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  2. We really appreciate the bug report, we'd love to get the plan/drive details from you via email so we can replicate it and fix the issues. Could you email them to bugs@abetterrouteplanner.com ?
  3. This may be related to the waypoints bug I reported in my thread about freezing waypoints. This happens to me at every waypoint. No live data (Jaguar I-Pace).
  4. This is driving me crazy trying to determine if I can get away with the performance upgraded model y or should I just stick with the performance model y. You MUST show us what the range you are using to model these route plans
  5. Please show estimated charge at destination in the new UI like in the classic.
  6. Wow: after last charger departure it planned a complete detour back to first (manually planned) charger (including new charger as this would be possible without charing, of course). And created again such a buggy chart. One thing I don't understand: why is the starting point changed to current position when driving started? If I change that back to the original starting point all rerouting and charts are fine, no detours, no returns to visited chargers.
  7. LeafSpy. And it wasn't a round trip - well, it was after replan. And part of the route is driven twice: highway to charger and back to highway. Today I replayed a recorded drive of last summer (Leaf Spy, one way, multiple charges) and got several crashes (always when chart was opened), replans with newly added charger and finally a complete crash of the App (critical error): NoSuchKey exception "latitude" in AirMapView:880.
  8. Charging Video Opel Corsa-e Figures are somewahat different from the same tester's Peugeot Video
  9. Hmm, which telemetry method are you using? If Torque, could you add the GPS Bearing to the logged parameters? It may be that the app isn't certain which way you're travelling on a round trip drive.
  10. When continuing driving, this "funny" chart is created.
  11. Yes CarPlay would be the greatest feature! It is supported by more and more cars these days and we'd like to use this feature. Please built that in!
  12. Two days ago I updated both devices to iOS 13.4. I tested again with my iPhone X Hotspot and so far it worked during two rides. 😊
  13. I also think "---" or "∞" wil be a better name than "NaN". 🙂
  14. Last week
  15. Never mind, the interface for Charger preferences is clunky and difficult to work. Could use some improvement, I really miss the old interface!
  16. After leaving a charger the app did automatic replan and created a route back to the left charger. And the route (next steps?) still shows the left charger.
  17. Pressing replan button while charging gives an error on plan server.
  18. green light

    Night mode?

    I don't know if the app does this automatically: dark color mode (aka night mode). White background isn't that nice in a dark car while driving. An option for switch (please, not automatically, manually) would be nice. Thanks.
  19. I like the new chart style during driving. Just the colors (blue for planned SOC and green for actual) are too similar. Sitting in the car you need to check it twice to see which color is for which. Classic had white and yellow which are (for me) much easier to differ during driving. Maybe you can change the green color to something more different to the blue color.
  20. Speed limit sign shows during driving "NaN" (not a number). Possibly if there is no speed limit (as we have this in Germany...)?
  21. green light

    Disable map

    In drive mode, classic ABRP allowed to disable the map view and gave this chart/table view (other thread). Can you add an option to disable map update? This would reduce mobile traffic and if one just wants the chart and/or table data it isn't required. Thanks.
  22. As I understand drive mode in the app, the "mode" button allows switching to a table and chart view above the route plan. Old ABRP (classic) had this nice display of chart and something similar to the new table view in one view. So my idea: can you add a 3rd mode "mixture" which shows both, chart and table? (yes this would hide the map, but that doesn't care for me)
  23. Description: Random charge sites disappear and re-appear Type: 3.9.15-17 Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=82f13cb8-b931-40c3-8711-99f9a5c4c9c2 Replication Steps: Random missing charge sites come and go for example Petro Canada Golden, BC and Canmore, AB disappeared again Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  24. @EtL: you can still use: www.abetterrouteplanner.com/classic
  25. Not loving the new interface is an overstatement. It has become completely unusable for me. It us impossible to change a destination as it refreshes when my keyboard screen pops up. It crashes on me as well on a Samsung phone. Can you keep the old interface please or at least an option to keep using it. We had many vacation trips with the old version last year and it was simply perfect. The new interface makes it impossible to plan any road trips at all.
  26. Gud'afternoon Alessandro, Monday, March 30th, 2020 at 15:00 UTC-7 I have to agree with you Alesandro that there is a problem. When I tried to log in, and I was copying my password very carefully from my little black book. ... ABRP kept coming back Wrong Password. SO I did a Password Reset and it did that. The Reset instructions then told to use the New Account to set up the new password, Promising none of my Setting or Saved Plans would be lost. Well, my settings are missing, can not access my saved routes. A major inconvenience. Also I to am finding it slower then old ABRP and in my Model-X it is very very slow to respond. I have sent an email to Jason, to ask him if he can fix the missing settings and missing Saved Plans. I am totally baffled at the loss of my password and being forced to do everything. Additional note: Reading the other bug reports, I found how to get to the Classic Version. The Classic version has my settings and saved plans. The new version does not have my saved settings and saved plans. Kindest regards, Hugh-SG
  27. Hi Jason. I managed to test this tonight coming home from work. I navigated home and set a waypoint halfway. There’s quite a lot to report! First of all, o couldn’t get it to freeze as I’d reported before. It could be down to recent updates, but I have another theory. Could it possibly be related to the phone losing its data signal whilst stopped at the charger and getting it back after moving again? Second thing which happened tonight was, when I passed the waypoint, it didn’t move on to the next waypoint so it kept giving me directions to go back to the previous one. I actually tested it out last night and was getting the same result, but I wanted to try again in case I had placed the waypoint badly. But it just doesn’t seem to register that I now want to go to the next waypoint and keeps telling me to turn back. The third thing is that the road conditions menu is now working, but the “live weather” switch has disappeared have you disabled that at the moment or is it a bug? Just thought I’d point it out in case The final thing is I noticed a minor graphical glitch. The red arrow icon for my current location seems to permanently point towards north rather than in the direction of travel. I’ve attached a screenshot to show you what I mean.
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