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  3. Dear ABRP Team, I see that the estimated reference consuption of the Lucid Air is still 194 Wh/Km, which is the initial estimation when the model was added to the list. Since then Lucid received the EPA estimation, that looks much better than the initial estimation, and other information were pulished. Are you considering to update it or you are waiting to collect real data information? THKS
  4. Hi @Webhiker, Google doesn't seem to support changing subscription plans without a cancellation: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481 Should you need any further assistance, just tag me with '@' and let me know 🙂 /Katya
  5. Hi Colin, I’m also new to ABRP and the Forum. I own a ‘17 Bolt LT (60 kW), and an ‘18 Nissan Leaf (40kW) awaiting delivery of a Tesla MY Long Range. I’m from New York State’s Hudson Valley and like you, have driven as far as 150 miles. To get out of the Forum and into the app, click the Browse button in the upper left hand corner of your screen and select Planner. Good luck!
  6. How about live data without an OBD dongle? (I don't personally see much mass market future in an OBD dongle based solution - most people simply aren't going to bother with that). For example, the 'PUMP' route planner app (quite basic, but has a pretty slick UI & UX) allows users to send some live data (eg SoC) into the app simply by logging in with the account details of their vehicle. Not as sophisticated as the data that can be got via OBD, but in many cases it will be sufficient, and it's straightforward, requiring no dongle to be purchased, installed, set up and connected etc, nor even a link with a third party service such as Tronity. https://pumpapp.co
  7. New Station Added to Jasper - OCM-189688
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  9. @Katya-ABRP can you please check?
  10. Description: Using ABRP with MicroG instead of the Google androi services Premium user here. Hi a lot of phones are now sold with MicroG https://microg.org/ instead of the Google mobiles services ( google apps ) preinstalled on most phones. You can see this kind of phones/OS here https://e.foundation/ it seems abrp is constantly making the phone freeze when running , so I stop using ABRP for now until it can works flawlessly .
  11. Hi, Hope you are well. Does anyone know if the BMW i3 use OBD2 or UDS protocol to request data such as state of charge? Thanks
  12. Some other errors I found: - This charger (https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=16084677) appears as 75kW belonging to Iberdrola, but it's actually 50kW and it belongs to Easycharger. - This charger (https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=16084685) and the one on the opposite direction of A-1 motorway have no network info. They also belong to Easycharger and their correct power is 50kW, instead of 75. - Easycharger chargers taken from plugsurfing, like this one (https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=25933272), have wrong power, 62kW instead of 50.
  13. No, I wanted to be safe and didnt have other Apps running.
  14. Flag shows the whole route, the other one shows route to next waypoint. If you only have one waypoint/destination both modes will show the same but if you have a charge stop in-between you will see a difference. These modes are exactly the same as in the app and not AA specific. There is no extra documentation right now. But we try to align it as close to the app as possible so the features behave the same.
  15. I’m on the most recent versions of all the softwares. ABRP doesn’t open on the watch regardless of how many times I’ve deleted and reinstalled. I JUST purchased this. Please provide an answer before I have to 1 star this on the store, and ask for a refund.
  16. Last week
  17. There are two map view modes of the five options that I haven't really figured out. How are the view modes indicated with a checkered flag and a route with four waypoints (see attached) supposed to work? Apropos: Is there any documentation specifically for the AA version of ABRP?
  18. I have this bug many times where I use the gear icon next to the starting point (My position), hit the plan button, and then my SoC is suddenly at the default SoC in the general settings (which for me is 90%). As a sometimes working work around, I have to hit Back after entering my SoC and then route from the waypoint list rather than from the #1 waypoint gear icon page. Try that out.
  19. The following charger is missing in ABRP: https://fr.chargemap.com/total-ev-charge-total-access-a630-rocade-ouest.html Best regards
  20. Planned a trip to my closest charger. Seem the location i slighty off and plans it way off in the app. The charger is not on the main road but at the Circle K station next to it. And the trip is short in reality. Another bug is in sharing this trip somehow it selects the circle k station (where in the app i navigated to the actual charger) I want to charge at the Circle k station then head home with 75% charge) not go into to the city and charge. It's a short trip and i can obviously do it without the app but might affect people trying to stop here. I have reported in another thread the bee chargers are not working properly and are now Mer network. https://abetterrouteplanner.com?plan_uuid=2e025d3e-fbc4-4bb2-805f-3d8e04b7b157 Screenshot from the app. As the shared link show a different route for me
  21. It seems there was a misunderstanding from what Jason said. We do not have anything in place yet for Android, that we put on hold until we have anything in place on iOS. The idea was that if we will ever implement this, that we want to do it in a way, that it works for both iOS and Android. I worked a bit on an Android app myself (google ABetterObdReader). So we have some (unrelated) code that we could somehow take over. But as it runs pretty well individually there is no need for that. We want to make it so we can use the same code base for Android and iOS and that app was just a PoC to support my car that was not supported in any other app before.
  22. I agree. I work as an adjuster and with the wildfires having just raged through the state, I'm driving hundreds of km a day. I would like to add time to the waypoints (which are people's homes) I'm visiting, so naturally, I cannot use the "charge for" loophole as there is no charging at a stranger's home.
  23. @Samuel-ABRPp @Katya-ABRP May we please have this ready to go feature? Many thanks.
  24. I love using ABRP but I have a big problem. Most of the time planned SoC matches my 24kWh Leaf. I have adjusted the efficiency to 230wH/mile which matches Nissan's reported efficiency. I have set it to arrive with 10% charge in case of broken chargers. Most of this works fine. However, occasionally towards the end of the journey the SoC planned SoC started dropping really quickly (without me touching the adjusted SoC - as if it has miscalculated the last section, because the car SoC is matching. Twice now this has led to turtling to a charging station or home because ABRP suddenly realises the SoC is insufficient and comes up with a warning saying no viable route available. ABRP is not connected to the car and there aren't significant weather changes. What I would like to know is why is the planned SoC changing if I am on route and not exceeding speed limits? I would have thought planned SoC should almost never change, certainly not in the last ten kilometres or so. As you probably know the charging curve on the Gen 1 Leaf is rubbish and so I don't want to charge much before 10%, but likewise there is not a huge amount extra to play with once beyond 10%. Thanks in advance for any pointers. Note this happens on trips with no planned chargers (but arriving home with <15% charge) so I don't think it is an issue with charger settings.
  25. The map with least data consumption should be ABRP map and the one with highest most likely a map that includes satellite imagery.
  26. Jack

    Fire HD10 tablet

    Thank you Mld! You are a savior, this worked great!
  27. Sweden: Bee chargers do not exist anymore they are Mer chargers. (I know you read from database but is there no update here?) bee (mer) also show up as not connected (Unknown). However they do show up in chargefinder fine with current status. (I seen a couple of Audi dealers with new MER chargers and those seem to be correct. (I don't want to go charge at Audi though) As i prefer to use Mer (subscription option in Sweden) would be great to have this updated. Also when i plan any route using these charges it estimates very long charging times. (1h for 31-32kwh) on 50kw chargers. I have a connected Citroën e C4 in the app. Other 50kw network charger seem to show shorter (hopefully) more realistic charging times. (Just had the car a week so can't tell yet) Thanks!
  28. I managed to get this working. I added a new car. Deleted the old ones. Redid the link again (probably 4th or 5th time now) didn't work. This time i started from scratch and deleted everything first, cleared the app cache as well. adding my own car did the trick, once i linked it to Tronity it just started working right away. (Not sure if helpful info but I'm happy to be up and running)
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