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Generic OBD and Torque Pro Setup Instructions

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These instructions will walk through the steps to be performed once you have downloaded a PID list for your vehicle to your phone.  You will need to reference vehicle-specific instructions at points when there are differences in setup between vehicles.

At a high level, you will need to:

  1. Create an ABRP account
  2. Find a bluetooth OBD reader that works with your vehicle and pair it with your phone
  3. Set up Torque Pro or other app to log data to the ABRP Server

These instructions assume you have an Android phone, as that’s what I have access to to figure out the setup.

Once you’re set up and driving, the data that helps us out the most is Consistent Speed on Flat Ground, and Charging on a DC Fast Charger that’s faster than your car can charge. Of course, we’ll take any and all data you’re willing to provide, but those two sets help us the most.

Step 1 – Create an ABRP Account

To prevent unexpected data from being added to the server, and to allow us to delete your data upon request, you will need to create an ABRP account.  This can be done on the planner, under Show Settings > Show More Settings > Login or Register

Step 2 – Set Up Your OBD Reader

You will need to pick an OBD Reader that works for your phone and your car. The main differences between bluetooth readers are in read speed.  My first Vgate iCar was a dud, and ended up going with the OBDLink, as it’s a better overall adapter.  For our purposes, we’d like at least 1 read every 10 seconds, so here are a few other adapters that should work:

Name Read Rate (<15 Selected) Read Rate (>15 Selected)
BAFX OBDII Reader/Scanner every 10 seconds every 30 seconds
Veepak BLE1 every 5 seconds every 10 seconds
Veepak Bluetooth 3 every 5 seconds every 10 seconds
Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth every 1 second every 5 seconds
Vgate iCar Pro BLE every 1 second every 5 seconds
OBDLink LX BLE every 1 second every 1 second

Reference this table later when selecting how quickly to log to the ABRP Server in Torque.

Once you have the OBD II reader, installation is pretty easy.  Most cars have the OBD Port near the steering wheel, the port is a roughly trapezoidal shape:


Step 3 – Configure Torque for Upload

If your car has a vehicle-specific app listed, perform the instructions linked below, then you're done!

Car App
Nissan Leaf LeafSpy Pro (Android) (iOS)

Download Torque Pro from the Play Store.  You will also need a file manager if you don’t already have one.  These instructions assume you’re using ES File ManagerAll of the following steps are performed on your Android Phone.

  1. Download the appropriate PID file for your car and perform any additional setup steps per the links below:



Chevy Bolt

PID List courtesy of user Telek on the Chevy Bolt Forum

Hyundai Ioniq

PID List courtesy of JejuSoul on Github

Hyundai Kona

PID List courtesy of JejuSoul on Github

Kia Niro

PID List courtesy of JejuSoul on Github

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 entries
  1. In ES File Manager, select the ☰ in the upper left, and select “Show hidden files”.
  2. Select Internal Storage at the top left (Note: The name Internal Storage may vary by device)
  3. Move the downloaded PID file(s) from /Downloads to /.torque/extendedpids
    1. If /extendedpids/ doesn’t exist yet, do the actions in step 5, then come back and move the file. If you perform step 5 here, you will need to perform it again after step 4.2 to import the file.
    2. To move the file(s):
      1. Long press the file and select “Cut”
      2. Navigate to /.torque/extendedpids
      3. Press “Paste”
  4. Open Torque Pro and import the file:
    1. Navigate to ⚙ > Settings > Manage Extra PIDs / Sensors
    2. If there are already PIDs on this page, select ⋮ and pick “Clear List”
    3. Select ⋮ and pick “Add Predefined Set”
    4. Pick the file you moved.
    5. Repeat this step for any additional files required.
  5. Configure what data to save:
    1. Navigate to ⚙ > Settings > Data Logging & Upload > Select what to log > ⋮ > Select what to log
    2. If there are already PIDs on this page, select ⋮ and pick “Clear List”
    3. Reference the “Required PIDs” table on your particular vehicle’s page.
  6. Finally, configure file save or webserver upload (Direct upload to the ABRP server is easier, you don’t have to remember to send us your data after a drive, but either method is fine.  You can also do both methods simultaneously, if you want to save a local copy of your data.):
    1. If configuring Webserver Upload (Realtime web upload):
      1. Navigate to  > Settings > Data Logging & Upload
      2. Under “Realtime web upload”:
      3. ☑ Upload to webserver
      4. Web Logging Interval – Set appropriate to your adapter per the table in section 2.  If in doubt, set to “every 5 seconds”.
      5. ☑ Only when OBD connected
      6. Set the Webserver URL per your vehicle specific instructions.
      7. Torque ID is not used
      8. User Email must match your ABRP login email
      9. Test Settings – Verify “No problems found!”
    2. If configuring File Save:
      1. Navigate to  > Settings > Data Logging & Upload
      2. Under “File Logging”:
      3. ☑ Synchronous Logging
      4. ☑ Log when Torque is started
      5. ☑ Only when OBD connected
      6. ☑ Automatically log GPS
      7. G Sensors are not used by ABRP
      8. ☑ Rotate Logfiles
      9. ☐ Format Log values (Do not have this option selected)
  7. Go for a drive!
    1. If using File Save:
      1. After each drive or charging session navigate to Realtime Information > ⚙ > Email Logs
      2. Select the logfile you want to send to ABRP
      3. Select “CSV (Comma Separated Values)”
      4. Send the file to jason@abetterrouteplanner.com

Once you’re set up, if you’d like confirmation that your data is getting to us, you’re welcome to send me an email, and I’ll check it out for you! Also, feel free to ask for help getting set up if you run into issues.

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