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Nissan Leaf - Specific Instructions

Jason (ABRP)


Setting up the Nissan Leaf to log to ABRP is quite easy, thanks to the simplicity of LeafSpy!

  1. Open LeafSpy and connect to your OBD Reader
  2. At the upper right select "☰" and select Settings
  3. Scroll down to the "Server" section of the settings and input the following:
    1. ID: Your ABRP user email address
    2. HTTP://
    3. URL: abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/leaf24 (or leaf30, or leaf40 as appropriate)

Once this is all set, whenever you drive data will be logged to ABRP, and available on the website to follow your plan.  Unfortunately, LeafSpy currently must be running in the foreground to log, so you will have to have a separate device to follow the plan in the browser.  We're working with the LeafSpy developer to get this resolved.


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