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Chevy Bolt – Specific Instructions

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Thank you for contributing your Bolt EV Data!  There are no special additional steps required to set up your Bolt EV to contribute data.

There are two options for PID Lists:

  1. Full PID List from Sean Graham on the Chevy Bolt Forum
  2. Short PID List, listing only the parameters needed by ABRP

Download one of these to your phone and return to the Generic Instructions. Keep this tab open,  as you will need to reference the desired PID list.  When needed by the Generic Instructions, these are the PIDs you will need to select for Logging:

Required PIDs
PID Title
!Charger HV Current
!Charger HV Voltage
!Charger HV Power
!HV Current
!MG Voltage
!State of Charge Raw
!Battery Capacity
!Air Temp 0
*Speed kmh
GPS Altitude
GPS Latitude
GPS Longitude
Speed (GPS)
Speed (OBD)

All other parameters are optional, and are not recorded by ABRP.

Webserver URL


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