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  • Bo (ABRP)

    ABRP 3.4 Release Notes

    By Bo (ABRP)

    ABRP 3.4 - Lots of New Car Models Today we proudly release ABRP 3.4 with a bunch of improvements and new goodies! Most ABRP fans would know by now that most of these features have already been released quietly as soon as they were implemented, which is how we usually work. This new version is just to announce it properly so that you do not miss it! News: A lot of new car models, mostly in alpha stage, which means that we know approximately how they work but we need your feedback to refine them further. The complete car model list now includes Tesla Model S, 3, X, Roadster 2020 Audi e-tron BMW i3 Chevy Bolt Hyundai Ioniq and Kona Jaguar I-Pace Kia Niro and Soul EV Nissan Leaf Opel Ampera-e Renault Zoe Volkswagen e-Golf Improved planning for CCS and Chademo vehicles The sheer amount of (somewhat arbitrarily placed) CCS and Chademo chargers makes optimal route finding impossible; the updated ABRP algorithms manage to find good close-to-optimal routes fast.  Chargers with many stalls will be given a small benefit in planning since it is more likely that you find a free stall at those. They may also be broken less often... Preferred charger networks. ABRP now tracks which charger operator/network each charger belongs too, and if you click one charger belonging to a network, you can select "Prefer...". This, in turn will give chargers from this network a small benefit in planning, meaning they will be used more often than others. This is still a soft decision, though, so if no useful chargers from your favorite networks are reasonable, other chargers will be used. Many, many more small improvements. Give us your feedback on the ABRP forums or on Twitter @Routebetter!
  • Bo (ABRP)

    A Better Routeplanner 3.3

    By Bo (ABRP)

    Driving mode for Everyone! A Better Routeplanner has always been about two things to make life as an EV owner as smooth as possible: Planning at home, and following up while driving. In a Tesla, specifically with telemetry via MyTesla, the ABRP driving mode has been working smoothly, but in a mobile phone or iPad, driving mode has been absent. Now ABRP 3.3 changes that! Release highlights Driving mode, with or without telemetry. As soon as you move fast enough, ABRP will switch to driving mode and display a graph of the next route leg including elevation and expected battery State-of-Charge % (SoC) together with estimated arrival time. Full screen mobile web app. If you go to ABRP in your mobile phone or iPad browser, you can “Add to Home Screen” in your browser. The ABRP icon on your home screen will then launch ABRP in a full screen mode which works more like an ordinary app. More space for graphs! Avoid ferries, tolls and highways. If you want to have more interesting routes, you can now disable any of these. This also improves the previous avoid ferries function which was not ideal. OBD telemetry. Just like we fetch SoC and other car data via MyTesla, we can use OBD data for other car brands and get real-time SoC and other information for convenience while driving. How to set up an OBD reader with ABRP. Manual SoC input. If you are not fetching information from your car via telemetry (MyTesla or ODB), you can now manually input your actual SoC. This is shown as a big battery symbol above the driving mode window. Improved reference consumption estimation. With telemetry or manual battery input, ABRP will now estimate your reference consumption, even if you do not have a route planned. The end user’s license agreement has been updated to allow ABRP to store anonymous drive data. There is no way to track this data back to any person, even if our servers get hacked, and we will use it to improve our planning and car models even further for a better experience for everyone. The lowlight of the release is Teslas v9 software, which forces their own map in the background at all times. For Model S and X users with the old MCU (before March 2018) this makes ABRP almost unusably slow in the car browser. Tell your Tesla representatives. Driving Mode with Manual SoC Input If you are driving a car without telemetry, you can still get a visual indication of your actual SoC (battery %) compared to the plan by letting ABRP know your actual SoC. Do this by adjusting the estimated SoC in the green battery icon to match your car’s SoC. Click to the left of the icon to decrease the actual SoC Click to the right of the icon to increase the actual SoC Click in the middle of the icon to confirm that ABRP’s estimate is correct By doing this you get a blue SoC graph overlaid on the grey planned SoC in driving mode and you can visually see how you are doing. Also, you help ABRP improve our car models and planning, and thereby help all other fellow EV owners!
  • Bo (ABRP)

    Tesla Model 3 Performance vs RWD consumption - Real Driving Data from 233 Cars

    By Bo (ABRP)

    As you may already know, ABetterRouteplanner.com collects driving data from contributing users. This data is used to improve the ABRP car models (i.e. the mathematical representation of each type of car) and also, to give back to the ABRP community providing the data, to be published here in the blog! At this point, we have received a lot of Model 3 Long Range driving data, and even enough data from Model 3 Performance to draw some first conclusions on how they differ. We have 220 different Model 3 Long Range users who have contributed a total of 70,000 km (43,000 miles) of driving, which caters for very good data. Most of these Model 3 Long Range are the RWD version. For P3D, there is "only" 13 cars contributing so far, having driven around 7,000 km (4,300 miles) of driving, which means that statistics is a little bit more shaky, but still usable. Just to show off what those numbers mean, this is the graph of the 7,000 km of P3D data - every blue point corresponds to 30 seconds of driving at a certain speed and how much power that car has consumed during those 30 seconds. Yellow dots show the median power consumption for that speed and red line is our fitted model. Now let's boil that data down to something more understandable! First, the reference consumption, constant speed on flat land at 110 km/h (65 mph) becomes: Tesla P3D: 173 Wh/km at 110 km/h (267 Wh/km at 65 mph) Tesla Model 3 Long Range, mostly RWD: 150 Wh/km at 110 km/h (232 Wh/km at 65 mph) This means that our real-world driving data shows that the P3D consumes about 15% more than the RWD version at highway speeds. This is expected, or actually somewhat low - most P3Ds run on 20" sports wheels instead of 18" Aeros, and perhaps more importantly, P3Ds may be driven more like performance cars by their drivers. (Note that in https://abetterrouteplanner.com, we add some margin to the reference consumption to be on the safe side.) Looking at efficiency numbers for different speeds, we get the following comparison between the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, P3D and Model S100D: We can see from this graph that there is a clear difference in efficiency between the RWD and the P3D, and at higher speeds where the Aero wheels with better aerodynamics, the difference grows even more. This efficiency leads to this range-vs-speed graph:   And finally, in our standard road-trip challenge of a virtual 1,000 km (621 mile) drive with fast chargers every 200 km gives us: Tesla Model 3 Long Range: Total trip time 09:44, of which charging 01:24. Tesla Model P3D: Total trip time 09:59 of which charging 01:39. Tesla Model S100D: Total trip time 10:05 of which charging 01:45. So the slightly higher consumption in a P3D does equate to 15 minutes more charging time in a 1,000 km road trip. Not too shabby! Appendix - Graphs in Imperial Units  

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  1. Bo (ABRP)
    Latest Entry

    By Bo (ABRP),

    ABRP 3.5.2 - Better Driving Mode and Offline Web App - And Faster Planning

    Today we have released ABRP 3.5.2 with major planning speed improvements, especially for new not-recently-searched routes. Even the rather slow (in many aspects) Renault Zoe plans reasonably fast for shorter routes.

    ABRP 3.5.1 came with a lot of improvements, as usual. Major focus of this release is to improve the experience in driving mode and offline/limited connectivity support

    The mission of A Better Routeplanner is about meeting two needs

    • Planning, preparing, estimating the time, and generally dreaming of future trips, at home or on the road in your favorite browser
    • Driving and getting feedback on how it goes, how your compare to the plan, ensuring that you will safely make it to the next charger - or replan if needed

    The ABRP driving mode addresses the second point above by providing real-time status based on your position compared to the plan, with optional car real-time car status based on optional MyTesla login (for Tesla owners) or OBD data (for some EVs). 

    Web App with Offline Support

    ABRP is now supporting Chrome's and Safari's ability to allow a web app to work offline (a.k.a "PWA" - progressive web app). This means that ABRP will continue to display your latest plan and map even offline and even if you do not use it for a while. In Android and Chrome, you will be asked to "Add ABRP to the home screen", which means it will appear like any app in your app drawer. The same thing can be done by adding it to your home screen in Safari. This also means that ABRP works in full screen!

    The offline support does not include planning new routes, though, as this requires help from our servers! Let us know if there is more offline functionality you would like to have.



    Map-less Mode

    In ABRP 3.5 we introduce map-less full screen mode for those of us who know the way anyway, or use a second navigation system such as Waze in parallel to ABRP. The map-less driving mode is also lighter on the browser, which makes it more enjoyable in e.g. the Tesla browser. You can switch back and forth between the normal map mode and map-less any time you want by clicking the map icon:


    You can also click the "frame" button on top of the driving display while driving: 


    Have fun planning and driving!

    Give us your feedback on the ABRP forums or on Twitter @Routebetter!

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