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Helping ABRP - Charge Networks

Jason (ABRP)


One of the most important things for the accuracy of our plans is the knowledge of Charging Stations.  To help with this knowledge, there are several ways you can help us out:

Contributing to Our Charge Database Partners

Most of our charger knowledge comes from a few excellent databases.  The main ones which are editable are:

  • Supercharge.info - A community run map of supercharging locations
  • Open Charge Map - An open source database of all types of charging locations.  Comprehensive, but sometimes out of date
  • GoingElectric - Focused mainly near Germany, but covers most of Europe
  • Uppladdning.nu - Another open database which focuses mainly on Scandinavia, but covers most of Europe.

A submission made to any of these databases will update plans on A Better Routeplanner within 24 hours.  You can easily find direct links to edit by finding a charger which is out of date on our map, and selecting the edit link on the interface:


This will take you directly to the edit page we have associated with that location.

Raising Awareness with Charge Networks

The best way to improve our charger knowledge is to get it straight from the source.  We're more than happy to work on direct interconnects with all charge networks, no matter how big or small.  We often find, however, they're hard to get in contact with.  If there's a charge network you'd like us to have a direct interconnect with you can send them a tweet:


@{network} - I love using your chargers on road trips, and I want to use @RouteBetter to plan using your chargers.  If you connect your chargers with their routing, that would be amazing!

Or letter/email:


To whom it may concern at {Charge Network}

I regularly use your chargers on my electric road trips, and like to use A Better Routeplanner to plan.  I'd love to get more accurate data on your chargers so I can plan my road trips more effectively using your stations.

You can email them at contact@abetterrouteplanner.com or tweet @RouteBetter

Looking forward to an amazing electric drive!

{Your name}

Once we have a direct interconnect we can provide:

  • Automatic routing around full or down stations
  • Suggest an ideal stall for you to charge in (best for your car)
  • Predictive routing using station traffic analytics (Premium feature)

And of course, for any charge networks reading this, we're happy to talk to you about integrating route planning into your own apps to better serve your drivers.


Recommended Comments

Guest Tony


I have been using ABRP quite a bit, but noticed that the Miriam Vale Queensland Australia QESH Charger has disappeared on ABRP for some reason. According to other sites it is still there and currently operational. Could you look at this and re add it?

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One of the sources used by ABRP is a Google Sheet spreadsheet that I maintain, of DC chargers (50 kW or greater) in Australia.  It also uses OpenChargeMap and I think data directly from Chargefox.  Miriam Vale exists in all 3 sources so I'm guessing there is something wrong with the import/synchronisation process?

I've noticed the same thing happen with others.  In Tassie there are 8 fast charger sites, only two of them (Queenstown and Campbell Town) are appearing at the moment.

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Hi Katya,

It looks like the issue has been resolved - they're all showing up!  Not sure if it was a regular daily sync process or some other manual intervention by another ABRP admin, but it's all OK now!  (was OK about 12 hours after your post but I hadn't got around to coming back here and letting you know, sorry!)



Edited by chuq
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I am ABRP (premium) user and I plan all my routes using your service which is excellent! I try to correct charger data that I find missing or incorrect. In June or July I submitted correct power data for this charger https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=8659916 to https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/Polen/Lodz/Shopin-Lodz-Brzezinska-292/28736/ (the pictures on that site are from our trip). I also contacted charger operator https://greenwaypolska.pl/ explaining how ABRP works and what data sources it uses. This case was of particular interest for them because this charger was not preferred by ABRP engine with incorrect power info (40 kW for CCS instead of real 90 kW). After the data was corrected your engine started preferring their charger. Greenway contacted goingelectric.de and submitted correct data of their all upgraded chargers. Everything worked fine but recently I noticed the site I mentioned earlier shows 50 kW power and now it is linked to plugsurfing but it is not listed on their site. It is not present in map.openchargemap.io either.

I have three questions:

1. Where does this charger (incorrect) data come from?

2. What should I tell Greenway so they can correct power info again?

3. What will happen in this situation if I submit correct charger info to map.openchargemap.io?

Thanks in advance for helping me to help ABRP


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Thanks for being so willing to help out @Radek Wroński! We'd love to connect directly with Greenway, if you'd like to send them our contact info (bo@abetterrouteplanner.com, jason@abetterrouteplanner.com).  Like you say, we're getting the charger data from Plugsurfing, who it seems have generally good live station status, but poor power data for each stall.  We've submitted quite a few issues with their data to them, but it wouldn't hurt to hear it from extra mouths.

If you submitted it to OpenChargeMap, it'd be the same as GoingElectric, our priority when trying to determine what the most accurate charger data is:

  1. First-party information (direct interconnect)
  2. Third-party information (roaming charge operators who have direct non-static information)
  3. Crowd-sourced information (OpenChargeMap, GoingElectric, etc)

Although, sometimes (like with PlugSurfing) it seems that they have static and non-static data mixed, so likely there is some more work to be done to distinguish the two.

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