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  2. Just returned from an 1800+ mile road trip from North Carolina, to Maryland, northern New York, western New York, and back to North Carolina in our VW ID.4 (we needed a bit more of a challenge than the Tesla would offer!) My process was to do my preliminary planning using ABRP as one large trip, modeling stopovers where I knew I would have 120V charging available. I threw in a couple of side trips in NY as well. The Electrify America network is in the process of being built out here. It's not bad, but it's not the Supercharger network either, and there are some notable holes. In particular I-81 through Pennsylvania between Harrisburg, PA and Binghamton, NY is particularly challenging. In fact, as for CCS chargers, there is really nothing along that route from Harrisburg all the way to Syracuse, NY. The gap from the Carlisle, PA station to an EVolveNY station at a thruway stop in Syracuse is 276 miles! There is a sometimes-working 40kW station at the NY State welcome area, but hard to count on that. To be fair, even the Supercharger network is weak along that route, but at least there is a site near Scranton, PA. So using ABRP I plotted two possible diversions: Bloomsburg, PA and Allentown, PA, that added about an hour to the trip. I researched all the potential stops on Plugshare and developed a confidence and convenience chart for each stop. Before committing to taking the ID.4 I wanted to make sure we had a good chance of success, and that amenities would be available for the somewhat longer charging times that I've been accustomed to with the Tesla. In the end I chose the Bloomsburg route and we decided to take the ID.4. The day before we left, I learned that I could use my old OBD2 dongle in the ID.4 with the EVNotify app and it would integrate with ABRP. This turned out to be a major game changer! On a previous (shorter) trip I had manually been updating the SOC while en route, but this was incredibly unwieldy and didn't work well in marginal signal areas. I was pleased that I was able to get it to work (it was a bit tricky to get EVNotify to stay up in the background, but I eventually got it). The integration worked better than I had expected. Very nicely done. I can now get a Tesla-style live energy graph while en route, updated arrival SOC info, and calibrated consumption data, which is great because we actually did much better in the ID.4 than the default ABRP efficiency. We did run into a few glitches at charging stations in PA. At the Blomsburg charging station in particular, one of the 4 stalls was taped off, and the only other open station when we arrived was charging very slow. When another stall opened up, we attempted to move to it, but EA got confused or something and we weren't able to initiate a new session. Even customer service was having difficulty, although eventually we got it started. It should have been a 35-40 minute stop, but it wound up taking 96 minutes. And we needed every last electron to make it all the way to Syracuse! In Syracuse, a new EA site opened up the day before we left on the trip...chargers were working, but the site was not yet on the app. So we had to enlist customer support again to initiate our charge. And they were quite confused about this site as well. Again, it should have been a 35 minute stop, but it wound up taking 55 minutes altogether (nothing happens fast when you have to call up customer service!) The other glitch we ran into was also in PA on the return leg. Ironically it was at a charging station I rated the highest in terms of confidence and convenience. To start with, this was a 4-stall site at a busy interchange along the PA Turnpike. About an hour out, I noticed that all stalls were listed as being in use. I figured (hoped) it would be a temporary surge that would be cleared out by the time we arrived. Nope. All 4 were in use when we arrived and there were two others ahead of us queuing for a stall. So we wound up having to wait around to plug in, and when we finally did the charging station we were on was not able to deliver a consistent charge (kept dropping down to about 33kW). The stall next to us opened up, but it was not showing as available on the app (we needed to use the app versus using a credit card because we get free charging at EA). We fiddled with the charger over and over, and finally another stall opened up so we decided to move over to it. However, as soon as we unplugged the car and started to move out, a Bolt pulls up and wants to park in that stall. I explain the situation to them, and ask if they can use either the stall we just disconnected from or the other one that wasn't showing in the app (but was working), but they absolutely INSISTED that their Bolt could charge at 350kW. Try as I might, I was not able to get them to move, but meanwhile the last stall had opened up, so we moved to that one, and were finally able to get a consistent high speed charge from it. Another 90 minute stop that should have been more like 35-40. The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful, but we found that we needed to be very specific with the order and timing of plugging in the car, pushing buttons on the screen and the app, etc. and if anything wasn't done perfectly, something would time out and we would have to reset the car and the charger and the app and start all over. We think we figured out exactly how to do it, but it continues to be very frustrating that it doesn't just work. The ABRP app itself worked great (especially once I got EVNotify to run in the background), but I didn't want to keep my phone on the entire trip, so I would occasionally put it in my pocket. I found that about half the time I got it back out, ABRP would come up in the proper state and be tracking normally, but the other half of the time it would be "stuck" and either have outdated data, or not be updating. I do wish it could recover more reliably. I usually hit the "Replan" button, but I feel that I had to select "My Position" as the starting location all the time. This was a bit frustrating as on a few legs I had intentionally selected a different route/option to force a specific set of stops. I get that "Replan" is a hard "re-plan", but all I really needed was for the app to "reset" its data and re-read my position and SOC state. I also noticed that in areas with a weak signal that the app would pretty much hang. After doing a "Replan" or even a new route, the app would just spin, and I found I had to kill the app completely to just start over, even when the signal came back. Is there a timeout of some kind? Or is there a way I could "break" it so I could try again when I had a good signal and not have to start all over?
  3. And this is how it is now...though I switched on using live-data
  4. To be more specific: this is how it used to look in the app
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  6. Hello... I'm experiencing some issues with my Kia E Niro and the Live-SoC shown in ABRP: I connected the car via Tronity. ABRP has worked fine so far displaying the Live-SoC with minor differences to the real SoC. In the last days the difference was quite substantial. I reconnected Tronity and ABRP. Now the Live-Soc isn't showing at all. I don't even have a button anymore to switch to Live-SoC. ABRP says that Tronity says the car is sleeping. Does anyone has an idea what is going on? Thx for any help. Gunnar
  7. I will get my new ID.4 soon. It has 52 kWh battery and 100 kW DC-charger. Could you add this combination to ABRP, since now there is only 50 kW for this battery.
  8. Charging at Ödeshög now, so it’s not unavailable. ABRP refuses to Route there though.
  9. Why are five superchargers in southern Sweden greyed out? According to the Tesla they’re available.
  10. I was doing some test comparisons in ABRP of a non stop 3 hour route for XC40 versus Kia e-Niro 64kw and Model 3 SR+. To my surprise according to ABRP the XC40 would arrive at a noticeably higher SoC than either the Kia or the Tesla. The route is mainly highway driving at 110km/h. I feel like this indicates there is an error in the XC40 alpha model, as both the e-Niro and Model 3 SR+ have a substantially longer EPA and WLTP range than the XC40.
  11. Yesterday
  12. See The e-Niro was released with 179Wh/km reference consumption. Currently ABRP sets 193Wh/km by default. I wonder why that has been changed.
  13. I have a premium subscription for ABRP. Is it possible/supported to share the premium subscription with the members of my family through Apple Family Sharing? If so, how? Do the other family members need to start a purchase, and then magically it is free?
  14. Thanks for your reply. I guess ABRP can only learn from your car if you have some data connection established? I was under the Impression from the ABRP blog that they got enough data for a generic model if a car is not in alpha or beta anymore. I would not mind 5% or even 10% deviation, but in the case I described it was 37% deviation in consumption. I believe this can't be explained by driving style.
  15. That would really be a good Option, Google initial routing and ABRP adds the charging Stopps. I do it Like this, but manually with Waze.
  16. I have the same issue, i changed the consumtion to 144wh/km (from 159wh/km) on my Ioniq. Katya explained it to me as follows. ABRP lerns with the km you drive. In my case when i drive slow or medium the SOC forecast data are better then if i drive highway (fast), there ABRP is still missing drives. So i need to drive more highway to get the data for ABRP. The avarage consumtion of my car since march +- 4000km is acc. car around 13.2kw/100km
  17. Lucas

    ABRP tutorial

    Hi guys, does amybody knows what the green dot Stands for, it changes color to orange or red sometimes.. thanks
  18. Description: Resetting reference consumption doesn't do anything Type: Yes, latest on Android and iOS AFAIK. Replication Steps: Get the reference consumption for a car to some non-default value (400+ on a model Y in my case) Go into settings for the car and click reset reference consumption Check reference consumption, see it didn't change. For bonus points, try unlinking and re linking to reset and see it not change
  19. Driving Model: Option 4: Should be the same like the Peugeot e-2008 Charging Model: Charge Curve - See Opel Corsa-e, Peugeot e-2008
  20. One thing I like on the Zoe ZE50 implementation is the ability to have current directions directly in front of me as well as the map on the main display. This should alleviate the limitations of the 3D map view. Colin Begg
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  22. I have the feeling the devs are not really responsive in the forum.
  23. I tried the app on my ID.3 in an area that was totally not familiar for me (Imst). And I experienced the following issues: - Top down map isn't usable for very narrow and lots of streets. (Has been reported I see) - When taking the wrong route the app gets stuck trying to recompute. When I ask Google to reset the route it works fine again. - Trying to plot a route where you don't have enough charge and no chargers are on the route will crash the app in a bootloop. - (not android auto) when navigating with Waze I use the web links of the ionity chargers to directly put in the coordinates. Sadly enough the charger illertissen (Germany) points to a charger in München. Sadly enough I failed to see this mistake, but no worries I got to my destination (eventually). - It does seem to read the charge of my car. However it reads the total charge of the battery, not the usable charge. Sometimes it also reports way lower, what I don't understand. Maybe the car uses the API wrongly (what is possible). For the way back home I recently discovered the import to Google maps feature and will use that. I only tested it for a few little trips.
  24. Not sure if ironic or not. 😂 I did decide to take it serious so thanks 😉
  25. Hi, since yesterday morning the ABRP app on my iPhone 7 (iOS 14.6) crashes immediately after starting it. I already tried to close all apps and restart the iPhone multiple times but it didn't help. If CarPlay is connected or not doesn't change a thing. Please see the videos here: https://we.tl/t-IR2tw65G0s Edit: Removing and installing the app again fixed it but maybe you still can learn from that incident.
  26. Hi, I also had bad experiences with closed roads which are closed for weeks. So those closed roads probably got officially announced. Autobahn intersection Rippachtal A38/A9 in Germany: https://goo.gl/maps/gQHMqiXpMdwL7P459 The connection from A38 (heading west) to A9 heading south is closed. But ABRP always leads you there. I marked the way ABRP wants to go with a black pencil in the screenshot. Then you have an additional detour of >16 km because you have to go A9 heading north and turn around in Nempitz (marked with red pencil). Or you stay on A38 (for that you have to know that the connection to A9 is closed) and turn around in Leuna which would result in a detour of ~15 km (marked with blue pencil). Of course if you pay attention to the road signs telling you that the connection is closed and you know the region you'd probably stay on A38. But come on its 2021. When I use a sat nav with live traffic I expect it to know the closed roads and avoid them, not leading me to them. Sorry I don't have too good drawing skills (using the mouse).
  27. I'm wondering what might have happened here. I planned a route from A to B with an intended 10-hr overnight charging stop after 2 hrs of driving, with a camping ground within 300 m of the charging station. I was provided with this plan, which suggests "Rauhelleren" as a fitting camping spot: https://abetterrouteplanner.com?plan_uuid=287b5642-16a0-4fae-9862-50ecc45fb16c Only problem is, when I arrived at the charger I discovered that the camping ground was not 300 m away, but a full 48 km away. Hardly walking distance. What might have caused this issue?
  28. Thank you Sofia and TomTomZoe. That helps.
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