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ABRP Update: Automatic MyTesla Login Refresh



Finally I have managed to get automatic refreshing of tokens to MyTesla to work in ABRP. In plain English this means that once you are logged in to MyTesla in ABRP, you should never have to log in again – it should not expire.

Note that ABRP still does not store your password or MyTesla email anywhere. Only a temporary key from Tesla, called a token, is stored locally in your browser. Never on our servers. The refresh is done using Teslas refresh token, which is issued when logging in the first time. You can of course log out manually any time you like.



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I still can't get ABRP to remember me and my car when I log in again, even on the same computer.  Each time I enter, each time I plan a trip, I start out as a new user -- despite the fact that I have filled out all the data about me and my car previously.  Where is the "sign in" feature on the website?

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