out of order. Very frustrating day.
  27. which model do you have?
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