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Sharing Data with ABRP



We value actual driving and charging data very highly at ABRP. We use it both to research and publish information about the efficiency and charging characteristics of Electric Vehicles, and to power our internal models of the cars for trip planning. There are several posts on this blog about the charging and consumption characteristics of Tesla Model S, X, and 3. And all of this is made possible thanks to our generous users who donate their data!

Tesla vehicles are, of course, all online all the time. They also have an inofficial API which we can use in ABRP to fetch information e.g. the current State-of-Charge (SoC, battery %) from your car. All other present EVs are either not always connected to the internet, or they lack an open API which we can use to fetch information. To obtain data from these EVs we rely on the standardized OBD port in every vehicle – an example can be seen in our post on submitting Bolt data. Hopefully this will be easier and more accessible to everyone at some point.

Tesla Data Sharing

If you drive a Tesla, you can easily help out and submit your driving and charging data to ABRP. Just browse to https://abetterrouteplanner.com in your car browser or mobile/computer and select Settings->More Settings->MyTesla login and login using your MyTesla email and password. There are two options below the login details:

  • Share data: Check this if you want to donate all data your browser fetches for you while driving, planning and charging. We will only poll data from your vehicle when you have an active browser window running ABRP.
  • 24h background sharing:  If you want to share data, but not have a browser running ABRP all the time, check this option too. It will allow the ABRP servers to poll your vehicle for up to 24 hours after you use ABRP. For e.g. Model 3s, which still lack a browser, this helps a lot if you want to donate quality data from your trips. Just visit ABRP once in a browser in the beginning (or before) the trip. If your car is idle, polling will only happen once per hour to limit vampire drain.
Access Security

We take security very seriously. We don’t want to store any sensitive information on our servers, and definitively not MyTesla tokens. We never ever store your MyTesla password anywhere. The MyTesla token used to access your vehicles API is only stored permanently in your browser’s local storage.

The 24h background sharing feature needs your MyTesla token on our servers to work. This is solved by remembering it in the local memory of a server process when your browser asks for MyTesla data. It is never stored on disk or in a database, and will be forgotten after 24 hours or as soon as the server is rebooted. And of course, the feature is entirely optional, just like data sharing and logging in to MyTesla at all.

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