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ABRP 3.5.2 Release Notes



ABRP 3.5.2 - Better Driving Mode and Offline Web App - And Faster Planning

Today we have released ABRP 3.5.2 with major planning speed improvements, especially for new not-recently-searched routes. Even the rather slow (in many aspects) Renault Zoe plans reasonably fast for shorter routes.

ABRP 3.5.1 came with a lot of improvements, as usual. Major focus of this release is to improve the experience in driving mode and offline/limited connectivity support

The mission of A Better Routeplanner is about meeting two needs

  • Planning, preparing, estimating the time, and generally dreaming of future trips, at home or on the road in your favorite browser
  • Driving and getting feedback on how it goes, how your compare to the plan, ensuring that you will safely make it to the next charger - or replan if needed

The ABRP driving mode addresses the second point above by providing real-time status based on your position compared to the plan, with optional car real-time car status based on optional MyTesla login (for Tesla owners) or OBD data (for some EVs). 

Web App with Offline Support

ABRP is now supporting Chrome's and Safari's ability to allow a web app to work offline (a.k.a "PWA" - progressive web app). This means that ABRP will continue to display your latest plan and map even offline and even if you do not use it for a while. In Android and Chrome, you will be asked to "Add ABRP to the home screen", which means it will appear like any app in your app drawer. The same thing can be done by adding it to your home screen in Safari. This also means that ABRP works in full screen!

The offline support does not include planning new routes, though, as this requires help from our servers! Let us know if there is more offline functionality you would like to have.



Map-less Mode

In ABRP 3.5 we introduce map-less full screen mode for those of us who know the way anyway, or use a second navigation system such as Waze in parallel to ABRP. The map-less driving mode is also lighter on the browser, which makes it more enjoyable in e.g. the Tesla browser. You can switch back and forth between the normal map mode and map-less any time you want by clicking the map icon:


You can also click the "frame" button on top of the driving display while driving: 


Have fun planning and driving!

Give us your feedback on the ABRP forums or on Twitter @Routebetter!


Recommended Comments

This Update is so nice! Mapless mode is much more readable on small Devices. This is awesome. Thank you. :classic_wink:

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Guest Michael


I really love this routeplanner. Only thing I would like to see additionally is the information on how many vertical meters I have to go up and down. 

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Great job, very helpful. It would be great to select CCS chargers with 2,4 or more Stalls to avoid queueing. 

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Guest ChaDemo x 2


And the same with ChaDemo chargers ?

8 hours ago, Guest tomlbg said:

Great job, very helpful. It would be great to select CCS chargers with 2,4 or more Stalls to avoid queueing. 


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Guest ULTRA Conservative Plan


Hello..  I have been using ABRP for a year now and generally it works great.

I have noticed the new "ultra conservative route planning" in especially the latest edition.  For example, I can drive from A C Smith Road, zip 30534 by fully charging my S75 to 230 miles, stopping once in Manchester Tennessee and then going on to Gallatin Tn.  In Gallatin, I do an overnight charge to 230 miles and then go on directly to Louisville to charge and then end up at the University of Dayton.  Even on a 40F day, my reserve does not get below 25 miles.  So, I skip TWO stops on this trip compared with ABRP wanting me to also charge at Chattanooga and Bowling Green KY when going in both directions.  The original ABRP was not this way.

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